The Crazy And Curious Life Of Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is an aging fitness personality who became famous for not only his fitness programs and videos, but also for his flamboyant personality and fashion sense. He rose to fame with his own show The Richard Simmons Show which focused on overweight people; Richard uses his over the top cheer and personality and motivates them to lose weight using outrageous dance styles. Over time Richard formed relationships with other celebrities and made himself a permanent part of the B-list celebrity circuit in Hollywood. With the podcast Missing Richard Simmons just concluding, people are fascinated to know all about this curious man.

Richard’s Youth

Simmons was born as Milton Teagle Simmons to his parents, Shirley May and Leonard Douglas Simmons. Both his parents were in show business, so it runs in his blood. Richard grew up as an obese youngster and was deeply affected by the experiences he had at that time. “My father offered me a dollar for every pound I would lose as a kid,” Simmons told Men’s Health. “It didn’t work. And it doesn’t really work in the long run. Who are you competing against? It’s you. You need to be doing this for you and only you.”

Simmons was 200 pounds by the 8th grade. “I was completely obsessed with food,” he said. “I began reading cookbooks when I was six because my father had hundreds of cookbooks in the kitchen. I was obsessed with cooking and tasting different recipes. I got lost in being a compulsive eater.”