The Craziest Hollywood Prenups That Show Just How Much Money The Stars Have

We always wish the best for celebrities, but you have to admit that a dramatic divorce can really spice up the tabloids. The divorce rate in Hollywood is insane, which is why so many of them sign prenups. If you’re only going to be married to someone for eight months, you want to make sure they don’t make off with half your fortune.

These celebrities have some pretty insane prenups that include everything from child support to mind-boggling monthly allowances. I’d be grateful for a fraction of what Katie Holmes gets from Tom Cruise.

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Treat Having Kids Like A Business

Larry Busacca/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

Both of these two are pretty successful, but it seems like Bey gets a better deal in their prenup. She gets $5 million for every child she gives birth to and we’re at three and counting.

If they ever get divorced, Jay has to pay Bey $1 million for each year they were married. Right now, that’s a $10 million settlement.

Jessica Simpson’s Body Weight Was Part Of Her Prenup

Rick Diamond/WireImage/Getty Images

Yes, you read that right. The initial draft of the prenup between Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson included a clause that said if she ever weighed more than 135 lbs then he would get $500,000.

Thankfully, Jessica never signed it and they never got married. She must have realized he was only with her for her looks.

Amal Clooney Bagged Hollywood’s Bachelor And His Fortune

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner

The details are still under wraps, but rumors are that if Amal and George Clooney ever split, she’ll end up for at least $20 million of his total $220 million fortune.

Considering the fact that she’s a trained lawyer, she probably knew exactly what she was doing when writing that prenup.

Ben Affleck And J-Lo Broke Up Because Of The Prenup

Chris Weeks/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Prenups are usually signed once you get married, but Ben Affleck called off his wedding to Jennifer Lopez before the wedding because he didn’t want to sign it.

Apparently, the prenup had a controversial “no cheating” clause that Ben wouldn’t accept. Honestly, if he didn’t want to agree to not cheating, then J-Lo dodged a bullet.

Katie Holmes Makes Bank Off Tom Cruise

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Katie sure knew how to strike a deal in her favor. When she left Tom because of his weirdo Scientology beliefs, she made off with $15 million.

That was $3 million for every year they were married. That’s on top of the $400,000 Katie gets a year from Tom for child support.

Ice-T Gets To Keep Part Of Coco’s Body

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv

Yes, Ice-T and Coco’s prenup states that he gets to keep any of the items in her body that he’s paid for. If the two ever end up divorcing, that means Ice-T has the legal rights to her breast and butt implants.

We’re not exactly sure what he’d do with them, but only time will tell.

Justin Timberlake Signed That Same No-Cheating Clause

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

With his marriage to actress Jessica Biel, Justin happily signed the “no cheating” clause on their prenup. If he breaks it, he has to pay her $500,000.

Considering the fact he was happy to include it and they’re basically couple goals, it seems like these two will be fine.

Britney Spears Knew To Watch Her Gifts To K-Fed

Chad Buchanan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

How could we forget about Britney and Kevin Federline’s weird marriage? Their relationship lasted three years longer than anyone expected since he was a relative nobody.

Brit knew to watch her back though, and made sure that in the prenup, there was a clause that said any gift she gave K-Fed worth more than $7,000 had to have a legal document of ownership.

Brangelina Had No Prenup At All

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Considering these two were Hollywood’s power couple for more than a decade, you’d think they’d have a prenup in place to protect their assets. Nope, apparently they agreed to be amicable when the divorce eventually came their way.

The only stipulation was that Angelina gets sole custody of their adopted kids.

Mark Zuckerberg Had Both A Dating AND A Marriage Prenup

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When you’re the founder of something as massive as Facebook, apparently you’re even worried when dating people.

Mark made his wife Priscilla Chan sign a dating prenup that included strange requests like one date minimum per week, and a minimum of 100 minutes of alone time that wouldn’t be at his apartment or at his work.

Steven Spielberg’s Prenup Was Ruled Invalid

Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images

When the legendary director married his first wife, Amy Irving, her wrote out the prenup on a napkin at a restaurant.

They both signed the “prenup” willingly, but when they did divorce four years later, Amy made off with $100 million of his fortune because the judge ruled the napkin to be invalid.

Hugh Hefner’s Prenup Proves He Watched Out For Golddiggers

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Playboy

Any young, blonde woman marrying an older man is automatically believed to be in it for the money, but that didn’t seem to be the case with Crystal Harris.

When she became the third wife of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, the prenup said she’d get NOTHING if they got divorced. It must have truly been love.

