Hollywood Housekeepers Spilled The Beans About What Your Favorite Celebrities Do Behind Closed Doors

In the age of social media, fans of celebrities can feel closer to them like never before. Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram allow us to peek inside their private lives, see what they do daily, and even catch a glimpse of their not-so-humble homes.

But even with all this social media, a lot happens behind closed doors that the public has no idea about. Celebrities always worry about paparazzi and reporters learning their secrets, but they forget that the best source is the one they don’t even notice: the housekeepers. Read on the hear all the juicy secrets that housekeepers and staff have spilled about their former employers.

Christina Aguilera Loves To Spice Up Her Marriage

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

According to the pop singer’s housemaid, Xtina still likes to get Dirrty if you know what I mean. Back when she was married to Jordan Bratman, Christina would use sexy costumes to keep Bratman entertained in the bedroom.

The housekeeper exposed the fact that she would almost always come into work the next day and clean up a wide range of provocative costumes. Xtina used everything from “maid’s dresses” to “nurse’s uniforms.”