Guy Builds Dream Home In Six Weeks And It’s Insane!

When Steve Areen, former climber and traveler, pictured his dream home, he pictured one much simpler than most would and was able to achieve creating, constructing, and perfecting it all within a matter of six weeks.

How Did He Build This Eco-Home?


In 2011, Steve Areen was given a plot of land in Thailand in an amazing act of kindness by his good friend and mango farmer Hajjar Gibran. Can you imagine such an amazing gift? And it only got better; Gibran’s generosity didn’t stop there as he used his clever wit and design talent to come up with special plans for the land that would end up being the place that Steve called home.

When most people look at the picture of the small piece of land that Steve received, they definitely wouldn’t imagine the wonderful abode that was to come. But with the help of family and great friends, Steve was able to achieve creating the home of his dreams and you won’t believe what it cost.