Best Celebrity Anti-Trump Tweets

J.K. Rowling

The tweet: “‘How Horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.”

Even people from over the pond have something to say to and about Donald Trump. Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling tweeted this last December. Yep, that’s how bad it is folks. Harry and his gang would have a tough time fighting off Trump, I think. You go, Jo!

Read on to hear from Lena Dunham.

Lena Dunham

The tweet: “Donald Trump’s condescending misogyny is now a more trademark feature than his ‘do.”

As the creator, writer, and star of her own massive hit series, Lena Dunham knows a thing or two about tweets. She certainly doesn’t hold back from unleashing her views of the current political scene either.

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Ellen Degeneres

The tweet: “This Trumps all previous Republican debates.”

Popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres seems to have a hate-on for Trump also. She even tweeted a pretty insane video of Trump debating himself, funnily enough. In the clip, The Donald always seems to cut himself off constantly and babble quite a bit.

Ellie Goulding

The tweet: “Donald Trump is the worst. I do not say this lightly.”

Grammy nominee and English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding threw some tweet shade towards the Republican presidential nominee, too. “The Donald” is making enemies in pretty much every single area of the entertainment industry. One thing’s for sure: she’ll never sing at one of his events.

Next, Anthony Bourdain has a zinger.

Anthony Bourdain

The tweet: “I’m thinking a #Trump-Segal ticket would be tremendous. The supernova of non-credible hair alone makes it unstoppable! Putin’s on board!”

American chef, author, and television personality Anthony Bourdain throws in his two cents about Trump on Twitter. Do you think even Putin could really tame that dead squirrel on his head? Doubtful, for sure.

John Legend puts it bluntly next.

John Legend

The tweet: “He’s crossed from bigotry to fascism.”

Singer John Legend has very strong views about Trump and his policies. The superstar singer is one of many celebrities who have publicly denounced Donald Trump and his actions during the Republican candidate’s campaign. Earlier this year, Legend called out Trump as a “racist” in a series of tweets exchanged between the singer and the presidential hopeful’s son.

Seth MacFarlane

The tweet: “Torn between Hillary and Trump? Ask yourself, ‘Which candidate would I rather have a weird, tightly-wound, simmering-hostility beer with?'”

Animation guru and comedy creator Seth MacFarlane is a seriously funny person. But he has very serious and straight-forward opinions when it comes to who might run the country.

Funny guy Dane cook is pretty insightful up next.

Dane Cook

The tweet: “Trumpet looks like the cowardly lion after a great makeover.”

The other tweet: This #GOPDebate is so entertaining but is anyone learning anything?”

These two zingers came, quite unsurprisingly, from stand-up comedian and film actor Dane Cook. And to answer his second question …Well, we’ll all find out soon enough.

John Cleese

The tweet: “Good news! Trump and the GOP have buried the hatchet. And now, the bad news: They buried it in the skull of the United States of America.”

The other tweet: “Fascinating! Trump’s ego has hit a wall. Reality has created a tiny crack in his delusional world. Whatever comes next is going to be good.”

John Cleese, Monty Python co-founder, speaks softly but his words pack quite a punch.

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The tweet: “Heard Trump shot himself in his Gucci Loafers. He’s Dumb as a Mentally challenged Fence Post. I know more politics than he. TRUMP, ‘YOU’RE FIRED.'”

One thing (of infinite things) that can be said about Cher is that she’s the Queen of Twitter. Another fact about Cher? She’s the Queen of crushing Donald Trump.

Seth Rogen

The tweet: “.@realDonaldTrump it’s the fourth tallest building you lying pile.”

For the record, Seth Rogen is correct—the Trump Hotel Las Vegas is the city’s fourth tallest building (fifth tallest, if you count the Stratosphere observation tower, which the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat does not).

Wil Wheaton

The following quote is actually a short excerpt from an open letter penned by Wil about Trump titled “Please Stop Normalizing This Deplorable Bull.”

“Donald Trump is deplorable. His kids are deplorable. His supporters? Deplorable. In fact, one could reasonably say that the Trumps and anyone who supports them should be thrown into a container of some sort — a basket, for instance — along with all the other “deplorables” who think we should build a wall to keep brown people out of the country and bring back concentration camps.”

America Ferrera

The tweet: “Trump just doubled-down on his commitment to racism & hate with his new hire. America is better than this #ImWithHer.”

Actor America Ferrera also wrote an open letter to Donald Trump, published on Huffington Post, thanking him for his “hateful rhetoric” about Mexican immigrants because it will energize Latino voters to vote for other candidates.

Rachel Maddow

The tweet: “I love the idea that this is a stunt and I love the idea that he’s just a celebrity and that this isn’t actually a political campaign.”

