Man Unearths Heartbreaking Time Capsule After Wife’s Tragic Death

John Murray was renovating a house when he made an unexpected discovery. The contractor and his team were working on making changes to a four bedroom home in North Phoenix, Arizona, when they found something that would change a man’s life forever.


What would you give in order to be able to get one final message from the love of your life? It is a gift that people are rarely ever given, but one lucky man had that chance. Thanks to John Murray, Bruce Klug was able to relive some of the happiest memories he had shared with his wife who had passed away decades earlier.

The Best Marriage

Bruce Klug and his wife, Betty Klug, had what Bruce described as “the best marriage.” He said that the pair never argued. The couple wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but it wasn’t to be. At the age of 43 years old, Betty tragically passed away in a car crash.


It was a devastating blow to Bruce who, at the age of 41, had lost his wife and the mother of his children. Bruce described how difficult it was for him to go back to work in the aftermath of the car crash. “I don’t know how I did it,” he said.


Decades passed. Bruce got on with his life, but he was never able to forget his wife, Betty. He watched his children grow up and start families of their own, all the while feeling the emptiness that had been left behind when his beloved wife had passed away.


The house where Bruce and Betty had lived together during their fifties was sold, and Bruce moved away. Decades later, the owners of the home, built in the 1950s, decided that they wanted to renovate the house and update it with some modern renovations, leading to an unexpected discovery buried in the house.

The Renovation Begins

It started off as just another job for John Murray and his team. They had renovated houses before, and the four-bedroom 1950s home seemed like just another ordinary job. There was nothing extraordinary about the home that set it apart from any other suburban house…or so they thought!


John was in one of the bedrooms, knocking down a wall, when something flew into the air and landed on the floor. The object. looked like a simple scrap of paper and was overlooked at first; the team thought that it was just a piece of debris

A Closer Look

For some reason, John decided to take a closer look at the scrap of paper laying on the floor. While it initially looked like garbage, after closer inspection, John realized that there was more to the paper than that. He looked at the aged texture of the paper and its brownish color and realized that, at the very least, the paper was from a different era.


John later spoke to the press about finding the paper and said, “It was on the floor over there with a pile of insulation. We’ve done hundreds of houses but never found anything like this.”

A Time Capsule

The aged scrap of paper turned out not to be a piece of debris but rather a carefully preserved piece of history. The piece of paper that had been mistaken for a piece of garbage turned out to instead be a handwritten letter dated September 27, 1966. The fifty-year-old letter was addressed to future generations.

A Time Capsule

The letter described life in 1966. While 1966 might sound like a simpler time to some people, things were very different fifty years ago. The letter said, “The Vietnam war is still going on. Racial situation very serious. Boys have long hair resulting from the Beatles craze”.

Political Unrest

The letter also described the turbulent political climate of the 1960s. It also revealed that the writer of the letter had conservative political views and hoped that a Republican president would bring peace. Lyndon B. Johnson, a democrat, was the president when the letter was written.


The letter read: “Barry Goldwater (Republican candidate for president) lives on top of the hill, with the big T.V. antenna (N.W. bedroom view.). We are sure truth and love will prevail and the constitution will remain. We are hopeful that the Republicans will be in office when this time capsule is recovered.”

A Shattered Dream

Unfortunately for the writer of the letter, a Republican was not in office when the letter was discovered. The time capsule was found when Barack Obama, a democratic president, was in office.

A Shattered Dream

The writer of the letter probably thought that it would take longer for the letter to be found. She was a young woman with a husband and two children, and planned to live for the rest of her life in that home, raising her children and later spoiling her grandchildren. She could not have anticipated that tragedy was ahead for her and that her happy life would be cut short.

Searching For The Writer

You have probably guessed, by now, who the author of the time capsule letter was. It was written by Betty Klug, Bruce’s deceased wife. Betty Klug wrote the letter when she was just 33 years old. The home where the letter was found was the home where the Klugs raised their two children. She included a picture of herself with the kids in the letter.

Image past

The contractors who had been working on renovating the former Klug home when they found the letter wanted to learn more about the woman who had written the letter and concealed it inside her own home for future generations to find.

