The Craziest Things News Anchors Have Said And Done On Air

Live Television Has Its Faults

Like everyone else, news anchors and reporters can be stressed out or make mistakes while on the job. The only difference being their actions (and reactions) are filmed and televised live, for all to see. From the former Mayor of San Francisco’s wife accidently exposing a little too much, to anchors quitting on-air in epic fashion. These are the craziest things to have ever happened on live television. Click through to see more from Jackie Guerrido and to read about the stunning act one anchorwoman committed on live television.

Reporter Gives Up Job For Cannabis Club

Charlo Greene was a reporter for KTVA, a CBS affiliate news station based in Anchorage, Alaska. Keyword being was since the reporter quit on air after revealing she was the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, which was part of the news story that she was reporting on at the time.

She also threw in an explicit live, on air, to put the final nail in the coffin. She said, “Now everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, [expletive] I quit.”

Creeping On Camera

While on a Headline Prime segment, Glenn Beck uses a story about topless photos of an American Idol contestant being shared around to hit on his attractive guest.

As he is asking for her input on the way that scandals like this are filtered around, he interrupts to extend an invitation to his office saying, “Deena, I’ve got some time and camera. Why don’t you stop by.” And after seeing the look on her face, he plays it off as a joke and moves on, but wait, what? That was so creepy!

A Spanking Confession

As what has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, this female news anchor’s “confession” to taking spankings as an adult was taken out of context- or was it?

While on the topic of disciplining children, her co-anchor inquires whether or not she received many spankings as a child. As she responds with “As a kid? No,” he cannot keep himself together. Realizing what she had just admitted on air, she verbally scrambles to try to take back the words, but it is just too late.

A Lover’s Affair On Air

Although we are not quite sure what went on between these two co-anchors on this English news station, female anchor Belinda let the world know how she felt about her co-anchor’s “size.” Wrapping up a segment on an English Olympian athlete’s tiny urn, anchor Mark says “Belinda, I just don’t understand how something so small can be so impressive.” To which Belinda replies with “Well, Mark you would know about that.” Ouch, clearly she knows something.

Too High To Report

In one of our all-time favorite news clips, this English reporter is too high to report through no fault of his own. With the caption “legally high” on the screen, this reporter is standing in front of 8 1/2 tons of heroin, opiates, hash-sheesh and various narcotics set on fire. He and his cameraman end up getting so high off of the fumes that they can’t even get through the segment. Not to mention his laugh is hysterical.

People were horrified by what one news anchor did on live TV.


In 1997, a commentator referred to wrestler Hulk Hogan by the “n-word” on a live television newscast! He was disciplined by producers, and later apologized personally to Hogan, though his career never fully recovered. You know what they say about needing to watch your words… this guy is living proof!

Watch Your Back

An Australian news channel recently went to a bank to conduct an interview with a prestigious banker. But… they apparently didn’t warn the rest of the employees! If you look carefully at the background of this image, you can see a banker looking at risque photographs of supermodel Miranda Kerr!

Aussie Reporters Fight Over Wardrobe

What happens when three Australian news reporters all wear white on the same day? Pretty much a cat fight. After noticing that all three ladies were wearing white tops during a three-way split screen segment, host Amber Sherlock asked reporter Julie Snook to put on a jacket, to prevent all three from matching. A request turned into a demand after Snook hesitated and rolled her eyes.

“If it’s an issue, I’ll just jump on out, honestly,” Snook says. “Fine, just jump on out, if that’s what you’d like to do” Sherlock replies. The ladies continue to snap at each other, back and forth as they’re all wearing mics. Snook reappears wearing a black jacket and all three ladies are all smiles as they go live.

The Columbine Shooting

In 1999, two high school boys in Columbine, Colorado, launched a mass shooting spree on students at their school. Due to helicopter footage, the entire nation watched in shock as children fled the building in fear for their life. This was definitely one of the most traumatic moments in many of these kids’ lives!

A Baby For Poppy

CNN news anchor Poppy Harlow was giving a broadcast on tax rates when her speech began to slur. The camera crews immediately began a commercial break, and Harlow was back on camera in a few minutes to reassure her viewers that she was just fine. She was pregnant with her daughter and just got a little overheated.

The Casey Anthony Verdict

In 2012, Casey Anthony was arrested when she was suspected of murdering her three-year-old daughter, Caylee. Nearly everyone in the country believed she was guilty of the crime, so when the judge read a “Not Guilty” verdict on live TV, there was mass outrage! Still, we have a legal system in the US for a reason…


It was a beautiful day for Brad Wills to report the weather from the beach when a large bug flew right in front of his face! He immediately veered to the side to avoid being attacked, but the cameras cut back to the studio crew. Another reporter said, “Brad was just attacked by either a large bug or a small drone.” Funny!

