Dirty Little Secrets: Celebrities That Can’t Hide Their Smoking Habits

Despite the appearances of celebrities after getting their makeup and hair done, toned and tanned skin and killer bodies, they still fall victim to one of the most human habits known to man: smoking.

Whether they are trying their best to conceal their dirty secrets or flaunting it openly, cigarettes are still a major issue in Hollywood and promote some pretty ugly pictures. Check out the craziest chain smokers that you will never see the same again.

Johnny Depp


Depp has never been one to shy away on the subjects of cigarettes, even telling Interview Magazine: “I’m working my way up to 10,000,” cigarettes a day.

Sadly, we are starting to see the aging star’s physical consequences of his habit slowly but surely, and we cannot help but remember the days of the youthful, vibrant and sexy Johnny Depp!