These Best Friends Refused To Be Rescued Without Each Other

These poor dogs were found sticking together after they were abandoned. For months, the strays had been living in a truck yard after being left to wander the streets outside of Los Angeles.

Abandoned, But Not Alone

The pup pair stayed together and set up a home for themselves in a truck yard in Los Angeles. They were fed for months by a kind woman who worked near the truck yard but did not seem to trust anyone but each other, even the team who was organized to rescue them once they were discovered.

Best Friends

These two dogs were totally inseparable. Each of them had been wandering the streets for weeks, picking up scraps of food wherever they could find them. Fortunately, the two crafty dogs found each other and teamed up together, forming a two-dog pack. Not only did this help them increase their chances of survival on the streets, but it also made the two best friends. They were teamed up against the world looking for a way to survive. As domestic dogs without a home, these poor animals could have easily ended up starving to death.

Survival Instincts Kick In

While you might think that dogs are totally self-reliant and can take care of themselves if they had to, that is not always the case. Dogs who have been bred to be house pets and who have grown up in a family with caretakers do not have the same survival instincts that dogs in the wild have. Many of the instincts have been suppressed by centuries of breeding, while others become rusty from living in domesticity. This is why homeless dogs are such a problem; many of them end up starving to death or injured because they simply do not know how to take care of themselves out in the wild.

A Temporary Home

These two dogs had been wandering the streets for weeks before they found their temporary home. The began camping out in a Los Angeles truck yard, next door to a factory. One day, one of the women working there spotted the two strays and decided to help them. While she was unable to adopt them herself, she made sure that the two dogs were fed. For more than six months, the factory worker brought the dogs food making sure that the pair had enough to eat. For months, she was their angel.

Life-Changing News

After six months, however, the woman received some news that would change her situation and might mean that the dogs no longer had reliable access to food. The factory worker had to move soon, far enough away that she would no longer be able to feed the dogs she had grown to care for. She worried about what might happen to them. Would someone else take over feeding them? Would they starve? Would the lack of food mean that they went back to roaming the streets looking for scraps of food in the garbage? She decided something had to be done.

Searching For Help

Worried about the dogs’ chances of survival without the regular food that was keeping them going, the woman looked for a place that might be able to help the pair. She did some research before finding a local animal rescue group called Hope for Paws, asking if there was anything the organization might be able to do to help the strays. Hope for Paws works to help animals in need, making sure that they receive medical attention if necessary. They also help to find these animals happy and safe homes. But would they be able to help these two homeless dogs?

Hope For Paws

One of the founding members of Hope for Paws, Eldad Hagar, said that he would be happy to do what he could to help this dog duo. Hagar went out to the yard where the dogs had been taking shelter to see what course of action would best suit the animals. Seeing the conditions in which the dogs were living, he knew that there was no way they could continue living on the street. He knew that the best way to help the dogs would be to rescue the animals and help to place them in permanent homes with loving families.

An International Team

Eldad Hagar’s team consisted of volunteers from all over the world who were working with Hope for Paws aiming to make the world a better place for animals. The volunteers came from places as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom, and Costa Rica! The group of volunteers strategized to figure out how to best rescue animals in need. Many animals who live on the streets become mistrustful of humans, as they’ve been abused or neglected. Having rescued many dogs before, the Hope for Paws team knew that the rescue would not be easy.

Running And Hiding

When the Hope for Paws team went to the truck yard, their suspicions were confirmed. The two dogs had been without human companionship (aside from the woman who had been leaving food out for them) that they were wary of strangers. It would have been easy if the team could just lure the dogs in with some food, but as soon as the rescuers approached the animals they ran away and hid. Hagar and his team knew that they would have to get crafty to get these dogs away from the truck yard. Together, the team hatched a plan.

An Ingenious Plan

The owner of the truck yard was happy to help the team rescue the dogs, and he became a critical part of the plan because the team had to resort to some pretty complicated tricks to get the dogs out of the yard. First, the team took a plastic barrier and put it in place in the front of the yard so that if the dogs tried to run and hide again, they would be confined to the yard and unable to escape. The owner of the truck yard took the team into the enclosure. The team’s plan was to surround the dogs, gradually winning over their trust.

