Celebrity Kids Who Completely Resemble Their Parents

It’s expected that the offspring of someone is going to look like their parents at least a little bit. That is unless the parents choose to adopt. Excluding the exceptions, there are those children who resemble both or at least one of their parents almost identically. Have you ever seen John Lennon’s son? He’s only one example, but there are plenty of celebrity children who look spot on like their parents. You might know of some cases, but you’re in for a real surprise after you see the whole list.

Clint Eastwood’s Son Looks Just Like Him

Hubert Boesl/picture alliance/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

Clint Eastwood grew up in the old-school. He’s one of Hollywood’s original tough guys that’s still remaining. After playing in an insane amount of Western films, Eastwood figured it would be time to pass on his legacy to someone else.

That’s what Scott Eastwood is here for. Scott is literally the spitting image of his father. It’s almost creepy. He even carries the same value as his dad. “My father’s definitely old-school. And he raised me with integrity – to be places on time, show up and work hard.”