These Odd Yet Obvious Inventions Just Might Be Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For

Just about everything we use started out as an invention. Somebody had a need, so they created something to meet it. While some inventions have withstood the test of time, others have been forgotten entirely. However, what makes an invention useful has nothing to do with how complicated it is. Some of the most straightforward designs have proven to be the most effective. The very best inventions leave you wondering why you didn’t think of them first. Here are the oddest yet most obvious inventions around that, surprisingly, work.

The Ultimate Sunday Pants


Photo Credits: Like Cool

There’s no sugar-coating it. Many people are at their worst on Sundays. An entire week of work with another Monday right around the corner can really take it out of anyone. To make Sundays even lazier than they already are, get yourself a pair of the Lazy Sunday Pants.

They are a comfortable pair of sweatpants with a built-in tablecloth for your all-day Sunday snacking. They also come with two pockets designed to fit TV remotes. Now you won’t even have to move to find the remote. Step up your Sanday game with these ultimate pants, but be warned: this design is for veterans of sloth only.

Put Your Baby To Work With The Baby Mop


Photo Credits: Bonanza

Although child labor is illegal, it seems like there’s something that your baby can do to help around the house. The answer is obvious: a baby mop. This is a comfortable onesie that cushions your baby’s elbows and knees while he or she crawls around. The beautiful thing about this outfit is that it simultaneously dusts the floor.

It’s so sneaky the baby will have no idea what it’s doing as it crawls around every inch of the house. You don’t even have to pay them, and they look adorable as they do it. We need more products like this on the market.

The Hoodie Pillow Makes Traveling Bearable



Sleeping while traveling can be a nightmare. Nobody enjoys trying to sleep surrounded by a bunch of strangers on public transportation. There’s no privacy, and it’s usually impossible to get comfortable.

The hoodie pillow helps to solve some of these issues. It’s a travel pillow built for comfort and support with an attached hood for security and privacy. Sometimes wearing a sweatshirt can be a little too warm, but you might want the hood to block out the light or for your privacy. Let this clever product alleviate some of your anxiety while traveling.

Metal Detector Sandals Aren’t That Stylish But Could Work


Photo Credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

Why spend all of the time and money to use a fancy metal detector when you can roam the beach wearing these bad boys? The metal detector sandals are a convenient and effortless way to find valuable items others have dropped.

Oscillation technology is built right into the sandal, sending a signal to the battery pack to make a noise. It also vibrates the sole of the shoe. The sandal can detect metal objects that are up to two feet beneath you. Although you may get some looks on the beach (some people might think you’re on house arrest), you’ll get the last laugh when you find buried treasure.

Coming In Hot On The Roller Buggy


Photo Credits: Valentin Vodev

Strollers are no walk in the park for parents. They’re heavy, hard to maneuver, and take up a lot of space. Not to mention that you’re restricted to how fast you can go unless you feel like going for a light jog. The Roller Buggy changes all of that. Vienna designer Valentin Vodev created this device in an attempt to transform the way parents travel with their stroller-bound children.

The buggy acts as a standard stroller but with one big difference: it opens up into a scooter. The driver maneuvers the device by leaning in the direction desired. The stroller fits differently shaped and third-party bay seats. There are also specific safety features to ensure that baby and driver are as safe as possible.

Change the way you walk with an umbrella.

Show Off With The Umbrella Cupholder


Photo Credits: odditymall

If it’s raining outside, you’re more than likely going to be carrying an umbrella. Unfortunately, umbrellas can be quite cumbersome and leave you one-handed with restricted mobility. And if you’re holding a drink, then your hands are completely tied up.

With the umbrella cupholder, you can easily carry up to two drinks (plus your umbrella) in one hand! You don’t have to worry about spiling either, because the cup holder uses swivel technology which keeps the beverages upright no matter the angle of the umbrella. The umbrella cupholder is a simple solution for anyone who is no stranger to the umbrella and drink dilemma.