A Challenge

Eldad Hagar explained the plan to news outlets after the rescue, telling the media about the unique challenges the team faced due to the particular obstacles that the truck yard presented. As the truck yard was rather large and crowded, it was difficult for the team to navigate the area where the dogs had been living. “Once we secured the area, [we needed] to try and corner the dogs,” said Hagar. “The rescue was quite challenging because we always had to watch for our heads as we were under the trucks most of the time.”

The First Dog Is Caught

Hagar and the team decided to concentrate their efforts on rescuing the male dog first. While the poor animal was terrified by the presence of humans in the truck yard, he showed no signs of aggression. While many animals in that situation may decide to attack their would-be rescuers, the male dog appeared to be docile. Instead of attacking, he simply evaded the Hope for Paws team. He led them on quite the chase before he was eventually cornered and had a leash placed around his neck by his captors. The dog was still scared, but he allowed the team to approach him.

One Down, One To Go

The poor dog was still scared but began to calm down once he was aware that the Hope for Paws team was not planning on harming him in any way. His captors slowly gained his trust, and after a while he allowed one of the members of the team to pet him! As he began to settle down and make peace with the situation, the team gradually shifted their attention to the female dog who was still hiding in the truck yard. The female dog was a lot less cooperative than the male dog, especially after she saw that her friend was captured.

The Chase

Leaving the male dog’s leash clipped to the fence of the truck yard, the Hope for Paws team began their rescue of the female dog. She refused to come out despite the team trying to show that they were not threatening her. She scrambled over boxes and hid underneath trucks, determined to evade the team trying to catch her. But there was one thing that the female dog risked capture for: her best friend. After she saw him tied to the fence, the female dog ran over to him, trying to make sure that he was okay. The team saw their opportunity and moved in to capture her.

A Smooth Escape

Despite being surrounded, the female dog managed to evade her would-be captors yet again! The pursuit continued for another ten minutes or so, all while the male dog was still chained to the fence. Eventually, the female dog realized that there was no way of escaping. Growing tired, she finally gave up and let the Hope for Paws team capture her. Just like her best friend, she was terrified at first, but began to calm down after a leash was put on her. After the female dog was leashed, the two best friends were then reunited with each other.

A Scared Pair

Both of the dogs were scared of what was happening, but they were still kind and gentle. While other animals in their situation might have lashed out at their captors, this pair did not want to hurt anybody. They were simply afraid of what would happen to them if they were caught by humans. Eldad Hagar later said, “Both dogs showed zero signs of aggression. They were just so scared, but also relieved. We brought [them closer to each other] so they [could] have a positive experience with all of us. We just sat there for 30 minutes [and] discussed the names they will be.”

New Names

Now that the dogs were finally rescued, the team could focus on helping them feel comfortable in their new lives. One of the first things they did was give them new names. Since the pair consisted of a male dog and a female dog who worked together in the face of obstacles, the Hope for Paws team decided to name their dogs after an iconic superhero partnership: Lois and Clark. The team sat with Lois and Clark for a while, helping the two animals to calm down and to settle their nerves. After the animals began to adjust to their new situation, Eldad Hagar decided that it was time to transfer them to an animal hospital.

A Scary Ride

For the first time in months, the dogs were separated from each other. The two of them rode to the animal hospital in separate vehicles. While each dog had members of the team along on the ride to help keep them comfortable, they were very anxious and did not know what to expect in these new surroundings. The pair had not been able to rely on anyone but each other for such a long time that they were confused and did not know how to react to their new situation, but that would soon change.

A Mystery

After bringing the animals to the veterinarian, it was found that both of the dogs are mixed breeds. The vet also revealed that both of the animals were around two years old. Despite living in such harsh conditions, both Lois and Clark seemed to be in relatively decent shape. Clark is a Staffie-pit bull mix, but Lois is a bit of a mystery. She is guessed to be some sort of border collie and Australian shepherd mix, but no one is sure! It doesn’t really matter though because both animals were found to be affectionate and loving after their rescue, in spite of being a bit shy after everything the two had gone through.

Searching For Their Fur-ever Home

While the two dogs are now living indoors and are being cared for, they are still searching for a permanent home. Both of them are young and housebroken and get along with other dogs and with people. These two dogs have had a rough start in life, but are ready to start a new journey together! Hopefully, there is someone out there who will adopt both Lois and Clark because after everything these dogs have been through they deserve to stay together. Not only is their tale an uplifting one, but it is also inspiring. If these two dogs can remain best friends in the face of such adversity, then anyone can, including this next story about a cat, dog, and a rat who never wanted to be separated.

