These Celebs Shared What They Do For Their Crazy Thanksgiving Plans And Now I Have Another Thing To Be Thankful For

While celebrities tend to be unrelatable in just about every aspect of life, they do celebrate the same holidays. I guess that’s a win for us normal peasants, right?

Many of them spend time with their families and hang out in their mansions. Whatever they’re doing, I’m interested. So I gathered up some of the most famous celebs who shared their Thanksgiving with the internet and I’m so happy I did.


Instagram / @gisele

Nope, nope, nope. I get that Gisele is like the most sought-after model of all time, but stay away from people like her.

She’s probably the type of person to drag you out to go for a run at 5 am after a night of blacking out at the bar. Thanksgiving is for food comas.

Chelsea Handler

Twitter / @chelseahandler

Thanksgiving sometimes comes at the perfect time. Just when you’re feeling down and feeling like no one likes you, you’re forced to talk to your family.

Some people like this, some people don’t. But what it does for both of those types of people is remind them that they’re loved.

Em Rata

Instagram / @emrata

So this is actress and model Emily Ratajkowski celebrating Thanksgiving. You wouldn’t know it because she’s in a bikini and doesn’t have a food baby popping out of her stomach.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not touching a bathing suit until at least three weeks after Thanksgiving dinner. The food needs to settle.

Kerry Washington

Thanksgiving desserts are always the best. Kerry Washington took in her Thanksgiving making these Oreo turkeys that look delicious!

I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that anything that has an Oreo base is going to be delicious. These are making my point very confirmed.

Reese Witherspoon

Instagram / @reesewitherspoon

Another delicious Thanksgiving dessert that is ALWAYS around — PIE. All kinds of pies too. Reese says that her favorite pie to make is pumpkin, and it’s hard to argue with that.

She’s mastering the pie aesthetic that many of us overlook. I would eat that Witherspoon or fork.

Jessica Biel

Twitter / @JessicaBiel

Move over Reese, Jessica Biel is not only one-upping you, but she’s four-upping you.

Which one is your favorite? I’m going to go with the one that has a literal mountain of whipped cream on it. I don’t know what’s underneath, but I’m all in for it. Yum, yum, yum.

Cara Delevingne

Instagram / @caradelevingne

Some celebs use their Thanksgiving to make a political statement. That’s exactly what Victoria Secret model Cara Delevingne did when she posted this picture to her Instagram.

You don’t see this too often, but it made a splash because it’s so different and certainly spiced up the timelines of her millions of followers.


Instagram / @oprah

You would probably think that with the amount of money Oprah has, she never has to cook. She could literally pay Guy Fieri to make all of her meals for the rest of her life and still have 70 billion dollars left over.

But, it looks like she uses Thanksgiving to hone in on her andouille sausage cornbread stuffing.

Alec Baldwin


It looks like Alec Baldwin got a weekend off from playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. His Thanksgiving is spent doing yoga poses with his wife.

I’m a big fan of Baldwin, but I’m not a big fan of doing yoga when you have a full turkey in your gut.

Jennifer Lopez

Instagram / @jlo

Finally, this is what a conventional Thanksgiving looks like, at least in my books. Jennifer Lopez is saying a quick prayer for her family.

I hope she’s praying that her family survives the copious amounts of overeating that’s about to take place. I hope everything went according to plan for them.

Neil Patrick Harris

Instagram / @nph

Move over turkey, here comes buckets of popcorn. Neil Patrick Harris, his partner, and their two kids spent their Thanksgiving watching movies and eating popcorn.

I don’t know about you, but I think that this sounds like a great idea. You get the popcorn coma instead of the turkey coma, which is way less offensive.


Instagram / @macklemore

How could we leave out football? I mean, for most families Thanksgiving just happens to fall on a day with football, and not the other way around.

I’m also just going to go out on a limb and say that he didn’t get his outfit from the thrift shop. Practice what you preach, Macklemore.


Photo Credit: Rob Rich/WENN/ Getty Images

Cher doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. She says she doesn’t want to celebrate stealing land from natives.

But, she said that her family is always welcome to come over for some dinner and watch a movie. If you’ve ever been on Cher’s Twitter page, you know her Thanksgiving tweets are pretty interesting, to say the least.

Miley Cyrus

Twitter / @MileyCrus

For some lucky buggers, Thanksgiving just happens to fall on their birthday every now and then. That’s the case for Miley Cyrus.

It’s like those lucky kids who have their birthday on Christmas. Or, actually, maybe they aren’t lucky. Maybe I would rather have my year split up with a birthday halfway through.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Instagram / @sarahjessicaparker

As a kid, the holidays were the best because you always got to make cool crafts at school. The entire week before Thanksgiving weekend, you would spend much of your day crafting the perfect gobbler.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s kids got into the Thanksgiving spirit and created this masterpiece. It looks wonderful.


Instagram / @naomi

This is not what my Thanksgiving dinner tables look like. In fact, if you block out Naomi for a second, that table is STILL not what my Thanksgiving dinners look like.

We can get to the Naomi Campbell part in a second, but can we just talk about how incredible those desserts look?

Angelina Jolie

Photo Credit: Apega / WENN / Getty Images

Cher isn’t the only one who isn’t a fan of Thanksgiving. Jolie is also cited as being a big advocate against celebrating it.

She shields her kids from the holiday because she wants no part in rewriting history like the rest of us. She says she refuses to celebrate the domination of one culture over another.

Sofia Vergara

Instagram / @joemanganiello

Even though Halloween was almost a month earlier, that didn’t stop Sofia Vergara and her man Joe Manganiello.

They stocked up on, uh, turkey hats for Thanksgiving and they are, uh, attractive. I mean, I guess you can do whatever you want when you’re the highest paid actress on television.

The Rock

Instagram / @therock

The Rock is enjoying Thanksgiving and a house full of babies. He says that all they want to do is play bongos on his head.

If you think having a Thanksgiving dinner at your house is expensive, just wait until you see how much The Rock can eat. I’m guessing three whole turkeys to himself at least.

Ryan Seacrest

Instagram / @seacrest

You know what would make Thanksgiving dinner, hanging out with family, and seeing old friends better? Doing all that stuff, but with a bunch of dogs.

That’s exactly what Ryan Seacrest’s pre-dinner coma looked like and I’m super jealous. From now on, my family HAS to bring their dogs with them.