The Captivating Life And Career Of Sean Connery

Best known for his work on the first seven James Bond films, Sean Connery grew from a disadvantaged youth in Edinburgh to become one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time. However, he’s more than just James Bond, winning countless awards and recognition for roles outside of the British spy. He’s lived quite the life and in the process has changed Hollywood forever. Take a deeper look into the life of Sean Connery and the story of a young boy delivering milk who became one of the biggest celebrities of his time.

Sean Is His Middle Name

Picture of Sean Connery as a little boy

Although most people only know him as Sean Connery, he was actually born Thomas Sean Connery on August 25, 1930. As a young boy, he went by Tommy, which eventually evolved into “Big Tam.”

However, he transitioned to using his middle name long before he was ever an actor. Apparently, he had a friend named Seamus, so his friends would purposefully call him Sean whenever Seamus was around to get a rise out of him. In the end, the name stuck!