Harry Styles’ Dating History Has NO Direction: Some Of His Companions Are Surprising

The dating pool in Hollywood is forever filled with a variety of celebrities looking for a new love connection. Society’s elite are constantly breaking up and making up, making it hard to keep track of who’s seeing who.

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Young celebs are constantly on the prowl for a new belle or beau, and One Direction front man Harry Styles is no exception. This long-haired looker catches the eye of many eligible bachelorettes in show business, and he doesn’t have a shortage of options to choose from. His running list of relationship flings and hookups is nothing short of shocking.

Abigail Crawshaw Was Style’s Love Before He Hit It Big

Abigail Crawshaw and Harry Styles have a whole lot of history together. Crawshaw was the girlfriend of Styles when he was 12 years old, way before he rose to One Direction fame.

Abigail Crawshaw Was Style’s Love Before He Hit It Big

The two managed to stay cool even when Styles became insanely famous, and they even reunited at a One Direction show in 2015. They hung out backstage at the On The Road Again tour, making their young romance even sweeter. Could there be a round two in their future? Crawshaw chooses to live a normal life without much media attention, so we would have to just wait and see!