You Won’t Believe These Gorgeous Stars All Married Soccer Players

Soccer players are some of the hottest athletes in the world, so it’s no wonder why celebrities would want to marry them. These are the luckiest leading ladies who have married soccer stars!


Shakira is a Colombian singer who is one of the hottest women around. Not only can she dance like an angel, but she is also fluent in seven different languages. Shakira is definitely one of the hottest WAGS (wife and girlfriends of sports) out there.

They Met On A Music Video

Gerard Piqué is one of the stars of Shakira’s World Cup music video, “Waka Waka,” and this is where the couple met. The two are parents to their lovely two children and call themselves “life partners.” Even though they are not married by law due to their careers, they are married by heart.

Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl Tweedy is a member of the British power house girl group Girls Aloud. She now just goes by just the name “Cheryl” after Girls Aloud broke up, but is still making British R & B music.

Her Husband Cheated On Her

Cheryl married Chelsea star Ashley Cole in 2006 and everyone thought that the union was a complete paradise. Except for the fact that Ashley Cole acted like complete scum. Cole is a chronic cheater and ended up stepping out on Cheryl with over 50 team groupies. They are now divorced.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice is a living legend when it comes to both pop music and fashion. She is one of the iconic members of the girl phenom Spice Girls and is now a fashion designer and muse.

The Hottest Couple In England

David Beckham is a former English superstar soccer player and is also the only man on our list who can rock corn rows. David and Victoria Beckham tied the knot in 1999 and are the parents to four children, including Instagram megastar Brooklyn Beckham.

Jamie Lee Darley

Jamie Lee Darley is a British model who makes her name in America as one of the contestants in the 2009 Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show Model Search. The model is also famous for being one of the original Instagram girls.

She Married An American

Soccer is a European sport, but this girl opted for an American soccer player. Jamie Lee Darley and New York Red Bull’s midfielder Sacha Kljestan got married in 2012. Kljestan is now one of the prominent players on the United State’s national team.

Anara Atanes

Anara Atanes is a British pop singer and a famous model across the pond. She is also a part of the mult-talented British group Fanfare, and is just making her way as a Victoria Secret’s model. She is even against being called a WAG, and says, “I earn my own money.”

They Were Devoted, But Not Married

It seems that these days Anara Atanes and Samir Nasri only have harsh words for each other over the internet and in the press. Anara Atanes and Samir Nasri were the hottest couple out there and lasted from 2012 to 2015, and called themselves, “life partners.” They are currently not together and there’s major beef between them.

Ilary Blasi

This Italian model is one of the hottest and funniest ladies out there. Illary Blasi is an Italian showgirl, model, and television host and personality. She is also one of the top-followed Italians on Instagram.

They’re The Italian Posh And Becks

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Tutti are basically the Italian Beckhams. Frencesco Tutti is a player and captain for the Italian club team Roma and is also one of the players for the Italian national team. Blasi and Tutti were wed in 2005 and are still happily married.

Simone Ballack

Simone Ballack is a German model, who first started out as a waitress. She is now a television personality in England and is featured in different fashion campaigns. She is very involved in German fashion as well.

Their Love Affair Ended Too Soon

The model and her husband, Michael Ballack’s ten year marriage ended in 2012 even though they have three children together. Michael Ballack is a retired German player, who is now working as an analyst during soccer tournaments like the Euros and the World Cup.

Martina Colombari

All the beautiful women are from Italy! Martina Colombari is an Italian film and television actress, who is also a model and television presenter. She first came onto the scene because she is the recipient of the Miss Italia beauty pageant at the young age of 16.

Their Son Has The Coolest Name

In 2004, Colombari married A. C. Milan player Alessandro Costacurta and they are the parents to one son whose name is Achilles. Costacurta isn’t just an amazing player, but also is an amazing person. The player is strongly vocal about his disdain for homophobia, and he also fights against the abuse of women.

Michela Quattrociocche

Michela Quattrochiocche is an Italian actress who has been in many of her country’s domestic films. Her biggest film to date is the 2008 Italian film Scusa ma ti chiamo amore, which is about a high schooler who falls in love with an older gentleman.

Their Love Is A Fairy Tale

The marriage of Michela Quattrociocche and Alberto Aquilani is like a modern day Italian fairy tale. The actress and the Pescara midfielder met and got married in 2012 in a beautiful ceremony in Rome. The couple do not have any children.

Alice Goodwin

Alice Goodwin is a Glamour model and is featured in magazines like Playboy and Penthouse. She has also started her own website for her modeling and is a pro at the Instagram shot. She currently has over 270,000 followers on the internet app.