Rachel has the right idea about the whole Trump situation. According to her, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been a “gift from God.”

Stephen King

The tweet: “I can no longer tweet about Trump. That anyone in America would even CONSIDER voting for this rabid coyote leaves me speechless.”

Master of Horror Stephen King has said that Trump actually scares him. He rarely speaks Trump’s name, preferring to call him “the rabid coyote.” If King is afraid, we should really be worried.

Susan Sarandon

The tweet: “[I] can’t believe for a second that America would actually make Donald Trump the president”

Legendary actress Susan Sarandon also says she “can’t even address him [Trump] seriously,” that “many Republicans must be embarrassed by him,” and that it concerns her that “he’s made hatred and racism normal.”

Jack Black

The quote: “Listen, I’ll take Kanye over Trump, anyone but Trump”

Appearing on the Australian “Today” show on March 14, actor Jack Black said he would choose anyone for president over Trump, even hip-hop artist Kanye West. When asked what he thought of the prospects of Trump becoming president, Black said, “It’s a scary proposition but I don’t think that’s really in the cards.”

Stephen Hawking

The quote: “He is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”

In an interview with Mark Austin on Good Morning Britain, physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking was stumped when it came to Donald Trump. When asked to explain Trump’s success, he replied, “I can’t.” A certified genius, Stephen Hawking on is baffled by Trump and his supporters.

Bill Maher

The tweet: “To keep up with Trump’s bullsh*t they had to outsource fact-checking to China. Sad.”

The other tweet: “GOP won expectations game when it nominated an orangutan. As long as he doesn’t fling his poop.”

OK, Trump and Maher don’t see eye to eye on anything. Trump even sued Maher once. Most would argue that Bill Maher calls it like he sees it. And that he sees it pretty well.

Russell Simmons

The quote: “I’ve heard him [Trump] say racist things for 30 years… white supremacy, he’s the epitome of it. He represents the image of white supremacy more than any candidate I’ve ever seen.”

Producer, author, and entrepreneur Simmons details quite a bit in an open letter to Trump, titled “To My Old Friend Donald Trump, Stop The Bull.”

Jerry Springer

The tweet: “Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.”

And we don’t think he meant it as a compliment. Or an invitation. Jerry must be one ultra cool guy to hang out with. Anywhere you go with him would be met with flying chairs and brawls. Jerry definitely knows a thing or two about people by now.

Molly Ephraim

The tweet: “Why is Trump sniffing so much?! OMG DOES HE HAVE PNEUMONIA?????????”

The other tweet: “#Bragadocious is Trump’s new cologne. It’s a single-note fragrance. That single note is of dog poop”

Actor from “Last Man Standing’s,” does not hold back. And why should she? It’s pretty clear that Trump is baffling a huge portion of America these days.

Andy Cohen

The tweet: “Trump’s ‘there is something bad I was going to say that I’m not going to.’ was a classic Housewives line, direct quote from #RHWONY Reunion!”

Talk show and radio host Andy Cohen really burned Trump with this one. Still, it’s telling that a recent presidential poll done on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” found that viewers of the show strongly prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. Yikes.

Rashida Jones

The tweet: “his condescending interjections and interruptions and mansplaining are hitting the deepest part of my womanly frustration #Debates2016.”

Actress, comic book author, film producer, singer, screenwriter, and daughter of legendary producer Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones takes no prisoners. There are so many reasons why she’s a badass. This is one.

Kumail Nanjiani

The tweet: “Trump walks off in a daze, turns to aides. ‘Ok. When does the debate start?’ Everyone slowly backs away.”‘

The other tweet: “Donald Trump’s hair was made by Pixar in 1998.”

The other, other tweet: “Trump deleting tweets like he just got cast on SNL.”

Hilarious stand-up comedian Kumail Nanjiani constantly slays trump on Twitter. And we hope he keeps them coming.

Hillary Clinton

The quote: “It becomes particularly threatening if terrorists ever get their hands on any nuclear material so a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes as far as I think anyone with any sense about this should be concerned.”

Hillary Clinton suggested that Donald Trump’s use of social media could translate into his readiness to push nuclear buttons.

Bernie Sanders

The tweet: “@realDonaldTrump if Trump was a YouTuber, he would be a Drama Channel.”

The other tweet: “Trump: ‘I alone can fix this.’ Is this guy running for president or dictator? #RNCwithBernie”

Obviously, there is no love lost between Bernie and Donald. Bernie continues to ramp up the pressure on Trump in whatever form he wants to.

Chrissy Teigen

The tweet: “Trump and I are actually a lot alike. I always announce I’m on my period before a shoot to set the standards, then remind them again after.”

Supermodel, new mother, and spouse of John Legend, Chrissy made things interesting for sure.