A Sad Discovery

Fortunately, with the power of the internet, it was fairly easy for them to track down the Klug family. When the found what had happened to Betty, however, they found a tragic story. The bright young wife and mother who had penned an optimistic and hopeful letter for the future had her life cut tragically short.


Just ten years after she wrote that letter and hid it, Betty was involved in a fatal accident. She left behind her husband, Bruce, and their two children. The family moved away from the home they had shared with Betty, leaving the team to track them down.

Calling the News

Since they could not contact Betty Klug, the writer of the letter, John Murray and his team decided to instead track down other members of her family. They contacted KPNX 12 News to ask for help in finding out if any of Betty Klug’s members were still alive.


The news team was able to track down Betty’s husband, Bruce Klug, and found him alive and doing well! Bruce had moved away from the home he had shared with Betty, but he did not go too far away. He was found living in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is only roughly 20 miles away from where the time capsule had been hidden.

Breaking the News

When the news team reached out and contacted Bruce Klug, he was overwhelmed. He had no idea that his beloved wife had written a letter and hidden it in their home. The 79 year old man was living in a nursing home and had been there for ten years.

Reading Letting to Self

He was clearly touched, reading the words that his wife had written so many years ago. He sat quietly, thinking of his wife and remembering the many happy years which they had shared together. The letter turned out to have been written on Bruce’s 31st birthday and held many references to memories that the two had shared together.

An Interview

The news stations met with Bruce and John so that Bruce could receive the capsule from the man who found it. They interviewed Bruce, who spoke of how much he had loved his wife and how they had shared a wonderful relationship.


They talked about politics and culture, themes that had been described in Betty’s letter. Bruce, however, preferred to talk about his wife and how much he had loved her. He described how much he had struggled after his wife had passed away and how he had to return to work within a week but had no idea how he had managed to do so.


What was life in the United States like when Betty Klug wrote her letter and hid it inside her home? It was a time of political upheaval and war. The Vietnam War was ongoing, as was the Cold War. Tensions were escalating with Cuba, and many Americans feared that a nuclear war was imminent.


It was also a time of racial segregation. While things were slowly getting better, it would still be another year before the landmark Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia, would guarantee that people of any race could marry each other.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Civil Rights Movement had gained prominence by 1966. People fought for equality and, while Martin Luther King Jr. advocated nonviolent civil disobedience, riots still broke out and violent acts were still carried out by many people.


As Betty described in her letter, racial tensions were at a high. It is is no wonder that Betty hoped for a more peaceful future in which her children could grow up in a world that was not torn apart by war and by prejudice. Her letter reflects the pervasive fear that many people felt living in such an uncertain and volatile time.

The Vietnam War

When the letter was written, the Vietnam War had been going on for years. Young men were being drafted, despite the fact that many Americans protested the country’s involvement in Vietnam and did not believe American troops should be sent over there.

The Vietnam War

It was a very difficult time for people, particularly young mothers like Betty Klug who wondered if they would have to send their sons off to war. Betty was doubtless worried that her son would one day be sent overseas and be killed in action, like so many other young men had. Her letter expressed a hope for a more peaceful world.

Lyndon B. Johnson

It was also a time of political upheaval. It had only been a few years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson took over the presidency. Many people blamed the the Democratic party for the war in Vietnam and hoped that if a Republican president were elected, it would lead to peace.


During Johnson’s presidency, American involvement in the Vietnam War was escalated. The number of military personnel in Vietnam increased and the number of American casualties in the war rose. This led to increased political tension, leading many people to believe that the only hope for America rested with Republicans like Barry Goldwater.

International Relations

The Cold War was still ongoing, with tensions between the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc escalating. The USSR was still powerful at that time. The United States was taking a strong stance against communism, leading to tensions with Cuba.

Fidel Castro

Cuba so greatly feared the possibility of an attack by the United States that its dictator, Fidel Castro, declared martial law in the country. It was a time of international unrest, with strained relations between the United States and many countries all over the world. Betty’s despair at the state of war throughout the world is evident in the letter that she wrote.


