Oh, The Horror! Times When The Royal Family Broke Protocol

The Royal Family has a long list of rules and traditions that they’ve been following since coming into power. Some are quite understandable for monarchs, while others are just plain strange. But ever since the “rebellious” Princess Diana first said “I do” to Charles, many of those protocols have been broken. Their children have continued to push the boundaries, creating a new era of royalty. The Queen herself isn’t off the hook either as she’s broken a few of those rules herself. Here are several times that the Royal Family broke protocol. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether these rules are silly or legit!

Meghan Broke Protocol When She Signed an Autograph for a Little Girl

The Royal Family is used to crowds of fans surrounding them, wanting to take a picture of them or have them sign an autograph. While they can wave to and greet their fans and smile for photos, they are not allowed to sign any autographs. The reason for this is for their protection; they don’t want anyone to be able to forge any of their signatures.

Perhaps someone should have explained that to newbie Meghan Markle. The American actress is used to signing autographs for her admirers, and when one 10-year-old girl asked her for one outside of Cardiff Caste, she gladly obliged.

Which tradition will Meghan break at their wedding in May? Read on to find out.