There’s No Way You Noticed These Celebrity Cameos In Your Favorite Movies

There are many reasons why an A-list actor, singer, or athlete might make a cameo in a movie. Sometimes they’re good friends with the film’s director or cast, while other times they love a series so much they beg to be in it. One star even funded the film they appeared in.

Whatever the reason is, these A-listers made it into some of our favorite movies and unfortunately for them, we barely noticed.

Did you catch Coldplay’s Chris Martin in this movie coming up?

Daniel Craig In Star Wars: The Force Awakens


How were any of us supposed to know this was Agent James Bond himself behind that Stormtrooper mask? Apparently, this Star Wars film was shot at the same studio as the Bond film Spectre.

Craig was friends with the Star Wars production crew and jokingly asked to be in the film, so they let him play the Stormtrooper that watches over Rey.

Cate Blanchett In Hot Fuzz


Blanchett spent most of her time playing Nick’s ex-girlfriend Janine behind a mask and full-body suit, but some fans were smart enough to recognize her from just the voice.

Blanchett was a huge fan of Shaun Of The Dead and thought the next film needed an Oscar-winner in it. She was even kind enough to donate her salary to charity too.

Trevor Noah In Black Panther


Black Panther fans noticed that comedian Trevor Noah was credited as being in the film, but couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s because it was Noah’s voice that made the appearance.

Noah provided the voice acting for the Wakandan ship that Agent Everett Ross pilots in the film. I’m sure any small part in a film this big was monumental for Noah.

Keep reading to see what subtle movie cameo was turned into a Halloween costume by fans of the film.

Chris Martin In Shaun Of The Dead


Martin, A.K.A. the lead singer of Coldplay, can be seen as a pretty convincing zombie in one shot of Shaun Of The Dead. In the movie, Martin plays a zombie that supports the fictional charity show “ZombAid.”

Coldplay also contributed to the film’s soundtrack, but that’s not as fun.

We definitely never realized Jimmy Buffett was in this classic movie coming up.

George Harrison In Monty Python’s Life Of Brian


Yes, we’re talking about George Harrison from The Beatles. The musician loved Monty Python’s comedy so much he actually financed £2 million for Life Of Brian by mortgaging his house.

As a thank you, they let him cameo as Mr. Papadopalous. That’s a fair trade, right?

Jimmy Buffett In Jurassic World


No one’s entirely sure why Jimmy Buffet decided to appear as a tourist in Jurassic World but we’re all thankful for it. Fans only noticed it was him because in the middle of running away from a genetically advanced dinosaur, he made sure to save the margaritas.

Fans loved his cameo so much a few people even went out for Halloween as the cameo.

We’ll be surprised if you remember the cameo in this very forgettable ’90s teen film.

Bruce Willis In Ocean’s Twelve


Ocean’s Twelve is a mess of non-cameo cameos. Julia Roberts’ non-celebrity character dresses up as actual Julia Roberts, and Bruce Willis appears as a major plot-point to unmask not-fake Julia. It’s confusing, but all important.

We’re not sure why Bruce was chosen to be the cameo that thwarts Ocean’s plot, but it was almost as shocking as the ending of The Sixth Sense.

Vanilla Ice In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze


We won’t blame you for missing this cameo because it means you didn’t have to sit through this atrocious movie.

For those of you who didn’t see TMNT2, Vanilla Ice briefly appears to perform the “Ninja Rap” which is as about memorable as every other hit that came from Vanilla Ice after “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

The Sex And The City actress coming up appeared for seconds in a film just for a punchline.

Justin Theroux In Star Wars: The Last Jedi


The latest Star Wars was littered with secret celebrity cameos including Theroux playing the character of The Master Codebreaker. Theroux’s appearance was brief, but exciting for the actor.

He called his opportunity to have a part in Star Wars as one of those “oh-my-God-I-remember-skipping-school-to-see-Return-of-the-Jedi moments.”

Ed Sheeran In Game Of Thrones


Game Of Thrones has had their fair share of cameos over the years but none were more talked about than Ed Sheeran’s. The singer played a traveling soldier for about five minutes in the series, and fans hated it.

His character didn’t end up being killed off, and many wish it had just so there would be no chance of seeing him again.

Brett Favre In There’s Something About Mary

Twentieth Century Fox/MovieStillsDB

Even though he’d never acted before in his life, quarterback Favre was surprisingly good as one of Mary’s ex-boyfriends.

When Ben Stiller asks why Brett is there, he ingeniously responds “I’m in town to play the Dolphins, you dumb***.” You can’t ask for more quality acting than that.

Nathan Fillion In Guardians Of The Galaxy


Did anyone at Marvel really expect us to know this was Fillion behind this makeup and CGI? Fillion is a good friend of Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn, so he was quickly offered a cameo.

Fillion was also set to cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy Part II, but it was cut at the last moment.

Prepare to have your mind blown from this Forgetting Sarah Marshall cameo.

Cynthia Nixon In Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Nixon’s brief background cameo is one of those that makes a joke ten times better than before. Jason Segal orders an apple martini at the bar and makes an offhanded comment referencing Nixon’s character Miranda from Sex And The City.

Nixon walks by at the exact moment. What’s up girl?

The singer coming up regretted passing on a cameo so much he cried, so he made sure to make it into the sequel.

Johnny Depp In 21 Jump Street


Johnny Depp has gotten to the point in his career where thanks to his personal life, Tim Burton isn’t casting him. As a result, he’s forced to cameo in the re-made version of his original shows.

The first 21 Jump Street starred Depp as one of the undercover cops, and his cameo has him starring as a scumbag.

Billy Idol In The Wedding Singer

New Line Cinema/MovieStillsDB

Billy Idol’s appearance in this Adam Sandler rom-com is one of those cameos you recognize when you watch it, but always forget about until it happens. Idol’s cameo isn’t brief either.

He became a major part of the plot by serenading Drew Barrymore and bringing the happy couple together.

Michael Jackson In Men In Black II


The legendary pop singer was originally set to cameo in the first Men In Black but dropped out at the last moment. Jackson allegedly regretted it after he finished watching the film and started crying.

Jackson didn’t make the same mistake twice, and had a brief cameo in the franchise’s second film as Agent M.

Richard Branson In Casino Royale


The founder of Virgin Airlines was offered a cameo in Casino Royale after he donated a plane to be used for filming. The cameo is a very quick shot of Branson being patted down in airport security.

Even though it was brief, Virgin Airlines’ competitor British Airways had the cameo edited out for the in-flight version of the film.

Matt Damon And Ben Affleck In Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back


Affleck and Damon took a few minutes out of their A-list schedule to appear in their old friend Kevin Smith’s movie.

Jay and Silent Bob poke fun at Damon and Affleck by beating them up so that they can’t make a sequel to their Oscar-winning film, Good Will Hunting.

Who knew David Beckham was an actor?

David Beckham In The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is such an iconic British franchise that they decided to get one of the most iconic British men to cameo in the film.

Sadly, it’s hard to see Beckham’s face behind the glasses, hair, and projector light. Next time they need to show off more of his hunky good looks.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar In Airplane!

Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB

In the cameo that kicked off all great cameos, basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar starred as the co-pilot in the film Airplane!

The running joke of the entire film was that people thought it was him, and he kept denying it and saying his name was actually Roger Murdock.