The Cursed Cast Of Our Gang: What Happened When The Film Shorts Ended

Our Gang, also known as The Little Rascals, was a series of film shorts produced from 1922 to 1944. The shorts centered on the adventures of a group of black and white children. The program was groundbreaking because it featured both races connecting as equals.

The Little Rascals featured a total of 41 child actors. Those who aged out were simply replaced by new actors. Many of the stars wound up quitting show business early on while a few went on to have successful acting careers.

The Idea For Our Gang Came From An Unexpected Place

Bettmann/Contributor Getty Images

Producer/creator Hal Roach reportedly developed the Our Gang shorts in the early 1920s. He had just finished a terrible audition with a child actress when he noticed some kids arguing in a lumberyard next door. The children were fighting over a large stick, which was in possession of the smallest kid.

The other kids were trying to coax the boy to give the stick to the biggest child. Roach observed the action for about 15 minutes and then came up with an idea to create short films about kids just being kids.