Twitter Is Going Off On #AsAKidBeingRichMeant And It’s Something Else

Being rich or poor can mean two different things. You either get a lot of stuff, or you have just enough stuff to get by. As much as people want to be jealous of people who have it all, they had to work for it. But, thanks to the interesting people on social media, the #AsAKidBeingRichMeant is trending on Twitter.

People are sharing their stories about what it’s like to have the upper hand. Don’t feel too bad because there’s at least something on this list that will make you say “Yup, I definitely had the opportunity to do that.”

With A Diving Board, It Must Be Nice

Photo Credit: @cameronbailey01/Twitter

Or even a slide. It was pretty easy to be super jealous if kids had that in their backyards.

However, if you’re good friends with the people next door with the in-ground pool, there’s a chance you could swim in it. If not, well, just go skinny dipping in the middle of the night.

Every Kid Wanted This

Photo Credit: @grateful_hair/Twitter

Admit it — you wanted this as a child. You would be so excited to have this for the first day of school, but half of the case would be use up before Christmas break.

The built-in sharpener seems cool too. You could buy it for yourself now, but it’s not worth the purchase unless you color as your full-time job.

The Real Stuff

Photo Credit: @telliabear/Twitter

It was never good on bread and that’s a fact. I had a friend who would microwave hot dogs after school and smoother ketchup on a piece of bread.

It’s like he wanted me to throw up. However, if you ever had to resort to using rice cakes, I feel your pain.

One Of The Most Popular Toys

Photo Credit: @SlipigniMario/Twitter

The dough is cuter than half of the Cabbage Patch Kids. He’s like the Pillsbury Doughboy’s cousin, but lazy and fat.

Just don’t eat the dough because you’re going to sick. With some different colors, Doughboy is going to make his cousin jealous.

It’s Not That Small Of A World

Photo Credit: @toddotto/Twitter

Dang, that’s like billionaire level right there. I’ve never been to Disney World, but legend says that it’s the happiest place on Earth.

Like, it must be nice having to spend $100 a day on breakfast and all that. But really, I’ll stick with my own little vacation the next time I plan it.

Hamburger Helper Sucks

Photo Credit: @KassBickwell/Twitter

Ugh, Hamburger Helper isn’t the best meal. You got all excited thinking it’s going to be good when it’s just a waste of food. I don’t know how anyone can live off that stuff.

Just wait until you get into college. You’re either eating that or ramen noodles every night for supper.

It Sucked If You Didn’t Buy One

Photo Credit: @CupcakeGirl1444/Twitter

This breaks my heart. Why? because there are some people out there who couldn’t afford the books.

The good news is that when you get older, you can buy your own books without some stupid book fair that comes to your school. Don’t let that stop you from being a constant reader.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Photo Credit: @MermaidOnTv/Twitter

I was one of those kids who had both. Also, I had a different number than my parents, which made it all the better.

Sitting in my room and playing any PS2 game was practically the story of my life. Those were such simpler times, and I’ll never forget that.

Where’s The Candy?

Photo Credit: @resrieannemarie/Twitter

Oh, all of the kids from different neighborhoods will be hitting up your area. This is better than having some bitter person give you a handful of raisins.

Like, there’s no kid out there who is going to eat raisins. That’s for old people. Kids want all the candy they can get while avoiding their dentist.

Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

Photo Credit: @LouiseLemonTart/Twitter

You’re not a true traveler if you haven’t gone on a plane, train, or a car. I’m sure you’ve done at least one of them in your life.

But, it sucks having to drive across the country with the amount of traffic and pit stops. Flying is the way to go, but remember that you’ll probably have to deal with some screaming babies.

Who Had One Of These?

Photo Credit: @DumbOctopus4/Twitter

You were the hit of the street if you had this. Screw bikes when you have a toy car to make you feel like you’re successful.

It was every kid’s dream to have this car, and it was especially awesome if you had two of them. That way, you could crash into your sibling like it was a round of bumper cars.

It’s An Expensive Ice Cream

Photo Credit: @katzz77/Twitter

Even if you’re an adult, it’s still an expensive ice cream. I wish Häagen-Dazs would give more deals on their ice cream.

Maybe they’ll make more profits, because their ice cream is so delicious. However, some people might not prefer this, so they go for a tub of Ben and Jerry’s instead.

When You’re Stuck Paying For Everyone

Photo Credit: @jvbt82hhs/Twitter

If you did this in college, that’s pretty understandable. My friends and I have done this numerous times, and we saved a lot of money.

But, we made sure to use the money for all the snacks we could get. I miss those days. It was fun hiding under a blanket and trying your best not to laugh.

Christmas In March

Photo Credit: @CM_OGK/Twitter

Welcome to how to spoil your kids 101, especially if you got presents at both times. When one day of giving gifts isn’t enough, your parents drop their tax refunds on you once their refund comes through.

Sure, that new toy whatever you have is great, but you aren’t going to learn how to earn things on your own when everything is handed to you.

There Are Too Many Good Cereals

Photo Credit: @_lola_bee/Twitter

Froot Loops instead of fruit rings? Say no more. Off-brand cereal is cheap, but it’s kind of a rip-off.

You probably can’t tell the difference now, but as a kid, you could tell the significant difference between both kinds of cereal. Plus, very few off-brand cereals came with toys. What’s the point?

Pretty Sure Every Kid Got To Do This

Photo Credit: @Benie_Ben/Twitter

There’s no lie behind it. Everyone can relate to this because Blockbuster definitely had that rent-two-movies-for-the-price-of-one deal.

Oh man, seeing this Tweet makes me wish that Blockbuster could have bought Netflix all of those years ago. Boy, have times changed!

You’re Lucky If You Had This

Photo Credit: @SoCalEricLittle/Twitter

My parents never bothered getting HBO. There wasn’t anything on there that would have appealed to myself or my sisters.

However, the only good show I remember being popular from that channel in my day was The Sopranos. Keep in mind this was YEARS before some show called Game of Thrones came on the television airwaves.

It’s No Surprise Why You Got Beat Up

Photo Credit: @julcasagrande/Twitter

You felt envious any time you got to buy a lunch at school. You’re lucky because some of your classmates didn’t have that chance.

Instead, they got packed sandwiches of tuna, mayonnaise or bologna. To this day, all three of those items make me gag.

Living Your Best Life

Photo Credit: @jennybennyb00/Twitter

Woah, it’s like Freaky Friday here. You know, switching bodies with someone else. Hollywood could make a modern day sequel where two people switch lives.

The poor person is rich and the rich one is poor. It would be nice to have a movie where everyone has a shred of empathy for each other.

When You Aren’t Rich

Photo Credit: @pdiddy71/Twitter

Some kids might not have much, but it’s enough to get by. In life, other people will always have more, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

You should feel privileged and you hopefully didn’t fully realize that until you were older. Be grateful for what’s around you and love the people you’re with.