If You Already Thought HBO’s Westworld Was Crazy, Then Wait Until You Learn These Mind-Blowing Facts

In 2016, HBO released the sci-fi Westworld and fans enjoyed the ambitious take on the 1973 classic. Artificial intelligence, robot intercourse, and deception are just a few of the themes that make the show successful. As the series shaped up, viewers got ensnared by the mystery of the Old West-inspired theme park. Theories circulated on the web. Some of them ended up being correct but something is irrefutably true is the allure of Westworld. With the new season upon us, here are all the exciting facts from season one that you might have missed.

There Is No Westworld Without Game Of Thrones


Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Another huge HBO series helped pave the way for Westworld. Game of Thrones set precedence by pushing TV boundaries on many levels. One thing it did for Westworld is open the door for the portrayal of alternate universes.

Co-creator and director Jonathan Nolan is open about the influence Game of Thrones had on Westworld. Fans were not accustomed to the cinematic visual style on the small screen until Game of Thrones came along, and Westworld was primed to continue that trend.