After 15 Years, Hilary Duff Is Back And Better Than Ever

Any ’90s kid grew up with Hilary Duff on their television every Saturday morning. The Disney actress starred on the show Lizzie McGuire and always sported the trendiest butterfly clip hair accessories. Well, Hilary just recently revealed that a Lizzie McGuire revival might be in the making and it made us wonder, what has she really been up to?

Read on and find out if Hilary has crashed and burned like so many other Disney child stars or if she took her Lizzie McGuire experience and made the best of it.

There Are Talks Of A Lizzie McGuire Reboot

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Yes, the rumors are true. Hilary Duff has said that after 15 years, there have “been some conversations” of a reboot but she doesn’t want to get everyone too excited. Well, too bad, we’re already freaking out.

She did give some insight on what she thinks the show would be like if it was rebooted. Hilary says she doesn’t think Lizzie would be a mom yet, but that she’d “be getting there soon.”

Now that you’re excited and prepared for a Lizzie McGuire reboot, read on to learn about all the behind-the-scenes secrets from the show and see what Hilary has been up to during those 15 years.

She Had No Idea What Playing A High-Schooler Was Like

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Lizzie McGuire was probably one of the more realistic shows about life as a teenager. It had everything, from going to school, getting bullied by the popular kids, and even shopping for your first bra. That authenticity means that Hilary has some serious acting chops because she never actually went to high school herself — she was homeschooled.

After Hilary decided she wanted to pursue acting, her mother homeschooled her from the third grade to her high school graduation.

Hilary Worked Long Days On Set

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Even though she was only thirteen when she was cast as Lizzie McGuire, Hilary was made to work 9 1/2 hour long days during filming. Looking back, Hilary said it was a lot of work because she “was in the A story and the B story” since the show was all about her.

Thankfully, Disney compensated her nicely and paid Hilary $15,000 per episode. Not a bad haul for a breakout child star.

She Totally Bombed Her First Audition

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It’s rare that you find an actor that succeeds right away and has no setbacks, and Hilary Duff isn’t any different. Although she got her start on Disney when she was young, she bombed a few auditions first. Hilary had completely tanked on an audition for a show called Daddio.

She contemplated quitting acting then decided to go to the Lizzie McGuire audition to see some of her friends. Hilary said she did a “terrible job” but the producers must have seen greatness and gave her a second chance.

Hilary Basically Revived Hollywood Records

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Music critics and Hollywood Records elites have both credited Hilary for reviving Hollywood Records thanks to her 2003 debut album, Metamorphosis. The record company had seen a decade-long decline in CD sales and “needed a shot in the arm.”

Metamorphosis gave Hollywood Records a new outlook for signing young Disney superstars with talent and a wholesome image. Hollywood Records would go on to sign other acts like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

She Was The First Child Star To Truly Be Controlled By Disney

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It’s common today to hear of former Disney stars like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Bella Thorne look back and complain about how controlling Disney was. Hilary Duff was one of the first child stars to represent and be completely tied to the Disney brand.

It was with Hilary that Disney first started the practice of controlling what their stars could wear. Hilary recalls one instance where she was shooting a music video and it was delayed because they had to wait to see if her shirt was “Disney approved.”

She Has Three Published Novels

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Along with being an actress and a singer, Hilary has also made her mark as an author. Hilary released her first young adult novel, Elixir, in 2010. The series was followed up with Devoted in 2011 and True in 2013.

The main character of the novel is into photography and journalism but there’s also a supernatural side to it. Think Lizzie McGuire meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

An On-Set Crush Turned Into Her First Boyfriend

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Every Lizzie McGuire fan remembers the episode where bubblegum pop star Aaron Carter guest-starred. The two met on set and quickly started a relationship. Aaron was Hilary’s first boyfriend but it came with a price.

Hilary attracted a lot of hate at the time because she was the first girl to make Aaron “unavailable” for his fans. Their love story didn’t start smoothly and it wouldn’t end all that smoothly either.

She Ended Up In A Serious Love Triangle

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Okay, it’s serious by 2000-era standards. Hilary and Aaron Carter dated for two years until it came out that Aaron was dating another child star, Lindsay Lohan, AT THE SAME TIME. Lindsay was yet to film Mean Girls so she had no idea that this was against the rules of feminism.

