No Ball And Chain For These Celebrities Who Believe In Open Relationships

It might be easy to assume that once you’ve landed the man or woman of your dreams that you’d remain faithful to them forever. Doubly so for celebrities, who often end up partnering with beautiful people that the rest of us could only dream of dating. But monogamy simply doesn’t work for everyone, and that also applies to some of the biggest stars out there – even the ones who are paired with the dreamiest of lovers. For a variety of reasons, the following celebrities have bent the rules of dating and marriage. Whether it’s to keep things more exciting or simply an aversion to commitment, these stars are rumored to be completely cool with open relationships.

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

After having a fairly open marriage, Patton called it quits with Thicke. The couple is known for throwing others into their bed, but apparently, one particular invitee, a massage therapist, took a liking to Thicke when his wife wasn’t around. Since divorcing, Thicke tried to impress his ex with a flopped album dedicated to her name, but it didn’t charm her.