The Craziest Guests That Made Our Jaws Drop On ‘Dr. Phil’

Let’s admit it, Dr. Phil is everyone’s guilty pleasure. You can say you hate the show as much as you want, but we all secretly love the drama, bizarre stories, and crazy guests. Yes, it’s all done for television and ratings, but we can’t fault him for that.

Every once in a while though a guest comes along on Dr. Phil that has an extra dash of crazy in them. They make us viewers at home cringe a little more than usual, or make our jaw drop even faster. Continue on and see if you remember watching any of these crazy interviews live.

The Teenager Who Was Convinced She Was Pregnant With A Baby Jesus

Dr. Phil/YouTube

This has to be one of the cringiest episodes of Dr. Phil ever. The guest, Haley, was absolutely adamant that her pregnancy was a reborn baby Jesus. The best/worst part? She wasn’t even pregnant. They did an ultrasound on TV and she still didn’t believe it.

She seemed to have an issue with telling the truth though, because Haley also said she was Eminem’s daughter and had been a contestant on American Idol.

The Mom Who Was Trying To Convince Her Daughter To Become An Exotic Dancer

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Dr. Phil encounters a lot of troubled young women, but one teenager, Miranda, was the one who had to bring her mom on the show. Miranda’s mom became obsessed with strippers and their looks ever since her husband went to a strip bar, and has tried to make Miranda become equally obsessed.

She even forced Miranda to get breast implants and installed a stripper pole in their home.

The Teacher Who Sued The Student She Was Having An Affair With

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Yep, you read that right. After high school teacher Tanya Ramirez was fired and arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, she turned around and sued the student.

Ramirez said the student knowingly set her up and tried to sue him for emotional distress. Unsurprisingly, she lost the case.


Dr. Phil/YouTube

Yes, someone would actually do something like that. Patricia lied, saying she had brain cancer 3 times and had 17 strokes. She used the money from fundraising for shopping and other random expenses.

Patricia was brought on the show by her daughter, Jessica, who wanted to know why her mom was lying. Dr. Phil mostly just yelled at her.

The Guy Who Insisted He Wrote All Of Taylor Swift’s Hit Songs

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Riley appeared on Dr. Phil and was adamant that he was the songwriting genius behind Taylor Swift’s hits like “Shake It Off.” Turns out, Dr. Phil is a personal friend of Taylor’s mom and called her up. Neither Taylor Swift or her mom have ever even heard of Riley!

Then, of course, Dr. Phil turned it around and accused Riley of knowingly lying on the show.

The Suburban Dad Who Wanted To Return To Making Adult Films

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Yes, you read that right. This man doesn’t want to get into adult films — he used to star in them and he’s dying to get back. Chuck went on Dr. Phil to admit to his wife what his dreams are.

To make it better (or worse?) he admitted that while in California to tape the show, he already reached out to his former “employer” to get back on set.

The Man Who Was The Original Catfish

Dr. Phil/YouTube

We all love MTV’s show Catfish, but before that, it was shows like Dr. Phil that exposed scammers. Like a man named Dennis who spent $200,000 for his fiance to come back to America after a business trip to South Africa.

Of course, Dr. Phil gave us what we all wanted and exposed the scammer and let Dennis yell a series of swear words at the scammer on live TV.

Who Could Forget About The Cash Me Outside Girl?

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Danielle Bregoli became an instant internet sensation after appearing on the episode called “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” I mean, the episode title says enough.

Her tough persona and ridiculous catchphrases had America simultaneously making fun of her and following her on Instagram.

JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Did His First Ever Interview

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Two decades after the tragic death of his little sister, Burke Ramsey appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about the case. Burke has long been one of the top suspects in the cold case, but he didn’t admit to anything on air.

Viewers found it pretty creepy though that he seemed to be smiling the entire interview. Dr. Phil later defended Burke saying he was probably just nervous.

The Monster-In-Law To End All Monster-In-Laws

Dr. Phil/YouTube

If you thought your in-laws were bad, just be glad that they don’t accuse you of being a murderer. A woman, her son, and daughter-in-law appeared on the show to hash out the fact that the mother-in-law was yet to meet her grandchildren.

