The Ruff’N’Tuff Life Of Dog The Bounty Hunter

Before 2004, many Americans hadn’t even heard of the term “bounty hunter.” The arrival of TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman on A&E changed all of that. With his unique appearance, family-filled team, and over-the-top exciting busts, Dog the Bounty Hunter was an immediate hit with audiences. People loved to tune in and watch Dog catch the bad guys week after week.

The show might have brought Dog and the Chapman family fame and glory, but it also dug up a lot of his darkest secrets and provoked a lot of family drama. Read on about Dog’s rebellious childhood, his craziest captures, and how his wife Beth stayed by his side until cancer took her life.

It’s Dog, Not Duane, For A Reason

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Albert L. Ortega/WireImage/Getty Images
Albert L. Ortega/WireImage/Getty Images

Duane Lee Chapman has never legally changed his name to “Dog” but he’d made it clear that’s the name he’d prefer. Why? Because it keeps his legal name out of the media and keeps some scandals under wraps.

The name Duane Chapman is tied to multiple divorces, several arrests and convictions, and the 12 kids (or 13, it depends who you ask) that he’s allegedly fathered. The preference makes sense, since when you Google “Dog” you get much more innocent results.