This Newborn Comforts His Twin Brother And Helps Save His Life!

Expecting a baby is amazing, but it can be a stressful experience. Getting pregnant with twins is double the work and double the energy needed from each parent. Most people would be nervous at the challenge of having two babies at once, but Kerrie and Owen Keen from Scotland couldn’t be more excited to welcome twin boys in the world. The couple found out they were pregnant, and they were anxious to meet their beautiful boys. Kerrie underwent an emergency C-section in April of 2013, and the couple laid eyes on their newborn babies. Their son Lucas began to thrive, but their other twin Cooper wasn’t doing as well. Cooper’s condition began to worsen, and it was evident that something was very wrong with their newborn baby.


Cooper’s glucose levels were alarmingly low, and the nurses had to closely monitor his condition. His health continued to decline. The newborn baby began to experience seizures, and his oxygen levels dropped dangerously. The doctors found out that Cooper was experiencing bleeding in his brain. This is a very serious condition for any human being, especially a newborn baby. Kerrie and Owen were frightful and confused. No parents expect their child to suffer serious health issues, but they were prepared to pull through for little Cooper. The doctors believed that Cooper did not receive enough nutrients in the womb due to the placenta not working properly. This caused the Cooper to suffer from a stroke, and he had to be admitted to a hospital 30 miles away to be watched intensively.


Kerrie and Owen were just at the beginning of their journey. Their other newborn, Lucas, was starting to experience health problems of his own. Lucas was losing more weight than a newborn baby should lose, and he had to be hospitalized as well. Kerrie found out that she was so focused on pumping breast milk for Cooper that Lucas was not getting enough nutrients. It was not long after that Lucas was able to go home, and Kerrie decided that her two newborn boys needed to bond. She started bringing Lucas to see Cooper in the hospital 30 miles away, and the bond between the two boys was more than obvious.


Lucas would immediately grab Cooper’s hand to comfort him. It was a moving scene, and it was clear that the support of Lucas was helping Cooper to heal. Cooper was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and he had to be fitted with shunts to drain the fluid in his brain. Five weeks later, he was released from the hospital, and he has made a full recovery.


Cooper and Lucas are till the best of friends. They are now three years old, and started kindergarten together. Cooper can’t walk because of his condition, but Lucas will not let him fall behind. Lucas loves to make his brother laugh, and it is the most adorable form of brotherly love. Every family must stick together, no matter what obstacles they have to face. Cooper and Lucas Keen have a remarkable bond, and it all started with holding hands in a hospital incubator.