Confessions of Pharmacists

Pharmacists would never tell you these confessions, but we will! These are the top twenty craziest pharmacist confessions.

They’ll Judge You

Portrait of a happy African American pharmacist writing prescrip

Recently, the Whisper App has been getting a lot of pharmacist confessions. One of the most repeated ones was actually the one which you don’t want to hear. Pharmacists and pharmacy workers stated that if a customer is buying something which is a little embarrassing, like diarrhea pills or Viagra, it becomes a big joke.

One pharmacy technician even stated that many times pharmacies will place bets on what people are buying or taking, just by the look of the patient. Not only is this a breach of privacy, but it is just downright rude. So, if you ever see a pharmacist laughing under his breath at you, you might be able to guess.