Meet Tweaks, Sasha And Jack

Name a more unlikely trio then than these three. A cat, a dog and a rat! It is a triangle of rivals. We have the cat who chases rats then we have the dog who isn’t too fond of cats. The fact that these three are friendly, let alone allowed in the same room together is beyond words.

One thing that they have going for them is that they do look particularly more friendly than some of their animal counterparts. We’ve all seen the grumpy cat and the dog who looks like he’s ready to bite your hand off. But no, not these three. This is the story of how three animals that were once under the same house, refused to be separated once getting to the shelter.

From Home To Shelter

Jack, Sasha and Tweaks being friendly and living in harmony sound like a new Disney movie in the works but we are not pulling any legs here (as if the pictures weren’t enough). They were once all living with the same owner but then said owner needed to downsize so they were brought to the animal shelter. “We really had to see the bond to believe it because we had never heard of a cat, rat and dog playing together and giving each other kisses,” Jennifer Ollanketo of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society told

If He Goes Then So Do I

Once at the shelter, it eventually became time for the three to get examinations. When this happened, they did not like being split a part. The first sign of separation issues was displayed from Jack the Cat. And you know when cats don’t get their way, they can be a bit feisty. When the staff tried to take away Jack for the examinations he began to growl. And once he began to growl the staff knew that they were going to have to take along the rest of his siblings. Once Sasha (the dog) was brought in, Jack calmed down.

The Staff Overlooked This

Something that the staff overlooked was that Jack the Cat had vision issues. Because of that fact, he was relying on Sasha to give him a helping hand. This is understandable because if someone is used to a certain person giving them help, it would make sense that Jack would be a little defensive at first. Thanks to Sasha helping, Jack was able to get around fine. Tweaks the Rat is the oldest of the three and the trio became noticeably happier once they were reunited. Talk about keeping it all in the family.

Tweaks The Rat

We’ve heard of Tom and Jerry or Itchy and Scratchy. The one thing those two shows have in common is that they cat is always trying to get after the rodent. They take turns bringing each other harm and escaping deaths grip. These two are the complete opposite. They love playing with each other. “We thought, ‘Well maybe we should bring the rat in,'” a staff member said. “So we did. We put the rat down, and right away the rat was running all over the dog, and going up and licking his face, and the dog was licking the rat.”

Decisions Must Be Made

We mentioned earlier that the staff at this shelter doesn’t usually bring in pets from the same household. They elected to bring them in so they also elected to let them stay together as a unit as well. “Jack the cat became very anxious and upset,” Ollanketo said, “and when we reunited them, he calmed down, so that showed us he needed his buddy Sasha around to feel safe.” That’s stemming from the last slide when it was time separate them so it makes sense the staff chose to keep them all together.

How To Get Them Adopted?

“We knew Jack and Sasha had to go to a home together since Jack would become very anxious without Sasha,” Ollanketo said. “However, after we saw the bond they had we wanted to try to see if someone would be willing to take all three so they wouldn’t have to be separated.” That seems to be quite the challenge considering that many people are not fond of rats and having the combination of all three might be a bit too much for most people. When a special visitor came in, all of these animals wishes would come true.

An Intense Case Of Anxiety

As you read more and more about these amazing and close animals, you are understanding the reality of how close they are even with the odds stacked against them. It is true that the three could have developed a strong bond while living with each other but other factors might be at play here too. “The sudden absence of a resident family member, either due to death or moving away, can trigger the development of separation anxiety,” reported The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So the separation anxiety might be the other factor here.

Different Types of Anxiety

We just recently touched on one-way separation anxiety can be triggered but there are multitudes of ways this can go down. Let’s discuss a few so that you can help prevent this in the future. The last one we talked about was a change in household membership. But what about something as simple as a change in schedule? “An abrupt change in schedule in terms of when or how long a dog is left alone can trigger the development of separation anxiety,” said The ASPCA. “For example, if a dog’s guardian works from home and spends all day with his dog but then gets a new job that makes him leave the dog for long hours, it can develop.”

Change In Residence?

Do you have a couple animals living with you like these three? That’s great but if you are planning on moving you need to know this. “Moving to a new residence can trigger the development of separation anxiety,” said The ASPCA. So if you are the owner of any pets, you have been notified that moving can trigger some of the same reactions that Jack the Cat demonstrated earlier. There are symptoms that you can look out for (we will touch on those soon) but it’s best to know what triggers these actions first.

