Anthony Bourdain Leaves Behind A Legacy We Won’t Forget

When someone has been on television for as long as Anthony Bourdain has, viewers feel like they know the host personally. As a chef, author, and traveler, he thoughtfully transcribed his observations of the world and invited us to come along with him as he brought attention to people and places that had been forgotten by others. He began his career as a chef and ended his life, an icon. It’s hard to piece together the events that led to Bourdain’s decision to leave this world, but the impact he had in his 61 years of life is obvious.

Bourdain Worked As a Chef In Manhattan



Anthony Bourdain knew he wanted to be a chef from the time he was young and fell in love with food while visiting his grandparents in France. He graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute of America in 1978 and began working at various restaurants.

He worked his way up to Executive Chef at Brasserie Les Halles in Manhattan. Throughout all of it, he was drinking heavily and trying any drug available. Still, his culinary talent was undeniable, and his curiosity for life grew with every place he traveled to.