Through some serious Dr. Phil digging, it came out that the mom believes her daughter-in-law has five aliases (false) and that she’d killed her other son (also false).

Mama June And Her Creepy Boyfriend

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Television can’t get enough of Honey Boo Boo and her mother, Mama June, so of course, Dr. Phil jumped on the bandwagon. Instead of showcasing their everyday antics though, Dr. Phil dove into the fact Mama June was dating a man who molested her daughter Anna.

If you questioned her parenting before, this episode made you question it more.

The Time Dr. Phil Called Off An Interview Mid-Show

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Usually, it’s the guests that bring the dramatics, but this time it was Dr. Phil himself. His guest for the show was Bailey, a girl who was in love with someone from Twitter who she’d never met.

At one point, Bailey said “Y’all can laugh at me. It’s fine. I will be your spectacle,” and Dr. Phil did not like that. He shut the interview down immediately because he said she was playing the victim.

When Shelley Duvall Couldn’t Stop Talking About Robin Williams’ Death

Dr. Phil/YouTube

You might recognize Shelley Duvall from her role as Wendy in The Shining but she hasn’t appeared in much since 2002. That’s why it was crazy enough that she was appearing on Dr. Phil.

Things got even weirder when she spent the bulk of her interview talking about how she thinks Robin Williams is not dead but actually just “shape-shifting.”

The Woman Who Divorced Her Man Thanks To Kip Moore

Dr. Phil/YouTube

We all have celebrity crushes, but one woman took it a little too far. Jenna was so in love with country star Kip Moore that two days after meeting him in concert, she went home and filed for divorce. Things got even crazier because she claimed her real husband, Travis, was abusive.

Dr. Phil was able to knock some sense into Jenna and she admitted that there was no chance she’d ever be with Kip Moore.

The Time A Sugar Baby Convinced Her Mom To Get In The Business

Dr. Phil/YouTube

This mother-daughter business duo sounds normal until you realize their business is being professional sugar babies. The daughter, Rylee, got into the business first and convinced her mom to join. The mom still insists she’s a “rookie” sugar baby.

They have spreadsheets, joint calendars, and even go on “dates” together with the same man.

When Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Outdid Herself

Dr. Phil/YouTube

We saw enough of Abraham’s antics on 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom, but her appearance on Dr. Phil was somehow even crazier. She was on the show to discuss her drunk driving charge and sex tape.

It ended up being a battle of wits where Dr. Phil wouldn’t back down, and Abraham just did a lot of eye-rolling and pouting.

The Man-Child Named Vegan

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Sorry, his name isn’t vegan, it’s “Sexy Vegan.” If you’ve visited Hollywood you’ve probably seen him. He walks around in a speedo while carrying a full-length mirror.

Dr. Phil called him out as a pathological liar who gets away with it because his mother bails him out of everything, then he got escorted off stage for his antics.

The Woman Who Thought Domestic Abuse Means A Man Loves You

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Honestly, I feel for this woman. Most Dr. Phil guests are downright crazy, but she seemed to be over the hill completely. Romina Garcia claimed that when her boyfriend hits her, it means he loves her because he’s risking going to jail for her. Uhm… no.

Dr. Phil had some serious deconstructing to do and the episode sparked such a backlash that celebrities like Kylie Jenner were calling her out.

The Woman Who Would Check Herself Into A Mental Hospital For A Vacation

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Family life is stressful, but not so stressful that you check yourself into a hospital for a free vacation.

Amber went on Dr. Phil to say that when times get too tough at home with her three kids, she’ll go to the local mental hospital because “It’s a blessing having some freedom without my kids.”

The Beverly Hills Brat Who Wanted To Protest Her $1000 Allowance

Dr. Phil/YouTube

Nicolette Gray called the Dr. Phil show to come on and basically yell at her mom for cutting her $5000 allowance to $1000. She was extra bratty on the show and even interrupted Dr. Phil, saying “We’re talking about me here. This is my show.”

Dr. Phil didn’t let that fly, and the audience had no sympathy.