Chris Brown’s Top 5 Arrests And Meltdowns

No matter what he does, Chris Brown seems to always find himself in legal trouble. Before his attack on Rihanna, most people thought that this singer was a good boy. However, as he keeps winding up behind bars, we’ve come to realize that Chris “Breezy” Brown is actually one of the worst guys out there.

Chris Brown

He Attacked Rihanna

This was probably one of the worst things that Chris Brown ever did, and also one of the most publicized. During a night out in 2011, Chris Brown attacked Rihanna by pounding her head into the front wheel of a car. The singer ended up with bruises under eyes, and the impact even dislodged part of her nose. Chris Brown was charged with one count of a felony charge, and the mug shot of Brown went viral. People weren’t happy at all with him. However, his career did continue to go, even though the photo made it apparent that he was in no way opposed to hitting a woman.

He Fought With Frank Ocean

It was a tough year for Chris in 2013, in part because of many different altercations with other celebrities. When Chris Brown noticed that Frank Ocean took his parking space in a studio lot, Breezy began to hit Ocean, while yelling homophobic phrases at him. Again, there were no charges placed against Chris Brown, but his cycle of his violence was just beginning.

He Had A Hotel Meltdown

Again in the year 2013, Chris Brown was seen assaulting a man outside of a hotel. This was due to the man being homosexual, and Chris went on the record to say “I’m not into this gay, I’m into boxing.” The singer was charged with a felony assault for punching the victim, and he was also sentenced to 90 days at an anger management retreat.

He Threw A Girl Out

Over the past few years, Chris Brown has had some issues with random women who claim to be groupies. During a tour, Chris Brown was charged with assault after he was seen forcibly throwing a woman from his tour bus without so much as an explanation. The girl even filed charges, however, after Brown talked to the police he was released without any consequences.

He Threw A Girl Out

He Assaulted A Woman With A Deadly Weapon

Most recently, Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon — he attacked a female with a gun. Baylee Curran, who is the former Miss California Regional title holder, was the woman that stated that Brown allegedly hit her in the face with a gun. However, Brown’s attorney has stated that this woman should not be trusted because she was stripped of her crown for falsely accusing other men of domestic violence.

Brown was booked by police and was released on $250,000 bail, however, Breezy continues to say that the allegations are completely false and that Curran’s accusations untrue. Brown’s court date for this latest incident is going to be on September 20, 2016. We’ll see what the court has in store for him.