Your Favorite Stars Have Done Some Crazy Things In Bed

We’re all very intrigued with what celebrities are doing these days, and that includes wondering what they’re up to when they’re between the sheets. We expect that some celebs like to get a little risque, but these 20 celebrity bedroom secrets will completely blow your mind! You’d never guess what cute little ol’ Martha Stewart has done in past, or what America’s most adorable couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are known for.

Rihanna Wants to Be Tied up and Told Who’s Boss


Bad Girl Riri has always been somewhat promiscuous. Whether she’s twerking on Drake in a see-through dress or busy being completely covered in silver body paint, there’s no denying that Rihana is one fierce lady. So what she likes in bed shouldn’t really surprise us.

Riri stated in a 2011 Rolling Stone interview that she liked purchasing toys and whips for pleasure. Miss Rihanna also says that she wants someone who will control her. She likes to be on the submissive side. Considering her in-your-face personality, one might think she’s the one that likes to be in control, but think again.