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Pizza Scissors Will Change The Way You Slice Pizza


Photo Credits: Internet’s Best

When it comes to cutting pizza, the classic pizza slicer isn’t always going to do a great job. It has the tendency to cut unevenly and the capacity to rip off all of the cheese and toppings. On top of being dangerous, they also can’t cut personal slices with precision.

With the pizza scissors, you can cut nice, even, personal slices without getting your hands dirty. They also come with a slice tray attached so you can transfer your hot slice of pie right from the scissors right onto a plate. The scissors come apart for easy cleaning and can fit in the drawer with the rest of your kitchen utensils.

Hate soggy cereal? There’s a solution for that!

The Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl Just Solved Every Problem With Cereal


Photo Credits: Obol

Just when you thought that breakfast couldn’t get any better, Obol came through with the Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl. It provides compartments for your milk and cereal so you get to decide when you want to add the cereal to your milk.

This way, your cereal will stay crisp and your milk will stay clean. This bowl even comes with a bottom grip so you can take your cereal eating to new heights. The solution to the problem of soggy cereal has been staring us in the face for a long time, and it’s about time somebody did something about it.

The Faucet Thermometer Will Keep Your Baby Safe


Photo Credits: 4moms

Although a water thermometer may not be the most commonly-used device for the typical adult, there are some circumstances when it can come in handy. If you are a parent with a newborn or young baby, knowing the exact water temperature is crucial when bathing or dealing with hot water at any time.

While the water may feel comfortable to you, that doesn’t always mean that it’s safe for the baby. Not only does the faucet thermometer tell you the exact temperature of the water, but it also acts as a safe cover to protect children from bumping or scraping themselves.

Reusable Candles Are The Most Bang For Your Buck


Photo Credits: Benjamin Shine

Candles are already an environmentally friendly, cheap, and easy source of light. So why not make them even better than they already are? With the Rekindle Candle by Benjamin Shine, you can get two candles out of one. This is possible since the candle holder acts as the mold for a future candle.

As as the wax drips down into the chamber where there is a pre-installed wick, the wax falls and molds into a brand new candle. Once the new candle has been molded and hardened, just take the cylinder apart and your new candle is ready to go.

Slice Vegetables Like A Pro


Photo Credits: Alex NLD

Slicing vegetables can be laborious and a time-consuming task. Trying not to cut yourself while getting even, clean slices is not as easy as professional chefs make it look. Luckily, this slicer can eliminate all of the problems associated with cutting vegetables. Whether it’s an onion, tomato, carrot — this slicer can handle it all.

You only have to poke the vegetable, hold on to the grip, follow the lines, and let the knife do the rest of the work. Giving you precise cuts in the safest way possible, it also helps keep your hands clean so you won’t be left smelling like an onion all day.

Transform Your Backseat Into The Ultimate Chill Zone


Photo Credits: Back to 20s

It’s no secret that sleeping in cars is one of the most uncomfortable experiences that a person can endure. There is no great way to go about it unless your car has the setup for such a situation. But now, with the backseat air mattress, you can transform the backseat of your vehicle into a comfortable sleeping environment.

Whether you’re camping, going on a long road trip, or living out of your car at the moment, the backseat air mattress has you covered. While everyone else is busy setting up their tents or sleeping on the hard ground, you’ll be two steps ahead with your backseat air mattress. All it takes is a few minutes to inflate, and you’re ready for bed!

Pen Utensils For Those Who Can’t Stop Working


Photo Credits: Fred Dine INK

Whether you’re a workaholic with no time to leave your desk, don’t trust using public utensils, or simply want to be different, these pen utensils are right up your alley. They fit on to the end of your pen so you can continue to eat as you write. Now, you don’t have to put down your pen in order to pick up a utensil.

They’re reusable so you can prove that you’re doing your part for the environment. You’ll be the king of multi-tasking with these, and it might even show your boss that you’re dedicated enough to the job that you deserve a raise.

Beat The Dark With Light-Up Slippers


Photo Credits: Bright Feet

Walking through a dark house in the middle of the night can be a daunting task. There’s a chance you’re going to walk into a wall, stub your toe on the dresser, or fall down the stairs. The light-up slippers from Bright Feet change all that. When you slide your feet into the slipper, the pressure activates a switch and turn on the LED lights.

