Everyone Can Relate To These Coming-Of-Age Movies

Everyone gets to go through the experience of growing up. Even though most people’s adolescence is unique to them, there are certain themes that ring true. There’s an entire genre about this transitional period called coming-of-age.

Coming-of-age films such as The Breakfast Club, Superbad, and Dazed and Confused all are from the perspective of young people striving for long-lasting personal growth. This can be brought on through romantic relationships, a big life change, or loss of innocence. It’s hard not to have some nostalgia triggered when watching any of the following movies.

Mean Girls Broke the Mold of Classic Teen Movies

lindsay lohan, amanda seyfried, lacey chabert, and rachel mcadams in a mall in mean girls
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Tina Fey hit it out of the park when she wrote Mean Girls. The film was based on a novel by Rosalind Waters that centered around a new girl in school who just wanted to fit in. It stars Lindsay Lohan at the pinnacle of her career who decides to join the queen bees of her high school, The Plastics.

Her struggle to keep up with social norms and the true wrath of Regina George (Rachel McAdams) combined with classic one-liners from the cast make it a coming-of-age film to watch over again.