Despite all of the unrest in 1966, there were many good things that year, many of which Betty Klug wrote about in her letter. Beatlemania was at an all-time high by 1966. They had become one of the most popular musical artists of all-time by that year and were known as international celebrities.


The Beatles had a significant effect on popular culture. As Betty noted in her letter, The Beatles craze had led many men to copy the haircuts modeled by the members of the British musical group, letting their hair grow longer in order to resemble their musical idols.

A Bittersweet Ending

While Betty Klug never got to see the end of the Vietnam War or the breakup of the Beatles, she left behind a wonderful legacy for her family. It is incredible to think that she wrote that letter so long ago and preserved a little piece of history. She provided insight into how people felt about the tumultuous era.

Reading 2

Bruce was allowed to keep the time capsule as a memento of his late wife and the mother of his children. He said that the real value of the capsule was that it reminds people of what is important. He urged people to value those they love, because sometimes things do not go as you planned.

Next up, meet a woman who spent 70 years looking for her husband after his disappearance. Then, one day, she finally got her sign.

Newlyweds Separated Too Soon

Some people will do anything for love. For a woman named Peggy, that meant finding the truth about her husband’s disappearance over the course of 70 years. She never gave up hope and knew that someday she would be reunited with the only man she ever loved.


When Peggy Seale married the love of her life, she had no idea they would be together for such a short time. Not long into their marriage, he disappeared without a trace. It took nearly seven decades before she learned the truth about Billie Harris. But Peggy had a deep love for her husband, and when he vanished, she never stopped looking for him. There was something about his disappearance that didn’t seem right. The couple had only been married for six weeks when he went missing. Most people would eventually give up, but Peggy knew something was wrong and wouldn’t stop looking for him until she found out what happened.

Love At First Sight

Peggy was born in the 1920s in Vernon, Texas. At the age of 18, she got a job as an electrical instrument mechanic at the Altus Oklahoma Air Force Base. It wasn’t long before she met Billie Dowe Harris through a coworker.


Billie’s father was an assistant supervisor at the Air Force base. He had a feeling that Peggy and his son would make a good couple, so he arranged for them to meet. As he expected, the pair had an instant attraction to one another. Peggy was attractive, intelligent and kind. But there was also something very special about the young woman.

A Woman Before Her Time

At the time, Peggy performed a job that was dominated by men. In fact, she was the sole female mechanic at the Air Force base. This was highly unusual since women didn’t usually join the military, and when they did they were unlikely to choose a technical position.


But Peggy had an aptitude for that sort of thing, so it made sense that she would choose a job that suited her skills. She decided early on not to make compromises when it came to her life. Even though her chosen profession was geared towards men, she went ahead and followed her dreams.

A Perfect Pair

Peggy became acquainted with Billie’s father while they worked together in the propeller department. Sometimes a father’s intuition kicks in, and he knew that Peggy would get along really well with his son.


Before long, the two were introduced to one another, and they quickly hit it off. Billie loved Peggy’s personality and how driven she was. He liked the way she focused less on superficial things such as fashion and instead concentrated on her job at the Air Force base. She was dedicated to serving her country and paying her dues in the military. The pair immediately had a connection.

An Old-Fashioned Courtship

While Billie’s father knew his son had to meet his clever coworker, the pair courted in an old-fashioned way. Instead of meeting face to face, the two exchanged letters.


Back in those days, there was no social media. People couldn’t look at each other’s pictures on Facebook or Instagram. There were no cell phones, so they didn’t send each other text messages to get to know someone. In the 1940s, people often communicated by sending letters, particularly if their friends or family lived far away. So, that’s how Peggy and Billie started off their relationship. And it was the perfect way to learn about each other.

Peggy’s Reluctance To Write The First Letter

However, Peggy wasn’t exactly interested in writing to Billie—at first. She recalled talking to Billie’s father about his son: “There was an opening in the production control office so I took that job. Billie’s father was the assistant manager in the propeller department there.


Soon after I came there he wanted me to write to his son who was a student pilot and I let him know that I did not write to men I did not know— particularly servicemen.” Peggy didn’t want to be too forward and send any mixed signals to a man she had never met.

