Lifestyles of 20 of the Richest People 18 and Under

Most teenagers spend their days slaving away in high school and working a part-time job just to make a few bucks. But there are a select few children and teenagers out there that live a very different life. Whether their families are rich or they are self-made, there are some minors with more money and wealth than most of us can ever dream of achieving…and their young fortunes score them some pretty sweet lifestyles.

The Richest Teenagers In The World

Let’s take a look at just a few of the richest teens out there. The teen at #10 is truly among the elite in their craft and they are still not even an adult.

Jaylen Bledsoe

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While most of the people on this list came from a bit of money, Bledsoe is completely self-made. He started his own tech company when he was only 12, and over the years he’s grown it to where it is currently worth over $3 million. In addition to his company, he speaks all over the country at various events and conferences.

Valentina Paloma Pinault

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You may be wondering how a child as young as her may appear on this list, but once you find out who her parents are, you won’t wonder anymore. Her mother is Salma Hayek, an actress worth tens of millions, but her father is Francois Pinault, who is worth $15 billion. Keep reading to see another young lady that is set for life based on who her parents are.

Elle Fanning

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While the family is likely most known for Dakota Fanning, her younger sister is also making a name for herself. Elle Fanning has starred in a number of different films, received great reviews, and even won a ton of awards. She is only 18 but she’s worth millions and surely has a very long career in show business ahead of her. She already has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

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While their parents have been in the headlines the past few days for their divorce announcement, that doesn’t change anything about how wealthy these two children are. Pitt and Jolie have numerous adopted children, but their two biological children are believed to be the biggest beneficiaries of their parents’ amazing wealth.

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Bella Thorne

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Thorne is an actress and singer that seemingly came out of nowhere to be a big star. She has starred in numerous TV shows and could follow in the footsteps of Disney stars before her, such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and more. She is believed to have already earned $2 million. Our next entry also has immense talent that is sure to lead for a bright future.

Jackie Evancho

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Out of anyone on this list, few have more natural talent then Evancho. Despite being only 16 years old, she has already entered numerous talent competitions and sung at appearances all over the country. She became the youngest solo artist to go platinum in the United States, has millions of fans, and she can’t even vote legally yet. In a decade, it will be astounding to see how successful this woman is. She is estimated to already have $2.5 million in the bank.

Maddie Ziegler

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Ziegler largely went unnoticed in her childhood as she was a dancer who wanted to become big. Well, she got her big break on Dance Moms and went on to star in Sia’s music video for “Elastic Heart” (along with four others) and from then, her career took off. She has appeared on numerous TV shows and contests and is still only 13. She already has more than $2 million in the bank.

Suri Cruise

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When your dad is one of the biggest movie stars of the last few decades, you are likely to be pretty well off. Suri Cruise is in line to receive tens of millions of dollars and will never likely never have to worry about money in her life. She has also traveled all over the world with her father and mother, Katie Holmes.

Lily-Rose Melody Depp

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Depp is an actress and model, who is the daughter of French singer, actress, and model Vanessa Paradis and, you guessed it, Johnny Depp. While she is of course set for life because of her parents, she is making a name for herself and is massive on social media with millions of people following her. She’s not super rich on her own yet but her dad is worth more than $350 million.

Rico Rodriguez


Even though he is only 18 years old, Rodriguez has seemingly been around forever as an actor, because he has. He has been starring on “Modern Family” for years and has won numerous different awards for the role. (He has also appeared on a number of different shows in smaller roles.) Look for him to continue his success into adulthood. He is worth more than $7 million.

Kiernan Shipka

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Shipka began acting as a baby in commercials and print but got her big break on the show “Mad Men.” While there were some amazing actors on that show, she stole the spotlight and won a lot of awards for the role, despite barely being a teenager. She had earned more than $3 million during her young career…. and that was well before she was cast in the lead role on “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

Blue Ivy Carter

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While she is not even 5 years old, we may be looking at the possible next big thing in music. While we have no idea what sort of talent she has, her pedigree all but ensures that she will be blessed with all the talent in the world. She has already graced dozens of magazine covers and is surely already worth millions.

Jaden Smith

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In addition to being the son of the power couple of Will and Jada Smith, Jaden has a music and acting career of his own. He lives a life many of us would dream of and is set for the rest of his life, financially. Keep reading to learn more about his sister, who is also an absurdly rich child. Jaden’s estimated net worth is a whopping $8 million.

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

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While you may not know the name, you surely know her mother, Anna Nicole Smith. While Birkhead is currently a model and was a tabloid sensation as a child, she wouldn’t have to work another day in her life and could be set. This is because she was the heiress to the wealth of Anna Nicole Smith, and inherited least $10 million.