The Trigger That Would

We’ve pretty much talked about all the triggers but there is one that is particularly specific to these three animals. The change of guardian or family trigger. “Being abandoned, surrendered to a shelter or given to a new guardian or family can trigger the development of separation anxiety,” reported The ASPCA. And that is exactly what happened with in this situation. Thes animals were surrendered to a shelter so that is the reason Jack was so picky when he had to go on his own at first. The more you know the less wrong can happen.

The Symptoms To Watch Out For

Now that you are aware of what causes this problem in animals, it is appropriate to know what to look for so that you are in the loop with your animals. One of the symptoms is using the bathroom! “Some dogs urinate or defecate when left alone or separated from their guardians,” said The ASPCA. “If a dog urinates or defecates in the presence of his guardian, his house soiling probably isn’t caused by separation anxiety.” So if your pet is using the restroom unusually then chances are you might have a problem on your hands.

The Good Ol’ Barking and Howling

Dogs tend to bark at random things and at times when they shouldn’t be barking from time to time. If he’s barking at an intruder or someone he doesn’t know then that is partially acceptable but, “a dog who has separation anxiety might bark or howl when left alone or when separated from his guardian,” said The ASPCA. “This kind of barking or howling is persistent and doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything except being left alone.” This is probably why it happens so much with puppies that have to leave their mothers for the first time.

Enter Kathy And Her Daughter

Yes, it is true that the staff chose to let the animals stay but they feared that the three amigos would have a hard time all being adopted together. You can’t take Jack without Sasha and you can’t have Sasha without Tweaks. That is when Kathy Berens and her daughter strolled in one day and changed the future outlook of these animals. Kathy overheard the staff discussion the odd the trio and she thought they would make a great fit at her home. She was hesitant at first about Tweaks since she had no experience with rats but she said the moment they met it was love at first sight.

Finally Found A Home

“We’re very grateful to their new family for adopting them so they can start a new chapter in their lives – together!” Oshkosh Humane Society said. “Congratulations to this special trio and their family!” These two look extremely happy to be the lucky ones to adopt these special three animals. The journey they are about to embark on together should hold excitement and mystery because you never know how they are going to act once they get back to their new home. The situation couldn’t have turned out better for “The Rat Pack”.

They Better Watch For Destruction

Now that the family has the golden opportunity to bring these animals home, there are still things they need to watch out for. We touched on a few symptoms earlier but let’s dive back in. “Some dogs with separation anxiety chew on objects, door frames or window sills, dig at doors and doorways, or destroy household objects when left alone or separated from their guardians,” said The ASPCA. “these behaviors can result in self-injury, such as broken teeth, cut and scraped paws and damaged nails.” So if you or anyone else you know notice these things, it is time to take action.

The Need To Escape

Just look at how the new guardian is holding Sasha so lovingly and tenderly. They did say it was love at first sight! Another symptom they need to look out for is escaping. “A god with separation anxiety might try and escape from an area where he’s confined when he’s left alone or separated from his guardian,” said The ASPCA. “The dog might attempt to dig and chew through doors or windows. If the dog’s escape behavior is caused by separation anxiety, it doesn’t occur when his guardian is present.” Time for cameras maybe?

The Pace Game

As it is natural for animals to have a certain type of energy and want to move around a lot, there is a certain point that warrants concern. “Some dogs walk or trot along a specific path in a fixed pattern when left alone or separated from their guardians,” said The ASPCA. “some pacing dogs move around in circular patterns, while others walk back and forth in straight lines.” And the same with this symptom, the dog won’t act like this when you are around. So again, you might want a house camera.

The Most Disturbing Symptom

One of the last symptoms also turns out to be the one that no one ever wants to see. It is called coprophagia. “When left alone or separated from their guardians, some dogs defecate and then consume all or some of their excrement,” The ASPCA reported. “If a dog eats excrement because of separation anxiety, he probably doesn’t perform that behavior in the presence of his guardian.” So now that we have all the symptoms and triggers out of the way, all of you should be way more aware on this topic. There is also something else you can learn from these animals…

A Lessoned To Be Learned

Did anyone see this coming? The most unlikely bond between animals you may have ever heard of. Some might be surprised at this situation but animals have always been able to befriend other types of animal species. Humans could absolutely learn from these remarkable three animals. They are letting bygones be bygones and standing by each other no matter what. With the tough times we are facing now in the world, if more people were like this cat, dog and rat then maybe times wouldn’t be so tough and things would be better.