Now, you can safely navigate around in the dark while also keeping your feet nice and warm. While most people fumble for their phone to use for a light or hit the switch and wake people up, these slippers allow to you be discreet and get that late-night cup of water with confidence.

You’ll never have your food stolen again with this next item.

Trick The Thieves With Anti-Theft Lunch Bags


Photo Credits: BigMouth Inc

There’s no bigger disappointment then going to the fridge for your lunch or leftovers only to discover they’re gone. Whether it was stolen by a family member, roommate, or co-worker, it hurts every time. Keep people with sticky fingers away from your precious food with these anti-theft bags.

They give the impression that the food has started to get moldy, which guarantees that nobody wants to touch your perfectly edible food. It’s a great way to outsmart hungry thieves and ensure that your lunch remains precisely where you put it. No more hiding your food in the back of the refrigerator. Now you can leave it right out in the front and have peace of mind about it.

See why rolling suitcases are a thing of the past.

Get There On Time With The Suitcase Scooter


Photo Credits: Micro Kickboard

When suitcase companies first started coming out with rolling suitcases, it changed the way we travel forever. Today, it’s almost considered a form of self-torture to buy luggage that doesn’t have some wheel option. But some people still weren’t satisfied with rolling suitcases.

So, the suitcase scooter was born. This is a way to make carrying your belongs and yourself much more manageable. This design allows you to fly through terminals with ease, leaving walkers in the dust. You’ll never be in a rush, and it collapses into an approved carry-on that fits nicely into the overhead compartment. You’ll have more fun traveling than you knew possible.

No More Drips Thanks To The Motorized Ice Cream Cone


Photo Credits: Hog Wild

Any ice cream lover will tell you that eating ice cream out of a cone is no picnic. It’s a race to finish before it melts and an acrobatic workout at the same time. Trying to lick all around the cone can lead to craning your neck, twisting your arm, or any other ice cream-related injuries.

With the motorized ice cream cone, you can spin the treat with the push of a button. You no longer have to use two hands or contort your body for the perfect lick. This device is something that should be in every legitimate ice cream lover’s home.

Coming up: Change the way you eat Oreos.

Stop Hating Mornings With The Full-Body Sleeping Bag


Photo Credits: KingCamp

If you’ve ever used a sleeping bag outdoors, then you know the misery of having to leave its warmth for any reason. If you have to go to the bathroom at night or if it’s just getting up in the morning, exiting a sleeping bag is less than pleasant. Luckily, KingCamp came up with the ultimate solution to this significant downside of camping with a full-body sleeping bag.

It works just as well as a regular sleeping bag, except it allows you to be mobile. It has zippers so you can still use your hands and even better, it lets you get out of your sleeping bag on your own time. So if you’re someone who dreads getting because it’s too cold the full-body sleeping bag might be a smart purchase.

The No-Nonsense Oreo Dipper


Photo Credits: The Dipr

It’s common knowledge that Oreos and milk go hand-in-hand. However, there are a few minor issues when executing the perfect Oreo dunk. Either you can’t fit your hand into the glass, you don’t want milk on your fingers, or you end up dropping the cookie.

An Oreo enthusiast from The Dipr decided to take matters into their own hands. They created this specifically designed Oreo dipper. You can soak your Oreo no matter how low the milk level is or how big your hand is, and you’ll know that the cookie won’t end up in the bottom of the glass.

Hourglass Traffic Lights Can Reduce Driver Anxiety


Photo Credits: Yanko Design

Driving in an area with a lot of stoplights can be a stressful situation. You never know when a light is going to turn green to yellow, yellow to red, or even red to green. This uncertainty can cause hesitation or anxiety in drivers which leads to reckless driving and more accidents. Yanko Design came up with a product to eliminate the unpredictability of stoplights: the hourglass light system.

With the hourglass, drivers can see exactly how much time remains in each stage of a stoplight. They will be able to appropriately judge how much time they have to either drive through an intersection or safely stop. It’s about time someone created a solution to this common traffic problem.