This forced Hilary to break up with Aaron, but then the two got back together, only to find out Aaron was STILL DATING LINDSAY. The drama from the love triangle was enough to have Saturday Night Live parody it.

People Criticized Her Post-Baby Body


Little Lizzie is all grown up and now she’s raising her own kids. Luca Cruz Comrie was born in March 2012 to Hilary and her then-husband Mike Comrie. Apart from being a new mom, Hilary also had to deal with many people criticizing her post-baby body.

She fought back against the criticism and was very open about the fact it took her more than a year to lose the baby weight because she chose to do it with a healthy diet and personal trainer.

She Put Her Career On Hold To Raise Her Son


Hilary was only 24 when she gave birth to her son Luca, and that resulted in many side-eyes and judgments from her peers and the paparazzi. Rather than let their negative words affect her, she decided to do what few Hollywood moms do and put her career on hold to raise her son.

It wasn’t an easy choice and could have been disastrous for her, but Hilary stayed present on social media and her comeback later proved to be easy.

Hilary Ate Her Placenta


Yes, you read that right. Many celebrity moms have begun to deliver and eat the placenta that their child was carried in for nine months because it’s supposed to help with postpartum depression and bleeding.

Hilary was one of the celebrity moms who gave it a try. After the birth of her second child, she ate half the placenta in the form of a smoothie (she added in juice and berries to make it less…placenta-y) and frozen the other half into ice cubes.

Her Divorce Was Devastating

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No matter who you are and what the situation is, getting a divorce can truly be heartbreaking. Hilary’s marriage to Canadian ex-hockey player Mike Comrie ended in 2014 when Luca was only two years old. They decided to co-parent, but Hilary admits that doesn’t make it easier.

In an interview with Redbook she said that despite the negative feelings from her divorce, she couldn’t imagine being a single mom and not having Mike by her side. She’s since moved on and found love again with musician Matthew Koma.

Her Backup Career Was Being A Makeup Artist

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Hilary is known for usually stepping out looking fresh-faced and natural but she’s revealed that makeup is her second passion. She even told Us Magazine that if acting didn’t work out, she’d have trained to become a makeup artist.

It seems like she just wanted to be part of the Hollywood action in any shape or form. Hopefully, she didn’t take any makeup tips from the Lizzie McGuire days where blue eyeshadow was all the rage.

Like All Of Us, She’s Impulsively Dyed Her Hair After A Breakup


Which one of us hasn’t decided that a few weeks after a breakup is the perfect time to find out if pink hair or bangs work on you? (Hint: they never do). Hilary is just like us and decided to dye her hair blue when she was 27, not too long after her split from Mike Comrie.

According to her, she was on vacation in Cabo with her son and decided she wanted to put ocean “on her head.” We know the truth though.

She Started Out As A Package Deal With Her Sister

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It wasn’t just Hilary that caught the acting bug as a kid. Her older sister Haylie was also into acting. Their mother Susan enrolled them both into acting, singing, and ballet classes with the hopes they could go to auditions together.

While Hilary would focus on acting, Haylie became more engaged with the behind-the-scenes work and would go on to be a producer on some of Hilary’s films like A Cinderella Story and The Perfect Man.

They Both Come From Humble Roots


Hilary and Haylie may have always had a love of acting but they weren’t exactly set up for success. They were born in Houston, Texas, to a homemaker and convenience store owner. The girls would often move between Houston and San Antonio, which were the locations of their dad’s convenience stores.

It wasn’t until the girls started landing theater roles that their mom moved them to California and became their manager.

You Can Find Her Today On Haylie’s Blog


While Hilary has continued acting, her older sister has left producing to become a serious foodie. Haylie started a blog in 2012 and has now released a cookbook called The Real Girl’s Kitchen.

You can often find Hilary and her son visiting the set to try out all of Haylie’s new food creations, and even cooking the meals up with her. Now how do I get a sister that cooks me free meals all the time?

She’s Battled Paparazzi With Lawsuits

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Ever since having her son, Hilary has become part of the group of celebrity moms who criticize paparazzi for taking photos of their children. The first lawsuit of this kind was served by Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner in 2013. They introduced an anti-paparazzi bill because the paps were endangering their children.

Hilary has said she gives the paps a “stern talking to” at first if they try to take photos of Luca, but if they continue doing it she takes legal action.

