Celebrity Couples Who Keep Their Love Under Wraps

Maintaining a relationship with another human being is complicated enough without the added pressure of doing it in the public eye. Some celebrities choose to share their relationships with us, and that’s up to them, but some celebs like to keep their private lives private.

I bet you didn’t even know that some of the couples on this list were even an item until just now. Keep reading to learn more about Hollywood’s most secret marriages and relationships.

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes

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Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

Ryan and Eva keep their relationship very hidden from the public. Both parties refuse to talk about their relationship in public and on talk shows. These two have been married since 2011 and they have two children together, but they very rarely pose on the red carpet as a couple.

It’s a shame because they look so great together and I’d love to see them together more, but I get that they want their privacy.