Adonis And Apollo

First, it was two dogs then it transitioned to a cat, a dog and a rat. Now we’re back to two dogs, German Shepherds to be exact. All these two had were each other after they were surrendered to a high-kill animal shelter. They grew up together and it just reached a point where their owners couldn’t take care of them anymore. The shelter staff put them in the same kennel but it would be their behavior that would end up breaking their hearts. What was going on with these two adorable dogs?

Their Natural Reaction

As one could imagine, both of the dogs were afraid in their new environment. Nothing to grasp onto that they were familiar with, the people that raised them were gone and they were reduced to a kennel. Naturally, they would cling to each other with nothing else to attach to. As soon as they were left alone, Apollo and Adonis were hugging each other and wouldn’t stop. A staff member took a photo and it went viral overnight. Who wouldn’t want to help these precious dogs out of their situation? What could have happened next?

To The Rescue!

After the photo that the staff member posted that went viral, someone had to have seen Adonis and Apollo that was interested. And in fact, they were discovered but not by a regular person who wanted to adopt them, a different organization wanted them. A no-kill animal rescue called A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs located in Long Island caught wind and took them in. Going from a high-kill shelter to a no-kill was a big shift and a step in the right direction for these dogs. Was all of their troubles taken away after this shelter came and got them?

Something Was Discovered…

For all you dog lovers out there, we can imagine that your first thought was, “why would anyone give away these two dogs?” Well, it’s true when they say there are always two sides to a story. Once the tag team was picked up the second shelter, they were checked out as well. Sadly, they were diagnosed with heartworms, something that is common in Texas. This is probably the main reason they were given away because who would willingly want to give these two away to a high-kill shelter? Were they able to get the worms out?

Still A Concern Over The Two

Immediately, they were put on a treatment plan and cleared for adoption! That sounds awesome right, but the staff still had concerns. They were worried that their closeness was enough to scare away families. That’s a reasonable doubt to have, considering the trends of the animals that were featured earlier. It would take a different type of person to be able to and want to take in both Adonis and Apollo. The staff proceeded to post the dog’s situation on their Facebook page. There is a difference between wanting to take them in and actually being able to take them in.

The Call Was Answered

What would you do if you saw their story on Facebook? Well, if you’re anything like Jennifer then you would want to have immediately gone to the shelter and apply to adopt them! Some people just have a soft spot for cute pets and a story as touching as theirs only makes the spot softer for some people. We imagine Jennifer’s soft spot was at an all-time soft once she saw Apollo and Adonis’ story on Facebook. It would appear that the lives of these two dogs would immediately be boosted now under Jennifer.

Rush Like There’s No Time

Jennifer rushed to the shelter as fast as she could to take the two dogs back to her home. Back at their new home, they would be living with two other rescue dogs and acres of land! What could be better than that, it sounds like Adonis and Apollo made it to paradise after being left by their original owners. But as we know from earlier, separation anxiety is real and could kick in at any moment. But nothing like that could happen to these two now that they’re at a great place, right?

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Although things were looking up for the two, something no pet owner would want to happen took place. Roaming around their new land of acres, something must not have sat well with Adonis. That something was his new surroundings. He was frightened and his reaction was to run away. That is something any pet owner would dread. Luckily, he was reunited with his new family in less than 24 hours. Now they live in harmony and things are all good. We’re elated that the duo was able to be taken into a nice and loving home.

Hank and Gigi

We’ve now seen a few different stories but now it’s time for Hank and Gigi, formerly known as Hansel and Gretel. What the story with these two sheltered dogs? Well, it’s a bit of tear jerker but if you’ve made it this far then just go grab some more tissues and you should be fine. They were brought into the shelter together so they were kenneled together as well. They refused to sleep in their own beds and preferred to snuggle with one another. Sounds similar to Apollo and Adonis so now, we see a trend.

The Street Life

These two were caught out in Youngstown, Ohio by Rick Tunison who is the kennel manager for Mahoning County Dog Warden. These two sibling Weimaraner-pit bull mixes were difficult to catch and that is partly due tot he fact they had been living in the streets for a long time. So these two were different from the others we’ve discussed because they weren’t coming from a happy home already. There is no way to tell if previous owners just let them succumb to the street life or if they grew up without shelter.

