Want To See Ryan Reynolds Fail? Watch His Bottle Cap Challenge Video

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t have the martial arts skills that his character Deadpool does.

Ryan Reynolds Youtube - bottle cap challenge -edited photo

If you haven’t heard of the bottle cap challenge, it’s the internet’s current favorite test of skill. The challengers place a glass bottle on a table and then kick off the cap without knocking the bottle over. It’s supposed to demonstrate strength and accuracy.

MMA fighters like Max Holloway have already filmed the challenge and nailed it. They make it look easy, so everyone else on the internet tried it, too. On July 3rd, Ryan Reynolds posted his challenge attempt on his Youtube channel.

In a true Reynolds fashion, he films the entire jock with almost too much effort. The video starts with a cinematically gorgeous montage of a bottle of gin traveling the world to Ryan’s trailer. As soon as he spots it, he knows what to do. He has to place it on a table and spin-kick it.

The slow motion may convince you that it’s an epic moment–until the entire bottle shatters against the wall. Fortunately, Ryan Reynolds owns the gin company that the bottle came from, so he has plenty more tries. But that won’t prevent him from having to clean up his entire trailer.

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that watching Ryan Reynolds fail at kicking things will always be funny.