Movie Costumes That Got It Wrong

Movie creators work hard to produce clothing and accessories that are as realistic as possible for the time period of their movies. Unfortunately, the people responsible for creating realistic era-based props sometimes fail miserably. From digital watches appearing years before they were developed to clothing that didn’t come into fashion for decades, these costume blunders should never have occurred but they make for great conversation pieces.

Someone Messed Up, and the Audience Knew

In some cases, a prop accidentally appears in a frame that wasn’t supposed to be captured, in other cases, the mistake is found during editing and a reshoot would be too costly to perform. With modern technology, many mistakes can be hidden, yet there are still numerous cases that are simply missed by even the best editors in Hollywood. Here are some noteworthy blunders that have happened over the years. Kudos to you if you were able to recognize them.

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