First Signs Of Partnership

Yes, they were quite difficult to catch but just like with anyone who lives in the street, if you offer them something they need then chances are they will accept that need. Tunison had to resort to offering the dogs canned food and once he did that, he caught the attention of Hansel and lured her into his van. However, Gretel would not be tempted as easy but she did not want to leave Hansel alone. “She jumped in the van and laid right next to him,” said Tunison. These two were like two peas in a pod.

Time To Burst Through Doors

They were finally brought into the shelter but with stipulations. Upon arrival, they were separated because, “Shelters are scary and even very sweet dogs can behave in unpredictable ways, such as attacking other dogs,” wrote lifewithdogs. We’re sure the shelter didn’t want these dogs without proper home training attacking other dogs so they made the right choice by separating them. But that couldn’t stop them for long. “They kept busting through doors,” said Tunison. “They wanted to be together.” Busting through doors sounds very serious and even though it isn’t attacking other dogs, it can still cause damage.

Only One Bed, Please

Due to their separation attacks, the staff chose to keep the dogs together. They gave them the same kennel and walked them together. Each was given their own bed but they chose to sleep in the same one. This could have been due to fear so cuddling with something familiar gave them a sense of security. Or maybe it could be because that’s what they were used to in the outside world having to cuddle up to defeat the cold. After seeing the way they sleep, it was determined that they would have to be adopted together.

Facebook To The Rescue Again

Now that it was settled that they had to be adopted together, employee Devon Carr took matters into his own hands. He saw the two sleeping peacefully and adorable together so in this generation, what do you think he did? If you guessed that he took a picture and posted it to Facebook then you would be correct. The photo happened to catch the attention of just the right person. Honestly, unless you just don’t have a thing for dogs, almost every cute picture of a dog can sway a person to wanting one for themselves.

Rachel Harris For The Win

A Chicago native, Rachel Harris had just moved to Dallas. And with any new move, you need time to settle in but she was highly contemplating getting a few dogs. One look at that photo of the dog sleeping and her heart melted. “I had to have them,” she told The Dodo. Like many of us already know, when a grown woman makes up her mind about what she wants then chances are she is going to get it if it is within means. And it seems like these two dogs are within her means.

No Distance Is Too Far

Harris was over a thousand miles away from these amazing dogs but she still called and inquired about them. These dogs must have really flipped a switch in Harris’ brain for her to feel so compelled to make that call. At first, she received some disheartening news as it was revealed that another family was lined up to come and adopt the two dogs but luckily, that never unfolded. So the next step was for her to prove to the shelter that she was the perfect candidate. If she’s interested from over 1000 miles away, that should already make good for her resume.

Calling In a Favor

With the shelter being all the way in Ohio and Harris being out in Texas, it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park getting these dogs in her possession. She dodged that first bullet when it was said the first family that wanted them backed out but how was she to get around this? Harris had an ace up her sleeve. She had friends who work in animal rescue so they called and put in a good word for her like a great job reference. Tunison then became convinced that she would be a prime candidate for these two dogs.

Everything Falling In Place

Now that she got the shelter on her side, it was a matter of handling all the logistics and getting the dogs to her home. Luckily, Harris’ rescue friends would take care of the logistics and have the dogs sent to Texas. Her ace up her sleeve turned out to be way better than just an ace because, without them, it may have been a bit trickier at gaining custody of these two beautiful dogs. This just goes to show that even in your adult years that it is still about who you know just as much as it is about what you know.

Everything’s Fine And Dandy

The dogs arrived at her home shortly after handling all of the other work and Harris reported that the dogs are doing amazing. None of them ran away and none of them are showing any ill signs. “They are sweet and curious and smart and kiss everyone who comes in,” Harris says. That’s all you can ask for from two dogs or rather, two breeds of dogs are often stereotyped as being vicious and mean dogs. Things are so comfortable that Harris even changed their names to Hank and Gigi. She says the two went from being attached to each other to glued to her!

Welcome To Being A Dog Owner

“They could be sound asleep, I get up and they wake up and follow me wherever I’m going,” Harris says. “They are on me all the time.” Carr, the employee that took the original picture of the dogs is thrilled that they are happy now. She especially loves seeing the dogs sleeping separately. “They look pretty happy now,” Carr said. “It all worked out.” And Harris is just fortunate that she happened to see Hank and Gigi online. “I’m the lucky one,” Harris says. Harris even made an Instagram account where she posts photos and videos of the two dogs.