The Royal Rebel: Princess Margaret’s Glamorous Life

Although we often hear about Queen Elizabeth II, her sister Princess Margaret should not be forgotten. The late Countess of Snowdon passed away in 2002 but lived a rich and full life in her 71 years. Nicknamed the “royal rebel” Princess Margaret followed her heart, no matter what her family said, and had an eye for fashion. Her wedding was the first royal wedding to be televised, and aligning with her independent, rebellious reputation, it’s rumored she may have bought her own glamorous tiara. Princess Margaret’s life was anything but ordinary, as seen in these photos.

The Second Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Her parents believed they were having a boy, and so when Margaret was born, they didn’t have a girl’s name in mind. Queen Elizabeth wanted to name her second daughter Ann, saying, “I am very anxious to call her Ann Margaret, as I think Ann of York sounds pretty, and Elizabeth and Ann go so well together.” However, their father, then the Duke of York, didn’t like the name, and they agreed on Margaret Rose instead.

Margaret Rose was born on August 21, 1930, at Glamis Castle in Scotland. Her parents, being superstitious, delayed registering her birth for several days, not wanting her to be thirteenth on the parish register.