Meet The Original Kardashians: The Gabor Sisters

It’s fair to say that the most shocking people in the media spotlight in America today is the Kardashian family. Somehow this group of sisters managed to turn 15 minutes of fame—fame that many feel was undeserved—into a full-time career, a media empire, and millions of dollars.


Yet, they weren’t the first trio of sisters to turn their personal lives into the talk of the world. In fact, the Gabor sisters beat them to it by more than 50 years. Magda, Zsa Zsa and Eva were all born during the time of World War I and by the 1950s they were bringing scandal to sophisticated society the world over.

Think Kim Kardashian has had a frivolous marriage or two? Just wait until you see some of the relationship scandals the Gabors got wrapped up in. Two of them even married the same famous actor!