The Most Bizarre Cat Breeds Of All Time

People love cats. It seems like their popularity is only growing too. I mean, it could just be the fact that cats have basically taken over all of our social media timelines and pages. So, with the amount of exposure they get, even if you’re not a cat person like me, you’re pretty aware of what a normal breed of cat is.

There are plenty of bizarre breeds that even the biggest cat lover will have never heard of. So, that’s where I come in. This article explores the many weird cat breeds that aren’t staples in everyone’s house. From hairless cats, to miniature cats, to dragon cats that spit fire (just kidding, I wish), there’s a cat on this list for every feline-lover.



This is a very new breed. They’ve been bred to be big, heavy-boned and sturdy. The Selkirk-Rex has really long hair with very pronounced curls that sets it apart from most other cats.

I don’t know about you, but this cat looks identical to me when I first get out of bed in the morning.


Twitter / @1_Queen_of_Roma

If you think that this cat looks like it should be a cross between a cheetah and leopard, you’re not alone. But, it’s actually a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat.

It sports large leopard-like spots and can grow to be about 25 lbs. The ear shape is unique and can be almost mesmerizing.


Twitter / @le_RIP_

I think this cat’s name is pretty self-explanatory. This breed started in an Oregon barn by accident. The first kitten was actually born hairless and then grew a thick, curly coat which was very different.

The owner was so dumbfounded he brought it to a cat show and named it Laperm.

American Curl

Twitter / @Maple_SKM

The American Curl can be easily spotted by its folded-back ears and large fluffy tail. Many people say that it kind of looks like a raccoon. I happen to disagree but to each their own.

When they’re first born, they have straight ears. But, they eventually start to curl (which is where they get their name from).

Teacup Persian


I’m a sucker for anything with the word “teacup” in the name and this cat isn’t any different. It’s literally just a miniature version of the Persian cat, but I think it still deserves to be on this list.

They’re very fluffy and cute, but they do come with some health problems that you’ll probably have to deal with.

Japanese Bobtail


If this is your first impression of the Japanese Bobtail, you’ll probably be drawn toward the fact that it doesn’t really have a tail.

The small tail is pretty unique to each cat, kind of like a fingerprint. This breed is incredibly athletic and agile which is why they’re seen in a lot of cat shows.


Twitter / @vintgesoul

This name shouldn’t shock you when you observe the look of this cat. The Munchkin is basically your everyday house cat, if your everyday house cat was thrown in the dryer for a while and shrunk.

The defining feature is their short, cute, stubby legs. It’s known for being affectionate and highly adaptable.


Twitter / @ligmatenro

This is one of the most famous cat breeds of all time. It was created by accident in Canada in the late 1970s. The name comes from the ancient sculpture in Egypt.

They’re incredibly social which is a good thing because they end up attracting a lot of attention with their looks.


Twitter / @41strange

If you’re worried that you’ll be getting nightmares after looking into this cat’s eyes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Lykoi is nicknamed the “were-wolf cat” for a reason.

It’s actually a shocking cat to look at for the first time. They’re an extremely cautious breed, almost to a fault. They do eventually warm up.


Twitter / @happyregretfree

Okay, I will admit that I think this cat is cute, but it’s probably the only hairless breed you’ll ever catch me saying that about. While the breed as a whole is hairless, some of them actually get hair on their face.

They’re especially good with kids and are incredibly intelligent.

Khao Manee

Twitter / @LPCover

This cat hails from Thailand. It’s unique in that it has two different colored eyes, which is incredibly cool. The eyes can be blue, copper, yellow, or green.

They’re known for their white fur, love of people, and devotion to their owner. The Khao Manee is a favorite among celebrities and royal families.

American Wirehair

Twitter / @NorthHamptonNH

While the American Wirehair might look like a regular domestic cat, it actually has a rich history. The breed was grown from a mutation in a litter on a farm in New York.

The kitten was different from its parents and brothers and sisters because it had a wirehaired coat.



The Lambkin is a cross-breed between a Munchkin and a Selkirk Rex. It’s a very cute breed with short legs and very curly hair.

The short legs, although cute for observers, can actually cause this breed to have spinal problems regularly. That’s the one major downside of having a Lambkin.


Twitter / @imchip

I’m sorry, but anyone who says that a Donskoy cat is cute needs to get their eyes checked. The long neck, no-hair, and alien-like features make it look like something straight from a horror movie.

It’s a Russian breed, and I wish that they would stay in Russia far away from me.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Twitter / @grammercie

It’s similar to the Donskoy in that the Ukrainian Levkoy has a very striking appearance. Not only is it the hairless aspect, but also the giant eyes that pierce a hole through your soul that are especially bizarre.

While they may look like they were sent from Satan, they’re actually very nice and affectionate cats.

Scottish Fold


Okay, the Ewoks from Star Wars called, they want their look back. The Scottish Fold is a unique character, to say the least.

They have owl-like eyes with almost invisible ears and a fluffy coat. They’re very adaptable cats and great for families. I’ll take this one over a hairless cat all day long.

Devon Rex

Twitter / @amiasmatics

Move over T-Rex, the Devon Rex is coming in. With its large ears and noticeably long neck, the Devon Rex Breed is a breed that comes from, well, Devon, England.

It was originally thought to the be the Cornish Rex, but it was later given its own breed in 1979.

Pixie Bob


With a name like Pixie Bob, there are some big expectations for this breed. It may look like your everyday wildcat, but it’s actually rather tame. It is very muscular and brawny with a recognizably short tail.

It’s very attached and can always be found around its owner in an almost dog-like way.


Twitter / @laudrawin

I’m absolutely not a fan of hairless cats and the Peterbald doesn’t change that for me. It has a small head with ears that seem way too big.

It was first discovered in 1988 in Russia. The Peterbald can actually come with hair (see the picture above), but the dominant gene is for the breed to not have any hair.

Cornish Rex

Twitter / @AlexDropkin

The way that you can tell a Cornish Rex from any other breed is their short curly coat and massive ears. It’s almost like the cat has waves on its back.

They’re thin and elegant. With that being said, they’re very active and love being part of family life. They first appeared as barn cats in Cornwall, England.