Celebrities Who Stayed Friends After They Broke Up

Breakups suck, and it can feel like a stab in the back. We’ve all experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when a relationship is off the table. The constant scrutiny is why so many celebrity relationships fail. But, some people wonder how these massive fallouts between celebrities who were once so great together come to be.

It’s just beautiful to see two people get along, but sometimes, it’s not easy continuing on as friends, unless your one of these former couples.

Despite so many breakups being bitter, some Hollywood couples seem to make it work as friends.

Heidi Klum And Seal

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Klum and Seal got married on May 10, 2005. In 2009, the model officially adopted the singer’s surname and became legally known as Heidi Samuel. On January 22, 2012, the couple announced that they were separating, with Klum reverting back to her old name.

After finalizing their divorce in 2014, the pair still enjoys a working relationship, and they haven’t let their split come in the way of their kids.

Demi Moore And Bruce Willis

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The pair tied the knot in 1987 and welcomed three daughters, including Rumer during their 11-year marriage. But, in 1998, the couple announced their separation, with the divorce being finalized in 2000.

In an interview with People magazine, Rumer said this following her parents split. “They always made an effort to do all of the family events still together and made such an effort to still have our family be as one unit.”

Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

The former Canadian NHL player began dating the Lizzie McGuire actress in the summer of 2007. Three years later, the couple announced their engagement, then married on August 14, 2010. In January 2014, the couple announced their separation with a divorce being finalized in 2016.

The former Disney channel star opened up about her marriage with Time Magazine and said that she and Comrie are “really good friends and care a lot about each other.”

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Diane Krueger And Joshua Jackson

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Harry Winston

The Dawson’s Creek actor began dating the German actress in 2006. After a decade together, Jackson and Kruger ended their relationship in 2016. But, there was reconciliation rumors when they were spotted out together, and photographed while sharing an embrace at LAX.

But, Krueger met her Sky co-star, Norman Reedus, and the two were spotted as a couple in July 2016. In November 2018, Kruger and Reddus welcomed their first child together.

Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The longtime couple’s separation was an emotional one that really shook the public. But thankfully, these exes are as friendly as they can be. In an interview with CBS This Morning, the star of Ray Donovan spoked of the King Kong actress.

“We’re parents together, so we’ll be together for the rest of our lives no matter what… We’re very close. Hopefully, that never changes, and I don’t think it will.”

Reese Witherspoon And Ryan Phillippe

Ron Galella/WireImage

The co-stars of Cruel Intentions remain on good terms following their divorce in 2007. But, in 2014, Phillippe shared a sweet anecdote about a walk with Reese and the kids through Central Park.

“We were reminiscing then because we shot a lot of Cruel Intentions. So there we were with Ava and Deacon, talking, and they were tripping out on the fact that we’re shooting a movie before they were thought of in our minds.”

An actor from Marvel and a former Saturday Night Live cast member are up next.

Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton

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In 2005, the country musicians met at the CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets Concert. After receiving her father’s blessing, Shelton and Lambert were married on May 14, 2011. In July 2015, Shelton and Lambert announced their divorce. The separation was finalized later in that same day.

However, in a strange turn of events, the two shared direct tweets to one another in 2015. Later that same year, Shelton had started dating Gwen Stefani.

Kate Beckinsale And Michael Sheen

Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The pair first met when they were cast in the touring production of The Seagull in early 1995. Soon after the couple moved from London to Los Angeles, their relationship would end in 2003.

The exes embraced when they bumped into one another on the red carpet at the premiere of Love & Friendship.But, Michael went ahead and got married to comedian Sarah Silverman, who he later divorced in 2016.

Chris Evans And Jenny Slate

Emma McIntyre//Getty Images

Meeting at the Los Angeles premiere of Gifted, they jokingly shook hands when bumping into each other, and even posed for photos on the red carpet. After eight months together, Captain America and the former Saturday Night Live cast member split in 2016.

It’s been a while since the pair broke up, but they got back together in the fall of 2017. However, Evans confirmed in March 2018 that they had separated once more.

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Ed Sheeran And Ellie Goulding

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for MTV/Getty Images

It might have been awkward between the Brit musicians, but Sheeran wrote Don’t about her cheating. But, after their breakup in 2013, the pair are clearly on friendly terms. They proved that when they shared an embrace on the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Show pink carpet.