They Both Live The Fast Lifestyle

The relationship of Alice Goodwin and Jermaine Pennant isn’t something which hasn’t to everyone. Jermaine Pennant is currently a player for the Tampines Rovers, and is the husband of Alice Goodwin. The couple was married in 2014.

Zaira Nara

Zaira Nara is an Argentinian model and a TV show host for soccer. She is also completely hilarious, and uploads videos of her favorite activities onto Instagram. Nara’s most popular video features her teaching people how to make slime.

It Was Almost Perfect

Zaira Nara and Diego Folan were engaged to be married, but they ended up calling off their engagement for reasons which are still unknown. Folan is now married to Paz Cardoso and they are the parents of one son.

Danielle Lloyd

Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Danielle Lloyd is an English glamour model and personality. Lloyd is also a former Miss England and Miss Great Britain. She is no longer a Miss Great Britain due to the fact that she was caught posing nude in 2006. Oops.

They’re Split Up

Danielle Lloyd is married to Gillingham player Jamie O’Hara. The couple met in 2009 and were married the same year. The couple is the parent to one child, but they announced a divorce in 2014 due to Lloyd’s infidelities.

Alex Curran

Alex Curran is an English model and fashion columnist for the legit paper the Daily Mirror. She is also involved in fragrances and is the CEO of her own line called “Alex,” which is one of the best top sellers in 2007.

She’s An Über Wag

Photo Credit: Eamonn McCormack / Contributor

Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran are now one of America’s leading soccer couples. Steven Gerrard is a former Liverpool legend, but is currently playing for the MLS team LA Galaxy due to his age.

Helen Svedin


Helen Svedin is a Swedish model and is most notably known for being the face of H&M and Guess. Helen Svedin is also featured in advertisements and campaigns for Nike, L’Oreal, and Kia Motors.

They’re One Stunning Couple

Good looks definitely run in this family! Helen Svedin and her former Portuguese footballer husband Luis Figo met in 1996 at a Joaquín Cortés show and were married in 2001. They are still one happy and beautiful couple.

Evangelina Anderson

Evangelina Anderson is a former Playboy model and bunny who is now trying to make it as a model. She is a Argentine actress who is now featured on Chilean television programs and in nude cover shoots.

They Had A Magical Wedding

Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis married Anderson in 2015 after they were together for over eight years. The couple had a beautiful ceremony in the capital of Argentina, and their two children were in attendance.

Elisabeth Reyes

Elisabeth Reyes is famous for being a Spanish moderator and the winner of the Miss Spain title in 2006. Reyes is featured on the cover of the catalog Ace & As as well as Blusens Teleno. She is also a contestant on the Spanish television version of “Dancing With The Stars.”

They Have It All

Elisabeth Reyes and Sergio Sanchez were married in 2014 and are still together. Sergio Sanchez is currently a player for the Russian club team FC Rubin Kazan. The couple have no children, but it was leaked that they are trying to conceive.

Caroline Celico

Caroline Celico is a Brazilian socialite, and is famous for being a former pastor for the church Reborn in Christ. The singer is no longer a member of the Evangelical sect, which is widely viewed as a cult. Celico is now living the high life of being a proper WAG.

She Got Out of A Cult

Caroline Celico and Brazilian national team member Kaka got married in 2005 after Celico left her evangelical church. Their love was crippled as Celico gradually started to get famous, and Kaka’s career started to fizzle. They have been divorced since 2015.

Antonella Roccuzzo

Antonella Roccuzzo is now a model and a spokesperson, but is still considered the biggest WAG on our list and in the world. The model is featured in many Spanish campaigns, but is truly famous for her husband’s success.

Her Husband Is The Best In The World

Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi were married in 2008 after they met in Messi’s hometown. Roccuzzo is a simple girl, and before she married Messi was actually the daughter of a super market owner. Now, Roccuzzo is one of the wealthiest models and biggest WAGS in the world.

Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero has been a Spanish sports journalist since the early 2000s. Carbonero is now a model and reporter based in Oporto, Portugal. Her career in sports journalism is one of the reasons why Carbonero fell so hard for her husband.

The Couple Did Things Backwards

Sara Carbonero and Spanish footballer Iker Casillas met in 2009 and began dating. The two of them gave birth to their first child in 2014 and they stated that they were expecting another child in 2015. The couple finally got married in March of 2016 and they’re continuing to plan to have children.

Bianca Kajlich

Bianca Kajlich is an American actress who can be seen on the show Rules of Engagement. She is most known for being a teen starlet in the 1990’s in movies like Bring It On, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Halloween: Resurrection.

They Had The American Love

Bianca Kajlich and Landon Donovan were once soccer royalty and were married in 2006. The time they were together was filled with countless rumors of infidelity and deceit. The couple declared divorce in 2010, and today Kajlich is remarried to Michael Catherwood.