These Stars Dressed Up For Halloween And Totally Out Did Themselves

Hollywood stars love Halloween just like the rest of us. It’s an opportunity for them to dress up, go incognito, and blend in with regular folk. They have plenty of makeup artists and stylists at their disposal, so many celebs end up wearing incredible costumes when they go to parties and clubs. You won’t believe some of their freaky and uncanny transformations…

Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween. She spends a lot of time and energy on her costumes each year. In 2011, she went as a dead body stripped of its skin. She told the MailOnline: “It’s kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It’s basically like me naked.” She achieved the look by airbrushing her body with drawings that mimic the inside of a cadaver. The artist painstakingly drew on her skin and a skull cap that the model wore on her head. Heidi also wore red contact lenses and “rotted” teeth.