Jayden and Sean Federline


The name Federline is probably one you haven’t heard from in a while. We all remember the relationship between Kevin Federline and Britney Spears, and the couple had two children. With Spears being one of the biggest names of the 21st century, these two boys have a life of luxury ahead of them. Their mom has earned more than $670 million during her career.

Maximilian and Emme Muniz

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While the last name may not jump out at you, when you learn who the parents of these twins are, you’ll remember them. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were one of the biggest power couples in Hollywood and had a net worth of over $350 million, which will one day go to their two children.

China McClain

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McClain’s career began in 2005 as she appeared in the film The Gospel. In the following years, she began to appear in a number of other TV shows and films until she finally broke out as a big-time actor and singer. She currently stars on Disney and has had songs reach the Billboard Hot 100 list. She has earned more than $600,000 and is expected to climb over $1 million in the near future.

Sofia Richie

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While she is better known as the previous girlfriend of megastar Justin Bieber, Richie was already fairly notable and rich before that. She is the 18-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie and has millions of followers on social media, and also works as a model. The next and final entry in the article is not even out of diapers yet and is already a billionaire.

Prince George Alexander

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It is rare that anyone gets the kind of wealth that Prince George got when he took his first breath. Prince George is not even 4 years old and can already be classified as a billionaire and is third in line for the throne in the UK. The current reigning monarch receives $12.9 million per year for life. Throw in properties and other benefits, and Prince George is set for life.

Willow Smith

Source: hollywire

Like her brother, Willow has been blessed from birth as she is born to arguably the biggest power couple in Hollywood. But instead of just coasting on that, she has made a huge name for herself as a musical act, is famous on social media, and is still barely a teenager. She has already earned more than $4 million.

Evan Made Millions At 8-Years-Old

Evan is the star of EvenTubeHD, a family-friendly YouTube channel where the titular boy gained popularity for his toy and game reviews. YouTube has been paying its successful YouTubers for years, but Evan is particularly impressive for the fact that he began taking home $1.3 million each year at just the age of eight. His father, of course, has been behind most of it but we can’t say that we’re not jealous.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

You’ve seen her play Lily on Modern Family, a role she’s been in since she was four years old! As of 2017, the ten-year-old has a reported net worth of $1 million! She reportedly makes $25,000 per episode of Modern Family, which is now in its ninth season.

Cameron Johnson

This guy made his first million while he was still in high school. At nine years old, Johnson made invitations his parent’s party and many of the guests were so impressed, they started paying Johnson to make cards for them. At 14, Johnson founded his company, Cheers and Tears, and soon he was raking in $400,000 a month!

Mia Talerico

This child actress was banking thousands of dollars since she could barely walk! Mia Talerico played the titular character of the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie, which started when she was just ten months old! The show has since gone off the air but Talerico maintains a YouTube account and strong social media following. Her net worth is reportedly $1.5 million!

Ashley Qualls

Ashley Qualls was earning over a million dollars when she was just shy of 17. She founded at the age of 14 in 2004 as a hobby, making MySpace layouts and HTML tutorials for her peers. The site was monetized with advertising and she made $70,000 within the first few months.

Harper & Gideon Harris

Harper and Gideon are the adorable twins of actors David Burtka and the extraordinary Neil Patrick Harris! Not only do they have some pretty awesome dads (we totally wish NPH was our dad), but because of their awesome dads’ salaries, Harper and Gideon already have an estimated net worth of $18 million. They’re barely seven years old!

John Koon

New York native John Koon was only 16 years old when he launched Extreme Performance Motorsports, which imported car parts and accessories from Asia. He eventually started working with MTV and became the main supplier of the show Pimp My Ride, which brought him into the millionaire category.

Mason, Penelope, & Reign Disick

Sorry, but you can’t talk millions and not have at least one Kardashian on here. For now, we’ll just talk about Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids that she shares with Scott Disick. Kourtney and Scott’s combined net worth is estimated to be around $51 million, which gives their kiddos an estimated $37 million. Sheesh!

Valentina Paloma Pinault

She’s not exactly a household name, but she does boast some pretty famous parents. Salma Hayek and husband Francois Henri Pinault have quite a net worth based on their careers and the daughter they share will only benefit from it in the long run. Experts estimate that Valentina is already worth $12 million and she is barely ten years old!

Ryan From Ryan ToysReview

Unless you’re up on YouTubers then you may not know Ryan. But Ryan from the channel Ryan ToysReviews is maybe smarter than us all. At just six years old, Ryan made over $11 million in 2017 alone. In fact, his YouTube channel (in which he opens and reviews toys) earns him about $1 million a month in advertising.

