The Most Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

There are many things that are loved by internet culture — memes, fails, cats, and conspiracy theories. The wackier the theory, the better. Social media takes any story and runs rampant with it.

Justin Bieber is a lizard? Sure. Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer? Why not. Many of these theories have been around for decades, so we decided to grab some of the weirdest ones still circulating Hollywood. Let me warn you, some of them are WEIRD. Actually, all of them are WEIRD.

Avril Lavigne Is Not Avril

Photo Credit: RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Legend has it that Avril actually died in the early 2000s and was replaced by a body double. This body double’s name? Melissa Fans.

It was a swap made by the record company to continue with Lavigne’s success. I guess money has made people do some pretty weird things. This one is hard to believe though.

Lorde Is A 40-Year-Old Woman

Photo Credit: Burak Cingi/Redferns/ Getty Images

No, Lorde is not in her early 20s — she’s actually in her 40s. Or, at least, that’s what the theory is. They say she’s a 40-year-old woman who faked her age to sell herself as a young musical prodigy.

They claim she has a doctored birth certificate and is way too mature for her age.

Britney Spears Is A Bush Operative

Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

It seems that one of the biggest pop stars on the planet was actually a George Bush operative.

She announced her split from Kevin Federline the day before a very important midterm election. Theorists think that was planned by Bush to distract people from going to vote. That’s, uh, interesting.

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

Photo Credit: Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images

It literally seems like Keanu Reeves doesn’t age. He looks the same today as he did back in the early 1990s. So, naturally, people are becoming suspicious.

There’s a conspiracy theory that he is an immortal soul who has lived for thousands of years. He’s been able to adapt to every generation and is now a famous actor.

Bob Marley Was Killed By The CIA

Photo Credit: Mike Prior/Redferns/Getty Images

The conspiracy was that Bob Marley was murdered by the American government. The thought was that they had to get rid of him because he was working to alert the public of the CIA’s attempt to bring down Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley.

Anyone who believes this should probably just eat another edible.

Beyoncé Is Solange’s Mother

Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Hold on tight, you’re going to have to stretch for this one. Beyoncé, who is born in 1981, is actually Solange’s mother (she was born in 1986).

The Knowles family covered up the early pregnancy by claiming they were sisters. The conspiracy is that Beyoncé was actually born in 1974 and her family altered her birth certificate to go along with the lie.

Beyoncé, Again

Photo Credit: Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

There’s another Beyoncé theory that she was never actually pregnant with Blue Ivy Carter. She wore a fake belly and Ivy was birthed through a surrogate.

Why would they go through all that trouble to hide they were going through a surrogate? Lots of celebrities do that now, so it’s not even weird.

Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When you think of Stevie Wonder, you probably think of his incredible musical talent, and his seeing impairment. But, there’s a theory that he’s not even blind.

He frequently attends basketball games and he once caught a falling mic stand. People think that he’s just faking it to garner more attention to himself.

Tupac Moved To Cuba

Photo Credit: Gramercy Pictures/Getty Images

Blink once if you’ve heard this one before. Yes, another Tupac conspiracy. The theory is that he faked his death so he could move to Cuba to escape from his increasingly dangerous celebrity status.

The proof is that the shooters were never found. Suge Knight wasn’t hit. Pac always wore a bulletproof vest, and the person who cremated Tupac retired right after.

Taylor Swift Didn’t Date Tom

Photo Credit; Don Arnold/TAS18/Getty Images

Remember that time T Swift was dating Tom Hiddleston? Kind of, somewhat? Well, there are theories that they didn’t actually date.

The evidence is that they were spotted together in very public places, which is weird for Swift. It was almost like she wanted her ex Calvin Harris to see them together. Seems fishy.

Stanley Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing

Photo Credit: Keith Hamshere/Getty Images

This one is interesting. One year after Stanley Kubrick filmed 2001: A Space Odyssey, the U.S government hired him to fake the moon landing in 1969.

The moon landing, in general, has been the topic of many conspiracy theories, but this one brings a pop culture vibe. This theory has many holes, though.

Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét


This is a very weird, but prominent conspiracy theory. Remember JonBenét Ramsey? The little girl whose murder has yet to be solved? Well, there’s a theory that she’s actually Katy Perry.

The “evidence” is that they have many similar physical traits. I mean, the math doesn’t really add up since Perry was born six years before Ramsey, but whatever.

Paul McCartney Is Actually Dead

Photo Credit: Al Pereira/WireImage

The theory is that Paul McCartney was actually killed in a car crash in 1967 and replaced by a look-a-like. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that a member of The Beatles has a conspiracy theory about him considering their fame.

The proof is that playing Revolution 9 backward gives hundreds of clues surrounding his death.

Anne Hathaway Is Married To William Shakespeare

Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/FilmMagic

Well, you had to see this one coming. She shares the name with the wife of William Shakespeare, so this theory basically had to happen.

Basically, Shakespeare made a deal with his wife that he would be famous in his life, and she would be famous in her next life. Sharing is caring.

Nicolas Cage Is A Vampire

Photo Credit: Nomi Ellenson/FilmMagic

There are many rumors floating around about Nicolas Cage, but one of them is that he’s a vampire. This stemmed from a picture taken in the 1800s that shows someone who looks identical to Cage.

People think that it was him, and he can thank his vampire roots for making him age VERY slowly.

Khloe Kardashian Is OJ’s Daughter

Photo Credit: SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images

This is a relatively knew conspiracy theory, but it’s one that has an interesting backstory. I mean, there’s a black sheep in every family. Khloe doesn’t look like her sisters too much, so the conspiracy is that her mom Kris Jenner slept with family friend OJ Simpson and Khloe was the product.

Khloe takes this conspiracy in stride and has joked about it publicly many times.

Marilyn Monroe Was Murdered

Photo Credit: Gene Lester/Getty Images

This is one of the oldest celebrity conspiracy theories around. There’s still a lot that’s unknown about the passing of Marilyn Monroe.

Many people think that she was murdered, while others think that it was a suicide. The reasons she could’ve been murdered range from her involvement with the Kennedys to the idea that she “knew” UFO’s existed.

Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer

Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer. Well, that’s what the conspiracy says anyway. There’s really no evidence at all backing this up, but he jokes about it on social media every once in a while just to stir up the pot.

It’s kind of weird to pretend you’re a serial killer in an attempt to seem more relatable on social media. I don’t know.

Justin Bieber Is A Lizard


This one is a bit wacky. But, hundreds of fans in Australia say that they’ve seen Justin Bieber transform into a reptile. No, this is not a joke.

There’s no photographic evidence, but they claim to have seen it with their own eyes. They were all threatened by his bodyguard to not take any pictures. Seems like a slimy story to me.

The Sex Tape

Photo Credit: Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Let’s be honest, the Kim Kardashian sex tape that was released in 2003 has done wonders for the family.

It shot their entire family into the spotlight. It made Kris Jenner one famous momager. There are many theories as to who leaked the tape, but one of the most common is Kris Jenner. I mean, is it THAT wild to think she did?