Keep reading on to see another gorgeous lady show off her witty, cutting mind. (Hint: she’s a She Wolf.)

Bette Midler

The quote Midler tweeted in reference to Trump: “It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”

Singer Bette Midler drew attention when she tweeted a meme of Trump with a quote from the novel Catch 22.

Rosie O’Donnell



The other, other tweet: “too bad she didnt have a hockey air horn – just hit it when starts vomiting bullshit”

There are plenty more where that came from. No need to repeat it here, (we’ve heard it enough from Trump himself) but he has said some pretty nasty things about O’Donnel. So, it’s not wonder she has some things to say back. He is gross

Kerry Washington

The tweet: ”Join me + #EveEnsler, @harrybelafonte, @sandylocks, @MMFlint and @thandienewton to say enough #StopHateDumpTrump.”

As one of a number of celebrities who have joined the “Stop Hate, Dump Trump” campaign, Kerry Washington has drawn her own personal line in the sand. If this many celebs are jumping on the Dump Trump bandwagon, does he even stand a chance?

Miley Cyrus

The Instagram post: #aintapartyindausaanymo

Singer Miley Cyrus called Trump a “nightmare” on Instagram on Super Tuesday when Trump won a number of states. She also said she would move to another country if Trump is elected, using the hashtag #aintapartyindausaanymo (ain’t a party in da USA anymo). I’m curious as to how many of these people will backtrack if Trump does win the presidency.

Olivia Wilde

The tweet: “As someone who is about to have a daughter, this hits me deep in my core. #NeverTrump.”

The “House” and Tron star has been quite busy on the political side of Twitter lately. As far as women’s issues go, on Sept. 24, Olivia Wilde shared a video on Twitter of Donald Trump’s controversial statements about women.

Robert De Niro

The quote: “It’s crazy that people like Donald Trump . . . he shouldn’t even be where he is, so God help us.”

Actor and New Yorker Robert De Niro has made his opinions on Donald Trump pretty clear. He spoke publicly about his stance on Trump, calling the presidential candidate “totally nuts.”

Sarah Silverman

The tweet: “DRUMPF is NEGGING us and we’ve fallen for it – we’re obsessed w this candidate we had no intention of ever acknowledging #TheGame.”

Comedidan and actor Silverman, who has endorsed Bernie Sanders, also mocked Trump on Conan by dressing as Adolph Hitler and talking about the comparisons people have made between the two.

Chelsea Handler

The tweet: “Trump is a butt hole”

Comedian Chelsea Handler tweets a pic of herself almost naked with “Trump is a butt hole” written on her body. “A germane tweet,” she wrote on Twitter. “I mean this with the utmost disrespect.”

She also tweeted a picture of herself holding a Trump piñata and “trying to find a good tree” to hang it up in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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The tweet: “This is a hateful and racist speech that attempts to divide a country that for years has promoted diversity and democracy!”

The other tweet: “No one living in this century should stand behind so much ignorance.”

Donald Trump characterized Mexican immigrants to the U.S. as “rapists” and criminals, while seeking the presidential nomination. International superstar Shakira spoke up.

John Oliver

The tweet: “Stop and take a moment to imagine how you would feel if you just met a guy named Donald Drumpf, a litigious serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader he can’t decide whether or not to condemn.”

Oliver revealed that one of Trump’s ancestors had changed the family name from “Drumpf.”

Samuel L. Jackson

The Instagram post: “A bill from the guy that doesn’t know me & never golfed with me! I’m gonna Block his a– too!”

Jackson said in an interview that Trump had signed him up as a member of one of his golf clubs without his knowledge, and then sent him a bill. He also said he “would never say” he and Trump were “buddies,” but they did play golf together. Trump denied even knowing Jackson.

Perez Hilton

Blogger Perez Hilton reports so often on the doings of The Donald, we wouldn’t have enough space to quote it all here. One such gem involved Hilton explaining how there are reports that the Republican nominee wanted to fire any woman he found unattractive working at the Trump National Golf Club.

Ben Stiller

The Zoolander star cannot believe this “Trump as a president” thing is really happening. This tweet is implying that he thinks the world needs more compassion. The final question of this debate was Hilary bringing up Trump’s kids and saying that they were nice. In a recent interview, Stiller revealed that he doesn’t see Trump going all the way.

Billy Eichner

Billy, the American comedian, couldn’t take it anymore during the debate. Unsurprisingly in a joking manner, he tweeted that he is going to attend a Sia concert instead of watching the debate between who will potentially lead our nation next. He is on Hilary’s side so whatever Trump was saying was not something he wanted to listen to.