Abby Ryder Fortson

Abby Ryder Fortson may only be nine years old, but she’s got the talent (and the net worth) of someone well beyond her years. The little star started acting when she was just four years old and is best known for her roles in Transparent, The Whispers, Togetherness, and AntMan.

Jacob Tremblay

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Jacob Tremblay is a Canadian actor who is already making waves at just 11 years old. He got his big break when he starred in 2015’s Room and is known for her work in The Book of Henry and Wonder. Despite his early success, Tremblay still seems to be a down to earth kid who loves Star Wars.

Isaac Hempstead Wright

Isaac Hempstead Wright is all grown up but made millions before he turned 18. The actor is best known for playing Bran Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones — a role he began when he was just 12 years old. He was reportedly worth $2 million before he was an adult.

North, Saint, and Chicago West

North West (pictured above with Mom and Dad) was the first child born to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now five years old, she is the big sister of Saint and Chicago. While the West kids surely don’t have jobs of their own, they were born into one of Hollywood’s most noted families. With Kanye’s net worth being $145 million and Kim’s being $85 million, it’s safe to say the kids are set. Kanye has even said he is planning to give North $10 million when she turns 21.

Blue Ivy Carter

Jay-Z and Beyonce are worth a combined $1 billion, so it’s no surprise that daughter Blue Ivy lives a charmed life most of us only dream of. From private jets to exotic holidays, J and Bey’s little one is living the life. Mom and Dad don’t skimp when it comes to Blue’s gifts either. For her birthday, the duo reportedly rented out the Miami botanical park Jungle Island and gifted their daughter an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll.

Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo Rossdale

When your parents are Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, it’s safe to say your pockets are pretty deep. While Dad is worth $35 million, Mom is worth a cool $100 million, although these kids aren’t as spoiled as some…Unless we’re talking about Kingston’s $15,000 birthday party that was held on the beach with an impressive guest list.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is no longer a teen, but still deserves a minute in the spotlight on our list because she earned million long before she was legal. She rose to prominence for her standout role in I Am Sam when she was just seven years old. From there, she would go on to star in a handful of successful films before she even turned 18. Today she is all grown up with an estimated net worth of $16 million.

Abigail Breslin

Much like Dakota Fanning, Abigail Breslin is no longer a teen but earned her first million well before she was considered a legal adult. The blonde beauty began her acting career when she was just three years old. Two years later she had her breakout role in the movie Signs. She went on to star in the successful comedy-drama Little Miss Sunshine when she was barely 10 and continues to act today.

Nick D’aloisio

When Nick D’aloisio was just 15 years old, he became an internet entrepreneur and went on to invest Summly. The app for iOS provides algorithmically-generated summaries from thousands of sources. But what’s more impressive is that he sold the app to Yahoo before he was even legal. The price? A whopping $30 million.

Rory Gates

It’s no surprise that the children of one of the world’s richest men – Bill Gates, would end up on this list. Son Rory, who turned 18 in 2017, is the only son of the billionaire Microsoft founder. Rory’s mom Melinda posted this photo to Instagram on his 18th birthday to celebrate the occasion. She says that Rory is already committed to social causes like feminism.

Harper Seven Beckham

Baller! This little girl is the youngest child of retired soccer sensation David Beckham and his wife, former Spice girl Victoria Beckham. Harper was born in Los Angeles in 2006. As her dad’s net worth alone is $450 million, Harper certainly gets to enjoy the finer things in life and travels the world with her parents.

Prince George

Yes, he’s only four years old but the oldest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is already worth a staggering $3 billion. Born in 2013, Prince George has been in the public eye his entire life. He’s third in line to the British throne, after his grandfather Prince Charles and father, Prince William.

Barron Trump

His very name is practically synonymous with wealth, so it’s no surprise that Barron Trump is on our list of the richest kids and young adults in the world. Trump’s father, who just so happens to be the president, built a vast wealth as a businessman. Now Barron, who’s only 11, is said to be worth a whopping $4 billion.

Maximilian And Emme Lopez

Superstar singer and actress Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins Maximilian “Max” and Emme in 2008. The babies’ first photo was sold to People magazine for a whopping $6 million, which gave them a huge head start on building wealth. Mom Jennifer is said to be worth about $360 million, while father Marc Anthony has about $20 million.

Isabelle Duterte

Recognize the last name? Yes, this young lady is the granddaughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The 16-year-old frequently shares details about her lavish and jet-setting lifestyle on Instagram. Photos of ridiculously expensive clothing often stir outrage, as her father (a politician) resigned from his position following accusations that he had helped smuggle millions worth of methamphetamines into the country.