Billie Made The First Move

So, while Peggy was afraid to make the first move, Billie had none of those reservations. He spoke with his father and decided to take control of the situation and wrote the first letter.


At first, Peggy didn’t know how to respond. She explained: “I began to get letters from Billie. I was a little fearful of this man, who had not seen me, but he thought I was okay. So when he came on leave (from the army), all of a sudden the door to the airplane opened and there was Billie Harris saying ‘Hello Peggy,’ and that was about it.”

They Flirted Using The Written Word

While Peggy was based out of Oklahoma, Billie lived in San Antonio, Texas. The best way for them to learn about each other was through the written word. They had their first meeting on paper, and it didn’t take long for them to eagerly anticipate every letter they received in the mail.


They started out as friends, and with each correspondence, they got closer and closer. Before long, their friendship started to evolve, and the tone of their letters changed and became a bit flirtatious. For two people who didn’t meet face to face, it was incredible that they were able to forge such a strong connection.

They Finally Tied The Knot

One of the best things about writing letters is you can express yourself in a way that is sometimes difficult to do in person. And while Peggy and Billie loved reading each other’s correspondence, there came a time when it wasn’t enough. After Billie and Peggy met in person they knew they were in love.


And it didn’t take long before Billie decided they needed to make a permanent commitment to one another. He proposed, and she said, “Yes.” On Sept. 22, 1943, the couple wed in Florida. But they had no idea that soon their lives would change forever.

One Day He Would Go MIA

On the day in 1943, when the young couple said “I do”, they had no idea how short their time together would be. Within two years, she would never hear from him again. After deploying across the world to the United Kingdom, Billie completed 100 successful missions as a pilot serving in the U.S. Army. He was even supposed to come home at one point, but his departure from Europe was delayed.


Peggy heard he should be coming home, but he never did. The last known location of her husband was when Billie was flying a plane over Les Ventes in Northern France. But Peggy wouldn’t learn the hard truth until 70 years later in 2012. She recalls the short time they had together in loving memory.

They Struggled Financially

Like many newlyweds, Billie and Peggy had some struggles. Their biggest hurdle was financial: they had no money. Even though they were both working, they had a difficult time coming up with cash to pay for their wedding rings.


Peggy couldn’t afford a wedding band for her husband, so instead, she gave him her Vernon High School ring at their nuptials. However, love conquers all. And even though they had trouble paying for things, they were deeply in love. They cared more about each other than they did about material things. Becoming husband and wife was more important than anything else.

They Held Off On Starting A Family

When a couple gets married, they have many things to consider when planning for the future. In addition to a financial plan, they have to decide if they will raise a family. Peggy and Billie both knew that they wanted children, but they agreed that at that point in their lives they were unable to afford it.


They decided to wait until they were more stable before they brought a new life into the world. And since it was the ’40s, Peggy opted to quit her job while Billie would be the breadwinner. Then they received some difficult news.

Billie Was Promoted & Received An Order

Even though the couple had some hurdles ahead, they were very happy together. Billie was thrilled to have finally married the love of his life, and Peggy felt the same way. They both looked forward to their future together.


Billie was also very excited because he graduated from his U.S. Army Air Corps pilot training at Brooks Field in San Antonio and was awarded the rank of second lieutenant. However, with this rank came a huge responsibility—he received a letter with orders to serve in World War II. Obviously, the couple knew this was a possibility since they both worked in the military.

They Vowed To Stay Together Forever

While the couple may have expected that Billie would be sent to war, it was still difficult for them to accept the news. They were newlyweds and had been husband and wife for less than two months. And even though they were sad by the letter, they both served in the military and had made a commitment to protect their country, even if it put their lives in danger.


So, while their love for each other was unbreakable, Billie had to leave. But they vowed to stay together forever. Even though they only had a short time as husband and wife, they knew they were making the right decision.

The Inevitable Departure

When Billie prepared to go to war, Peggy watched quietly as her husband packed his bags and put together everything he needed to go overseas. It was very difficult for the young bride. The couple had just started their lives together and were being ripped apart.