Despite making music together, they’ve both moved on. Since July 2015, Sheeran has been in a relationship with childhood friend and former high school classmate Cherry Seaborn.

Madonna And Sean Penn

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

It was very strange to see Madonna and Sean Penn become a married couple in the eighties. Although they eventually divorced after four years of marriage, the pair has remained friends in spite of one consistent rumor.

There are stories of Penn’s domestic abuse against his former lover, but the musician denied those claims. To top it off, just in 2016, Madonna said she would marry the actor — for $150 000, that is — at an auction she was hosting to raise money for pediatric surgery.

Courtney Cox And David Arquette

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

These two are a model of how to stay friends with your ex. The former star of Friends spoke to People Magazine about her relationship with Arquette. “David is my favorite person in the world. No matter what happens in our future, he’s my very best friend.”

Despite both the actor and actress appearing in the Scream trilogy, their partnership lives on. They even continue to run their co-owned production company, Coquette Productions.

These Brits ahead are proving all the rumors wrong by considering one another not just friends, but best friends.

Jude Law & Sadie Frost

Dave Benett/Getty Images

The actor met Sadie Frost while working on the movie Shopping. The pair would be married from 1997 to October 2003. While they’ve had their ups and downs, it’s smooth sailing for these two now. These days, they often holiday together with their kids Rafferty, Rudy, and Iris.

But one thing’s for sure, nobody wants to discuss what happened between Law and the nanny when he was dating Sienna Miller.

Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis


The end of actor Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis’ 14- year relationship was a blow to fans. Depp took a meditated view on the whole thing, although he admitted it wasn’t easy.

He told Rolling Stone, Itdoesn’t stop the fact that you care for that person, and they’re the mother of your kids, and you’ll always know each other, and you’re always gonna be in each other’s lives because of those kids.”

Hugh Grant And Elizabeth Hurley

Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images

The Brits are proving all the rumors wrong by considering one and another not just friends, but best friends. Despite being together for 13 years, their relationship eventually came to an end. These days, Grant lives next door to Hurley, and they are the godparents to each other’s children.

Everyone was in awe when Hurley also made a social media post for Grant’s 57thbirthday in 2017. “Happy birthday to my best friend for 30 years.”

Just ahead, one of the actors from Pirates of the Caribbean still lives near his ex.

Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder

Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

For years, tabloids speculated on the relationship between the Vampire Diaries stars. But, the so-called feuds between Somerhalder and Dobrev and Reed and Dobrev, and the love triangle that the media seemed to portray to the public, was never confirmed.

Finally, just in 2017, the stars squashed the rumors by posting photos of the three of them together on social media. Reed captioned a long message, stating that the media had perpetuated negativity about their various relationships.

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth

Jon Kopaloff /Getty Images

In 1995, Garth met her second husband, actor Peter Facinelli, while filming An Unfinished Affair. Garth and Facinelli married on January 20, 2001, but finalized a divorce in March 2012. But, it didn’t take the long for the former lovers to find new partners.

Despite being friends and parents to their three children, Facinelli dated actress Jamie Alexander. As for Garth, she got re-married to David Abrams but divorced in April 2018.

Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr

Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In late 2007, the Lord of the Rings actor began dating the Aussie supermodel. They got engaged in 2010 but separated in October 2013. Nevertheless, Kerr and Bloom have agreed to live near each other for the sake of being close to their child.

Their son, Flynn, is the necessarily North Star of these celebrity parents lives. Flynn reportedly gets along well with Kerr’s fiance, Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat.

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Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki

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While working on The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco dated co-star Johnny Galecki for roughly two years, until December 2009. In 2010, the 8 Simple Rules actress spoke to CBS Watch and said they remained on good terms since their relationship ended.

Despite the pair still being on the show, Cuoco got married twice. She was married to Ryan Sweeting before getting divorced in 2015. But, she got re-married in 2018 to Scott Cook.

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon

FilmMagic/FilmMagic/Getty Images

On April 30, 2008, the All That actor married the Grammy-award winning singer. After six years of marriage, the pair eventually split up, and Cannon filed for divorce in 2014. Mariah may have dropped a single bashing her ex-husband, but there are no hard feelings from Cannon.