Nicole Kidman Has An “Escape Clause” In Her Prenup

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA

We’re not sure if having something called an “escape clause” in your prenup is the best wording, but Nicole doesn’t care. Her prenup with Keith Urban states that if he starts using cocaine again, he isn’t entitled to a cent from her.

If the drug use results in a divorce, she gets $600,000 for every year of marriage.

Mariah Carey Had A Confidentiality Clause In Her Prenup


The ultimate diva had her ex-husband Nick Cannon agree to a confidentiality clause in their prenup which states he can’t talk to the media about their relationship after a divorce.

The prenup clause was only a rumor at first, but it seems to be true since neither have spoke a peep to the media about each other since 2016.

Elin Nordegren Got More Than $100 Million From Tiger Woods

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

The sports world was shook when all the scandals about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife (and crashing his car while driving impaired) came to light.

Elin must have known deep down that her husband had some bad habits, because she ended up with more than $100 million in their divorce settlement.

Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Have A Staggering Prenup

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

These two Hollywood stars have a prenup that includes Catherine getting a guaranteed $2.8 million if they divorce, and an extra $5 million if it was because Michael cheated.

The two separated briefly in 2013 but there was no divorce. Maybe they reconciled just so Michael wouldn’t have to pay out that money.

Brooke Mueller Got Paid Just For Saying “I Do” To Charlie Sheen

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

You don’t find many Hollywood couples that get money just for marrying. Brooke and Charlie’s prenup included a $500,000 “bonus” just for her marrying him. Brooke also receives $300,000 for every year she stayed married to Charlie.

By the time they divorced, she ended up with nearly $1 million in a settlement.

Charlie Sheen Had An Even Crazier Prenup Before That

Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Before he married Brooke, Charlie was with Denise Richards for more than four years. In their prenup, they both agreed to pay the other $4 million if they cheat on the other.

They didn’t divorce because of cheating. Sadly, it was thanks to Charlie’s relapse into drugs and alcohol.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Last Husband Stayed For The Right Amount Of Time

Pool BENAINOUS/REGLAIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Elizabeth’s seventh husband, Larry Fortensky, had a prenup that stated if he stayed with her for five years, then he’d receive $1 million. Suspiciously, they divorced just after five years and he got it all.

It might not be as shady as you think though. The two remained good enough friends that she left him an additional $800,000 in her will.

Chris Rock And Malaak Compton-Rock’s Prenup Expired At The Wrong Time

Kris Connor/Getty Images

Chris and his now-ex-wife had a pretty generous prenup in place with only one problem: it had an expiry date of 18 years. The two ended up getting divorced after 20 years of marriage which left Malaak with a bad taste in her mouth.

She’s been seeking a huge divorce settlement because of the expiry.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye Don’t Have A Child Custody Clause

Chesnot/WireImage/Getty Images

Kim and Kanye didn’t seem to worry much about their future kids when they signed their prenup. The contract goes into details about Kim getting to keep all gifts, her entire income, and $1 million a year for the marriage, but nothing about custody.

Kanye did sneak in a clause that says matriarch Kris Jenner isn’t allowed to make any career decisions that could affect the couple.

Khloe Kardashian Got Lakers Tickets Out Of Her Prenup

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Khloe’s marriage and eventual divorce from Lamar Odom left her with a prenup entirely in her favor. She got a $4 million base settlement, a $5,000 shopping allowance, $25,000 monthly allowance, $1,000 a month for beauty care, and their house.

The best part? She is guaranteed courtside Lakers seats whenever she wants.

Rosie O’Donnell And Michelle Rounds Had A Gruelling Prenup

Noam Galai/Getty Images

These two didn’t expect to have a prenup, but apparently, Rosie went back on her word and made Michelle sign one just hours before they got married.

The prenup meeting was very “back-and-forth” and described as “grueling” for both of them. It doesn’t sound like the best way to start a marriage.

Roseanne Barr Got Blindsided By Tom Arnold

Ron Davis/Getty Images

Roseanne refused over and over to sign a prenup with her ex-husband Tom Arnold. She even fired her lawyer for arguing with her about it. It all came back to bite her in the butt though.

Roseanne and Tom divorced after four years and he made off with a crisp $50 million.

Charlie Sheen Is A Repeat Prenup Offender

George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

Although his marriage to Brett Rossi was called off at the last minute, they had a prenup ready to go that was almost the exact same as Charlie’s prenup with Denise Richards.

It said that Brett would get $300,000 for every year she stayed married, and would get $4 million if he cheated.