Even though they knew it was Billie’s duty to serve the United States, and he was proud to do so, they still struggled with their emotions. They would have to wait to start a family, and they also realized there was a possibility that dream may never even happen at all.

A Final Farewell

The United States was thrust into the middle of the action during the war in 1943. People who possessed certain skills were in high demand. Billie was a pilot with a lot of potential, so he was highly sought by those who required his skills. When the letter arrived, neither Billie nor Peggy were surprised.


He was told to travel to Tallahassee, Fla., after saying goodbye to his family and friends. Peggy explained in an interview for a website commemorating the 354th Fighter Group: “When the men were called up, the wives were told to go home and not tell anyone that their husbands had been sent overseas until they had arrived there safely.

The Army Gave Mixed Signals About Billie’s Whereabouts

Peggy did receive information that her husband arrived safely in Europe, but it was the last time she would hear any news about him. One of the problems was that the Army was disorganized and had difficulty keeping records straight.


At one point Peggy was told he was heading home, but that information was not true. After hearing other false information about Billie, Peggy figured out she had to find the truth out for herself. She explained, “We were hoping that he was in a hospital somewhere and maybe just didn’t know who he was or had lost his memory. We had heard of cases like that.”

A New Hope

Peggy and Billie’s parents did the best they could to locate the young man. By 1945, Peggy realized that she probably would never see her husband again. But she still did not give up hope and contacted the International Red Cross. Miraculously, they had a little bit of information that would help in her search.


Unfortunately, their information was also rendered useless. One report claimed Billie was missing in action, while another claimed he was dead. By the mid-2000s, Peggy was still yearning for the truth. And unexpectedly, Billie’s cousin, Alton Harvey, helped out by looking through some of the Department of the Army’s files.

An Undying Love

Unfortunately, people disappear all the time. Sometimes the family finds them, and sometimes they never discover what happened. Many people eventually stop looking for their loved ones. Time passes, and they move on with their lives. But Peggy had so much love for Billie that she refused to give up.


Peggy had many things happen during her life, but no matter what she was steadfast in her love for her husband. She and Billie had the ultimate love story. Even though she didn’t know where he was, she still loved him and had faith that one day they would be reunited.

No One Had Any Answers

Peggy was determined to find out what happened to Billie, so she did everything in her power to discover the truth. She knew that it would be difficult. Over the years, Peggy reached out to numerous people to see if they had any information about her husband. She encountered a lot of dead ends.


No matter what she did, she struggled to piece together the puzzle and nobody she spoke with seemed to have the answers. Billie disappeared, and she didn’t know why. He was gone, and so was any evidence of his whereabouts. But he was always on Peggy’s mind.

A French Woman Had The Key To Billie’s Location

Interestingly, while Alton was searching for information about his cousin, he learned a French woman was also searching for him. Alton discovered Billie was stationed in the United Kingdom and flew an allied bomber across the English Channel each day. He earned several medals for his valor.


After completing 100 missions, he was told he was going home in July 1944. But as Billie was preparing to leave, he learned the ship didn’t have room for him. He was forced to wait weeks for another ship. In the meantime, he decided to continue working for the Army until he could go home.

Billie’s Heroic Last Moments

While flying a plane over Les Ventes in northern France, Billie’s plane was shot down. While he could have ejected himself from the plane and likely saved his life, he decided not to do that. He opted to stay on the plane and diverted it towards a nearby forest, saving the villagers below from a fiery crash.


A French woman named Valerie Quesnel from Les Ventes decided to search for the unnamed pilot to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Les Ventes. The town had buried the unknown soldier in their cemetery. Valerie started the search to identify the man who saved his life to protect their town.

Peace At Last

When Peggy finally found out the truth about her husband’s disappearance, she transported his remains to a grave in the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. And although it wasn’t the reconciliation she was hoping for, she finally learned the truth and got closure.


Peggy had spent nearly seven decades looking for her husband. It must have been heartbreaking to discover that he almost returned home in 1944. However, to know that he sacrificed his life for others must have made her very proud. His selfless action likely saved many lives that day, and he cemented himself as one of America’s heroes.