35 Years Later: Who Shot J.R.? Dallas, Then And Now

Cliffhangers have been a staple in entertainment for a very long time, but no one did it better than Dallas. This soap opera was around for over a decade and was one of the longest-running dramas of all-time. While the TV series was recently upgraded for a new generation, the original remains as one of the most successful in terms of leaving fans with a massive and annoying cliffhanger. Let’s take a look at what the cast has been up to since the show and look at some cool facts at the same time.

Patrick Duffy’s Early Years


Patrick Duffy is the youngest of two children and was born In Montana but raised in Seattle. His first dream was to be a professional athlete so when he was a teen he became a certified scuba diver. That all changed when he got to high school and got involved in the drama department.

Being in the drama department led him to apply to the Professional Actors Training Program at the University of Washington. Upon graduating, he met his wife then moved to New York. He would do small roles that would eventually lead to him landing his role in Dallas.