The Celebrity Breakup Everyone Was Talking About The Year You Were Born

Every year seems to bring bigger and better celebrity breakups. Some, like Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum, rip a hole in your heart. Others, like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, make you think “yep, we all knew they wouldn’t last.”

Celebrities have been hooking up, getting married, having affairs, and breaking up for what feels like an eternity. Take a look back at each year to see which favorite celebrity couple shocked us all by calling it quits and made the cover of every sensational tabloid while they were at it.

1970: Barbra Streisand And Elliot Gould

Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images
Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images

These two vocal powerhouses met in 1962 on the set of the Broadway musical I Can Get It For You Wholesale. Believe it or not, Elliot had the lead and Barbra was practically unknown at the time.

They went their separate ways in 1970, probably because they both started to make it big on their own.