A History Of James Franco’s Romances

James Franco is a modern Casanova; a devilishly good-looking charmer, who likes nothing more than traveling around the world, seducing women. If the rumors and headlines are anything to go by, actor James Franco has had his fair share of encounters. And not just with women. An open supporter of the LGBT community, Franco has more than once hinted at relationships with some rather famous men as well as women.

In the 38 years James Franco has been on this planet, he’s managed some pretty impressive achievements. From winning a Golden Globe for his portrayal of James Dean, through to making us all go, “Is that actually him?!” in Spring Breakers, and finally, wooing all the women he’s ever laid eyes on. Here’s the evolution of Franco’s relationships.

Marla Sokoloff

One of James’ longest relationships begun back in 1999 while filming the movie Whatever It Takes. It’s here he meet the beautiful and talented Marla Sokoloff; a fellow member of the Jewish community. Perhaps it was her religious ties that appealed to Franco, but we have a feeling it was probably a little more to do with her crop tops and cheeky attitude. Something she was renowned for as her character Gia Mahan in Full House.

The pair dated for a whopping five years, before splitting in 2004. Not much was said about the split until a few years later, when it was revealed the pair had a filmed a (cough) home movie, which was fortunately for them never leaked.