Kumail Nanjiani, Again

This anti-Trump tweet is thorough and detailed. For one to actually lose faith in the goodness of humanity shows how much he utterly disagrees with the politician. The cast member from the series Silicon Valley possibly feels way stronger than this but had to keep his thoughts to himself due to the 140 character limit Twitter has.

Paula Pell

The Saturday Night Live writer had some opposing views to a controversial statement that came from the Trump camp. When Trump to cover up his questionable statement about women by comparing it to locker room talk, Paula Pell and a few other people disagreed. Pell saying only terrible people use that type of talk.

Hayden Panettiere

Here’s yet another scared celebrity concerned about the Trump. Just due to the fact that he has a chance is terrifying to the likes of Hayden Panettiere. You may know her from the series Heroes with her role as a cheerleader. One thing is for sure, the only person she is cheering for is Hilary Clinton.

Ed Helms

The famous actor from The Office and The Hangover movies is mocking Trump it seems with this tweet. During the first debate, Trump made statements and asked questions that had nothing to do with the state of our nation. One his questions were why does Dubai have better airports than America.

David Cross

Another comedian is here to tell us that maybe the average tweeter wouldn’t get noticed if he or she were to tweet it. In the second debate, Trump appeared to be exhibiting unbecoming gestures that people under the influence of drugs would do. David Cross called Trump out with this tweet only furthering the dislike for the presidential candidate.

Katie Couric

The Yahoo anchor weighed in on the debate in what looks like a subtle agreement with what Hilary Clinton said. Tweeting an answer to a question that asks whether our potential next president is a good leader is very telling of if you support or not. If the answer would have been yes then we most likely have not been here talking about it.

Sophia Bush

The former One Tree Hill actress gave her two cents on a different topic tackled by Trump and even called him something that you cannot easily take back. Someone who will appear on this list later had almost the same comments as Bush down to calling him a racist. Ouch, Trump.

Blake Griffin

Here’s another example of a celebrity bringing up the infamous locker room talk, and one who actually knows real locker room talk very well. The high-flying power forward of the Los Angeles Clippers threw a slight jab at Trump with this tweet here. He’s obviously anti-Trump.


Well, the west coast rapper did not hold back with his tweet. In fact, he even has a song titled the same thing basically but as an acronym (FDT). He sure is voicing his rather strong opinion and utilizing our freedom of speech right to the highest extent. Something about YG just screams he doesn’t really care about repercussions.

Mac Miller

Again we have another rapper who tells us which candidate he is not supporting. Similar to YG, Mac Miller has a song where he disses Trump as well. It must be a trend that rappers are not supporting Donald because while some are being quiet about the election, those who speak out have said they do not want Trump to win.

Carrie Fisher

The Stars Wars actor, probably wishes Han Solo was here so that he can handle Donald Trump. Since he is not here, tweeting is her preferred next option. Even a fan that commented under her tweet would wants Carrie Fisher to be president soon.

Lady Gaga

This star musician helps put Donald Trump on blast with her anti-Trump tweet. Lady Gaga touches a sensitive subject with this one and discusses abused women. Basically, she calling into question Tump’s high level of misogyny. He is a threat to all women, especilly abused women, and therefore a threat to all people.

Brandon Stanton

The creator of “Humans of New York” made sure he was not limited to the mere 140 characters Twitter limits its users to. He penned a detailed letter discussing the problems and issues surrounded Trump like how he advocates violence and retweets racist images. Brandon Stanton lets it all loose here.

Charlie Carver

Charlie Carver was very “18 and up” with one of his tweets. The Desperate Housewives and Teen Wolf actor did bring up some valid issues concerning a topic that has been plaguing America recently. He ended his tweet with choice words that needed to be censored for the sake of young ones.

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Shondaland shows like Scandal, went all the way in Trump in this tweet. She called him a racist idiot in all caps; as if those harsh words were not bad enough without being capitalized. Maybe she will make an episode loosely based on this situation.

Vivica Fox

This tweet is not a direct shot at Donald Trump, but it for sure has to do with his behavior during the election. The reason why she is calling Don King an embarrassment is because he went around announcing and opening for Trump. Vivica was not the only one baffled by King’s choice she just seemed to be the most outraged by it.

Jesse Williams

A member of Shondaland and also someone who has been noted for his social commentary makes a sneak diss at Trump with his tweet. Like a few others, Williams referenced the weird sniffing actions that Trump had going on during the debate. Well, if he wasn’t coming down with a cold one can only assume the worst.

Charlamagne Tha God

The ultimate person who speaks his mind is Charlamagne Tha God. This tweet you are seeing above is just small talk for the likes of him. What makes Charlamagne so polarizing is that his remarks are either spot on or nowhere near true. With this tweet, it is up to you to decide if it is right or wrong.