He posted the cover of her new album on his Instagram with the hashtags #TheQueen, #NoHate, and #HardestWorkingWomanIKnow. Nice to know there’s no beef between the two now.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor began dating the pop singer after the 73rd Golden Globes. However, the couple split after one year of dating in February 2017. Although, something resurfaced six months following their breakup.

In August 2017, the actor and musician were spotted together at an Ed Sheeran concert. It seems as though the couple might be dating or might be friends, considering they both met the Pope on their Roman holiday together.

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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images

Since their 2011 divorce, J.Lo and her superstar ex have been on great terms. Not only are the pair collaborating on family matters, but they’ve also focused on the interest that brought them together.

Anthony even served as the executive producer of his former lover’s Spanish album, Anthony also serves as executive producer for Lopez’s upcoming Spanish language album Por Primera Vez. Despite Jenny from the Block dating Alex Rodriguez, they remain on friendly terms.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

After parting ways over a decade ago, the stars have remained on good terms. Both Diaz and Timberlake have found new partners, and the pair even co-starred in Bad Teacher. The Mask actress sat down with People and spoke about filming a movie with her former NSYNC boyfriend.

“Justin and I have always had a good laugh together, and to make a movie where we get to have a laugh together,” Diaz said.

Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney

Hubert Boesl/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Queen of Pop and the Chicago Fire actor broke off their engagement in 2016. But, that kept fans at the edge of their sets, wanting some sort of a reunion between the two. Despite the possibility being vague, the “Born This Way” singer has gone on record to share the pair’s undying feelings for each other.

In an interview with ENews, Gaga said, “He’s been my lover and a friend for so long. We love each other. That’s it.”

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Bella Hadid And The Weeknd

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

The luckiest ex-girlfriend was serenaded by her former beau during the walk on Victoria’s Secret runway. Fans weren’t sure what to make of the moment, but the model cleared up the confusion once and for all. She took to Instagram to praise her ex’s performance.

Fingers crossed that Selena Gomez’s January makeout scandal won’t create tension. I mean, their relationship is as well-balanced as it is because they’re dating again.

Jennifer Garner And Two Of Her Exes

BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Image/Getty Images

Garner getting a starring role in Alias and Thirteen Going On 30 helped her become one of Hollywood’s sweethearts. Her biggest relationship was notably her marriage to Ben Affleck in 2005. Despite the pair divorcing after a decade of marriage, the Golden Globe-winning actress remains a positive support figure to her Oscar-winning ex’s life.

But, the actress also shows the same respect for another ex, French actor Michael Vartan, her co-star on Alias.

Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

The frontman of Coldplay married the actress on December 5, 2003. Almost six months after exchanging vows, the couple welcomed their daughter. Unfortunately, their marriage wasn’t all happily-ever-after.

After ten years of marriage, the couple announced their separation in March 2014. Paltrow filed for divorced in 2015, and the judge finalized it in 2016. However, they’ve kept their family intact by going on annual vacations to celebrate their “conscious uncoupling.”

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Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

Alo Ceballos/GC Images/Getty Images

There’s no denying that both the actor and actress were a cute couple. In the early 2010s, fans were over the moon about this duo. However, they were understandably upset when the pair broke up in 2015.

Luckily, both Stone and Garfield still openly support each other in their professional and personal lives. When he was asked who he would bring as company to a desert island, Garfield picked his Spider-Man co-star.

Chris Brown And Rihanna

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Both musicians had a public relationship for all the wrong reasons. In 2009, Brown was charged with a felony for assaulting the Barbados native. Nevertheless, the rapper recently commented one of Rihanna’s Instagram photos, and the Virginia native even wished her a happy birthday.

Even though most fans were unsure of what to make of this, reports say the “SOS” singer has supported her ex and welcomed him back into her life as a close friend.

Mindy Kaling And B.J. Novak

Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty Images

This on-and-off-again couple had a romantic fling during the filming of The Office. However, Kaling had an interesting take on describing her romance with the writer back in 2014.

In an interview with InStyle, the actress said, “My relationship with B.J. Novak is weird as hell. He is not my boyfriend, but he is not my best friend. I guess you could describe our relationship as a ‘romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments…'”