Behind The Scenes With Just the Ten Of Us

On “Just The Ten Of Us,” Coach Graham Lubbock, previously introduced on “Growing Pains,” moves his large family out to California when his wife becomes pregnant with their eighth child. Lubbock gets a coaching job at the Catholic school where his five daughters and one son are enrolled. The oldest daughter, Marie, aspires to become a nun; Wendy and Cindy are eager to experience their teenage freedom, and bask in the attention from the boys at school; Connie is an intellectual with idealistic leanings; J.R. is the only boy in the group of girls; and he and Sherry are the most roguish of the bunch. Read on to find out the behind-the-scenes secrets from this once popular TV series.

Inside Joke

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Source: Heroes Reborn Wikia

Matt Shakman, whose character J.R. was obsessed with horror movies, wore clothing in almost every episode with A Nightmare on Elm Street insignia and pictures. He also often talked about the film series on the show. Heather Langenkamp, JoAnn Willette, and Brooke Theiss, who played J.R.’s sisters, all appeared in Elm Street films.