How a $20k Website Became a Multi-Million Dollar Business In Just 3 Years

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. The truth is, there is no cut-and-dry path to start-up success. Life as a business owner is volatile and hard, but this company made it work.

They had no previous experience, no technological know-how, and no money. They initially advertised by handing out flyers on the streets. By all measures and means, they weren’t supposed to make it. But, armed only with dedication and elbow grease, the creators of MyClean revolutionized the big city cleaning industry forever.

Two Busy New York Bankers


It’s fair to say Mike Russell and Mike Scharf did not expect to become owners of a wildly-successful cleaning company when they started their careers.

Russell and Scharf both began as bankers—Russell for Citibank, Scharf for Bank of America—–but both wanted something more. So when Scharf heard Russell’s idea for a start-up, he was all in.

“I’m naturally a tidy person,” Scharf said in an interview. “But while working in investment banking, I found it difficult to clean the apartment consistently because of my schedule.”

Armed with an idea and the drive to make it happen, Russell and Scharf opened MyClean in 2009.