These People Take Organization Very, Very Seriously, And It’s Super Satisfying

Let’s face it — the world is chaotic. We can’t predict what’s going to happen minute to minute, and our nations are in disarray. We can’t control the state of the world, but we can control the state of our pantries, our drawers, and our candy.

Keep reading for the most satisfying pictures of intense organization to soothe your worried mind. There isn’t a gummy bear or a measuring cup out of place, and that’s exactly what we all need right now.

Decoration Station

Photo Credit: Neutrahl / Reddit

This cabinet full of craft supplies is so satisfying to look at. I think I would never want to use any of the paint or ribbons because I wouldn’t want to mess up the flow of this organized masterpiece.

Why do glass jars just make everything better?

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

Photo Credit: ZestedLemon / Reddit

This is the most beautiful spice drawer I ever did see. My spices are all tucked away in a kitchen cabinet, and the spice I need is never at the front of the lineup.

This setup would make my life so much easier. I think I need to clear out a drawer so I can try this at home.

This Jelly Belly Factory Is Giving Me All The Feels

Photo Credit: solaefive / Reddit

How much do you just want to shove your hands into those vats of jelly beans? It wouldn’t be very sanitary, but it would be very satisfying.

Which Jelly Bellies are your favorite? I’m partial to the watermelon variety, but the blue ones are pretty good too.

Perfectly Placed Potatoes

Photo Credit: UnoCajonesMatata / Reddit

When I cook frozen french fries in the oven, I basically just toss them onto a baking sheet without any rhyme or reason.

I applaud whoever has the time and the patience to line them up perfectly like this. There isn’t a tater tot out of place.

This Makeup Drawer Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Photo Credit: cecejd / Reddit

My makeup collection stays organized for a couple of days at most. I wish I could maintain this level of neatness.

The rubberized shelf liner is a nice touch. That’s what stops the products from rolling around and getting messy. Keep reading to see four men nail an organizational challenge.

Halloween Harmony

Photo Credit: Reddit

For me, the best part of Halloween was dumping all of my candy out on the floor and sorting it by category, and then by type.

You can’t trade candy unless you know how much of each thing you’ve collected. The value of a Snickers bar goes way up if you only have two of them. It’s basic supply and demand.

This Kid Is Starting Young

Photo Credit: waldyrious / Reddit

This kid’s mom got worried when she realized her son wasn’t making much noise. She went to check on him and she found him like this.

What five-year-old cares enough about symmetry and rainbow order to pull off a stunt like this? This kid is special. He’s going to do big things.

They Organized The Pool

Photo Credit: Svil / Reddit

Just think for a minute about how difficult it must have been to wrangle all of those balls in a swimming pool. The balls were probably drifting away all over the place, and there are too many of each color for any one guy to hold on to his group of balls easily.

This is way more impressive than it looks.

Which Toast Do You Like The Most?

Photo Credit: Neutrahl / Reddit

This picture is actually so satisfying to look at. It’s also a great way to learn important information about your friends. How you like your toast says a lot about who you are as a person.

My ideal toast is the one in the third row and seventh column.

How To Organize Your Apps

Photo Credit: fireball_cooper / Reddit

This is actually brilliant. It takes me way too long to find certain apps on my phone, but I always know the color of the app’s icon.

This would make finding stuff so much quicker and easier. I also like how this person used emojis for file names.

The Most Beautiful Candy Plate

Photo Credit: NF_11 / Reddit

How could anybody eat any of this candy? I’d be too upset about messing up the pattern to enjoy a delicious gummy bear or M&M.

I want M&Ms really badly now though. This picture is making me too hungry. Read on to see what happens when a person who loves organizing gets their hands on a label maker.

This Skincare Addict’s Ordered Stash

Photo Credit: Mowglizmom / Reddit

This shelving unit full of skincare products looks so inviting. I love the idea of displaying skincare on open shelving.

The bottles are so pretty it’s almost a shame to hide them away in a cupboard. Does anybody else suddenly feel the need to moisturize?

Zupan’s Supermarket Produce Section

Photo Credit: RalphiesBoogers / Reddit

This supermarket definitely knows how to appeal to people who love looking at organized spaces.

That “Z” in the green onions is pretty impressive. I’m almost equally impressed by the carrot and celery setup, though. Who knew that vegetables could look so good?

Somebody Got A New Label Maker

Photo Credit: smashley2124 / Reddit

This is what happens when you give a label maker to somebody who loves organizing. I bet they even labeled the label maker.

I can never find the right measuring spoon when I need it. I may have to adopt this technique.

How To Save Space In Your Dresser

Photo Credit: emkay95 / Reddit

Rolling clothes is a game changer. I would definitely recommend rolling your basketball shorts (or whatever kind of shorts you wear).

I think I’m actually going to do this to all of my drawers when I get home. It makes it so much easier to see all of your clothes.

The Seashell Aesthetic

Photo Credit: norbivore / Reddit

This makes me want to go to the beach and collect some shells just so I can arrange them in color order. Something about the composition of this photo is so satisfying.

I want a framed version of it to put up on my very organized wall.

My Poor Heart

Photo Credit: middleagedwarrior / Reddit

I think the before picture is actually giving me heart palpitations. How could anybody let their room get into such a state?

It’s almost hard to believe that he actually has a floor under all of that mess. Thank goodness for that after picture.

Who Has This Kind Of Patience?

Photo Credit: irobot335 / Reddit

I don’t know how anybody finds this kind of activity soothing or relaxing. Organizing an entire box of rainbow Nerds would make me so frustrated.

I appreciate that someone did organize the Nerds, though. It’s pretty satisfying to look at. I bet it would be even more satisfying to eat.

This Organized Sock Drawer

Photo Credit: MajorKernel / Reddit

Well, somebody certainly lokes socks. All of my socks are boring. They’re either black, white, or grey, and they don’t really have any fun patterns on them.

It makes it easier to organize them, but it also makes life less exciting. I think it’s time to invest in some fun socks.

Symmetrical Spaghetti

Photo Credit: katchoovanski / Reddit

I wonder if the person who ate these spaghetti hoops actually arranged them along the can like that, or if the can came pre-organized. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Either way, this is definitely fun to look at. I don’t think this effect could be achieved with regularly shaped spaghetti.