People Criticized Her For Kissing Her Kid


Hilary recently got into some trouble online after posting a throwback photo of her and her son Luca sharing a kiss on the lips at Disneyworld. She fought back and told the haters, “kiss you kids, and anyone who doesn’t like it can hit unfollow.”

She’s not the first celebrity to be criticized for showing love to their kids. Tom Brady also recently came under fire for a video of his son coming and giving him a kiss before the Super Bowl.

She Left It All Behind For A Reason

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After the original run of Lizzie McGuire ended, Hilary had a difficult time being cast anywhere else in Hollywood because they all still associated her with her character. To get away from always being Lizzie, Hilary decided to take a break from acting completely.

She says people thought she was crazy because with Disney she was “making a lot of money” but looking back, Hilary says she thinks it’s the reason she stayed healthy and didn’t crash and burn like other Disney stars.

She Now Stars On A Brand New TV Show

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After years out of the spotlight and focusing on music, Hilary has returned to television as one of the stars of the show Younger. In it, she plays a publisher’s assistant named Kelsey who befriends her co-worker Liza. The only problem is Liza is lying about her age to Kelsey.

Hilary’s new character seems to be an older version of Lizzie. Young, funny, smart, and of course, super fashionable.

“Stuff By Hilary Duff” Was Her First Fashion Line


Hilary was only sixteen when she launched her first fashion line, “Stuff By Hilary Duff.” The line was marketed towards preteens and sold exclusively in Target and K-Mart stores.

The line came out at a perfect time for Hilary. The equally popular child stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had introduced the idea of television stars releasing clothing lines. Hilary’s line was mega-popular until it was discontinued in 2008.

She’s No Stranger To Video Games


Considering the fact that her first major role had her own Bitmoji on screen with her, it’s no shock that Hilary is well acquainted with video games. She voiced the Lizzie McGuire character for a video game that was released on Gameboy.

Hilary also was featured with her pet chihuahua Lola in The Sims 2: Pets. In the game you could interact with her player online but then download it if you have the game on your Wii console.

She Broke Records On Disney Channel

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After finding success on Lizzie McGuire, Disney knew they had to get Hilary to star in as many television shows and movies as possible. Hilary’s first Disney Channel Original Movie was Cadet Kelly, a film about a young girl whose new step-father forces her to go to a military academy.

The movie premiered to 7.8 million viewers and became the most-watched program in Disney Channel’s 19-year history.

Her First Major Role Was Alongside Casper The Friendly Ghost

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Raise your hand if you remember the straight-to-TV movie Wendy Meets Casper. It was Hilary Duff’s first major role. She was cast to play Wendy the “Good Little Witch” when she was only 11 years old and it put her on the map.

It also showcased Hilary’s serious acting chops, since she had to do all her scenes on her own while the producers added a CGI ghost later on.

Hilary Pranks Her Son In A Hilarious Way


Being a mom doesn’t mean having to grow up and get boring. Hilary credits having her son at a relatively younger age for being the reason their relationship is so much fun. After having her second child, Hilary says she makes sure to keep things fun with her six-year-old.

One of the best ways to do that, says Hilary, is pranking each other. Her favorite prank to pull on Luca is chasing him around the house with dirty diapers!

She Has A Special Place In Her Heart For Charities

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As a celebrity, Hilary can often be found somewhere warm and sunny for the holidays, but that wasn’t always the case. As a kid, her mother made Hilary and Haylie volunteer at a local food drive, especially on Thanksgiving.

Hilary still cares about others and has many philanthropic causes. She donated over 2.5 million meals to Hurricane Katrina victims, is a strong supporter of animals rights, and is a youth ambassador for Kids with a Cause.

She Credit’s Her Own Quirky Style With Landing The Role Of Lizzie


We know now that Hilary totally bombed her audition for Lizzie McGuire, but they still asked her to come back for a second audition. Hilary says she thinks it was because of her crazy outfits. She admits to having a quirky sense of style and in order to stand apart from the 200 other blonde girls auditioning, she would wear the wackiest outfit she could find.

One producer for the show even joked they asked her to come back to see “what outfit she’d show up in.”

Hilary Does All Her Own Stunts

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Lizzie was known for being an athletic and outgoing character on the show and that was all thanks to Hilary. To producers used her natural athleticism as an inspiration for writing in all of the show’s physical comedy.

Hilary had no problem falling and leaping around the set all on her own. With all her other film and television roles, she’s kept up the skills and still does her own stunt work.