Jade Pettyjohn

If you haven’t heard of Jade Pettyjohn yet, you will soon. The actress, 17, is best known for her role on television shows such as School of Rock and The Mentalist. She’s going to become a household name for her role as Laura Dern’s daughter in Trial by Fire, released in 2018. Pettyjohn has already racked up an estimated wealth of $1 million with her acting chops.

Ryder Robinson

Fourteen-year-old Ryder Robinson has some seriously famous — and wealthy — relatives. His mom is actress Kate Hudson (meaning that his grandma is Goldie Hawn) and his dad is musician Chris Robinson. Ryder’s following in his mom and grandmothers’ charitable footsteps and frequently participates in Hawn’s MindUP foundation.

Alice Zenobia Richmond

Christopher Polk/WireImage

Being born to one of the funniest, smartest, and most successful writer/actors around certainly has its perks. Alice Zenobia Richmond, 12, knows this firsthand, as she’s the daughter of SNL and 30 Rock superstar Tina Fey. Richmond even got a cameo in 30 Rock, playing her mom’s character — Liz Lemon — as a child. Fey has a reported net worth of $45 million, so it’s safe to say that Alice and her 6-year-old sister Penelope lead a pretty fabulous (and fun!) lifestyle. This photo is from a 2010 awards show.

Lila Grace Moss

What’s better than being born to one of the richest supermodels in the world? Inheriting her beautiful looks! Lila Grace Moss is the daughter of British model Kate Moss, and has been modeling herself in recent years. Since she’s only 15, perhaps she’ll be able to accumulate a fortune as vast as her mom’s over her career. Then again, £45 million is a lot of money!

Phoebe Gates

The youngest of Bill and Melinda Gates is Phoebe. She studies at Lakeside High School in Seattle, which has a $33,000 a year tuition. The cost shouldn’t be a problem for the Gates, whose net worth is estimated at around $93 billion. Their home, called Xanadu, is a 66,000 square foot marvel worth $123 million. Not too shabby! In this undated family photo, Phoebe is on the far left.

Princess Charlotte

The Kensington Palace

Princess Charlotte is the younger child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The sweet-natured little girl is estimated to be worth about $5 billion already. Charlotte’s first royal tour was in 2016 when she and her family traveled to Canada. According to the official Royal Gift List, Charlotte and her brother received over 90 gifts in 2018. Doesn’t actually seem like a lot for royalty, does it?

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

With that last name, you can guess that Shiloh is one wealthy young lady. The daughter of mega-celebs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Shiloh was the couple’s first biological child – and looks exactly like a cross between them. Her parents’ combined wealth is estimated to be $385 million. Shiloh is a very active child and broke her arm snowboarding. What a daredevil!

Skai Jackson

Apparently Hollywood is where to go if you’re a kid and want to make a bunch of money. Actress Skai Jackson is just 15 years old but is reported to be worth $1 million already, thanks to her work with the Disney Channel. She’s also been in films and commercials. Her Instagram account is full of photos of fun and fashion.

Cruz Beckham

David Beckham was a prolific scorer on the soccer field, and certainly did well in the children department too! The ultra-wealthy Beckhams have four children, with Cruz being the second youngest. Born in 2005, Cruz has already begun a singing career. In 2016 he released the holiday single “If Every Day was Christmas.”

Prince Moulay Hassan

Moroccan Prince Moulay Hassan, born in 2003, is the heir apparent to his country’s throne. In 2015, Hassan began joining his father King Mohammed VI in royal engagements in preparation to assume the throne one day. The prince’s net worth is estimated to be a regal $1 billion.

Ty Simpkins

Actor Ty Simpkins is just 16 years old but is already worth a reported $2 million. Not too shabby! He’s been on television since he was only three weeks old, but you probably recognize him from films like Insidious, Iron Man 3, and Jurassic World. Ty enjoys sports and frequently attends games with his friends.

Romeo Beckham

You knew there was another Beckham coming, didn’t you? Born in 2002, model Romeo is the family’s second-youngest child. The teenager takes full advantage of his celebrity status and has been linked romantically to Chloë Grace Moretz, who is (gasp!) a few years older than him. Romeo’s Instagram is full of photos that show off his fabulous lifestyle.

Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones


Lexi Jones, now 17, is the daughter of celebrity royalty – the late, great David Bowie and legendary supermodel Iman. When her father tragically passed away at the age of 69, she received a considerable inheritance. According to some reports, her net worth could be as much as $25 million. She certainly inherited both her parents’ stunning looks.

Princess Lalla Khadija

Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco is the younger sister of Crown Prince Moulay Hassan. The family enjoys a very lavish lifestyle, and the Princess is estimated to be worth $2.5 billion at just 10 years old. When she was born, her father the King celebrated in an unusual way: he granted pardons to thousands of convicted prisoners.