Creepy Captain Jack Sparrow

This reporter is not a happy camper when she gets surprised by the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. On her attempt to reach Breaking Bad fans on the streets of Hollywood, NBC reporter Madison Brooks gets harassed by random Captain Jack Sparrow wannabe and she cannot hold back her feelings. As he creepishly smells her hair on air, he is pulled off the camera’s view with Madison looking dumbfounded and disgusted. Such a funny take!

“Why Don’t You Set Us On Fire, Obama?”

Anyone that watches Glenn Beck’s show knows how extreme he can get, but this scene truly takes the cake. Discussing Obama’s attempt to legalize aliens without solving the border and drought issues, Glenn lets the world know how he really feels by pretending to soak his Red Eye guest in “gas.” Although we know it’s freezing cold water, he continues to drench the man pretending to be Obama “setting the country on fire.”

Guts and Glory

In 1974, Sarasota news anchor Christine Chubbuck interrupted her morning newscast with the following statement: “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first: attempted suicide.” She then shot herself behind the ear and died soon after. There are no tapes of the incident available to the public at this time.

Bug-Eyed Mugshot

While delivering an on-air report on murderer Steven Grant, this female Michigan news reporter could not keep it together after seeing the suspect’s bug-eyed mugshot. While even announcing that Steven chopped up his wife into pieces, she could not stop cracking up. Even worse, the mugshot was displayed a second time onscreen which further continued to make the anchor laugh while relaying the gruesome details of the murder.

Max Headroom

This may be the most famous incident in the history of television! In 1987, a news channel was hijacked by 30 seconds of a man jumping around and yelling profanities in a Max Headroom mask. He repeated the scheme later in the night, and has never been caught! Now that takes some serious skill!

No More Kardashians

“Good Day Orlando” co-host John Brown has had ENOUGH of talking about the Kardashians. During a live segment last year, he stormed off the set because, as he said, “he was sick of talking about them!” He later clarified that this was meant to be a sarcastic joke, though we wonder if that’s really the truth…

Yikes, Y’all

The Fox31 news team in Denver, Colorado, accidentally showed a picture of someone’s unspeakables on live air! It had been shared on Twitter earlier that day. Moral of the story: be careful where you post your “special” pics — they just might appear on television!

Surprise Peep Show

A news station in Dallas often likes to go into the locker rooms of local sports teams to pick up some post-game commentary. But, they had no way to prepare themselves for the accidental peep show they got in this shot! Our only question is this… How did no one catch during this post-production?!?!

Bang Bang

In 2012, a routine car chase turned gruesome for viewers of Fox News when the suspect in question, Jodon F. Romero, committed suicide on live television. Producers didn’t catch the scene in time, so viewers worldwide had to watch the very bloody episode. The network apologized, but it’s unlikely that those who were unfortunate enough to see it live will ever be able to forget!

Don’t Drop the Ball

No one will ever forget this one! During the 2009 Super Bowl, a man hacked into a cable channel in Tucson, Arizona, and that area’s Comcast subscribers were treated to a ten-second clip of pornography. The company placed a credit on their bills for this incident, and an arrest was recently made in the case. Sounds like someone really “dropped the ball” on this one!

The 2000 Presidential Election

In November 2000, everyone thought that Al Gore was a shoo-in to win the election. CNN even declared the race a win for Gore in time for everyone to go to bed before dark. But, only a few hours later, the went back on screen to say that the race was now “too close to call.” Gore went on to LOSE the election to George W. Bush, making this one of the biggest plot twists in world history.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Fox 10 Anchor Cory McCloskey reports the weather every single day, but it’s unlikely he will ever have to read off numbers this high again! A technological problem caused the temperature in the city of Ahwatukee displayed as 1,270 degrees, Wickenburg at 2,385 degrees, and Cave Creek at 2,960 degrees. He joked, “I would get out while you still can!”

Poor Word Choice

AJ Clemente didn’t even get to finish his first day on the job working for an NBC affiliate in North Dakota! Immediately after the cameras turned on, he muttered a slur that was insulting to the LGBTQ+ community. He was fired right after the broadcast, but still managed to find another job in the media. Who knows….

Feeling… Not So Good

Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of ultra-popular rock band “Muse,” decided to mix things up with his song “Feeling Good.” At one concert, he sang the word [expletive] over and over again, instead of the song’s traditional lyrics. Ironically, the original version of the tune contains no profanity at all!

Flash Me

During a cricket match between England and the West Indies, two fans got a little too enthusiastic about the game! When the camera panned over to them, one of them just couldn’t resist showing off her boobs! Fortunately, the producers quickly cut to another screen, but viewers still went absolutely wild over it!

That’s Racist…

Yikes! After an Asiana Airlines plane crash, an anchor at KTVU San Francisco was given a list with all the “pilots’ names.” Unfortunately, these names were ironic, racist, and profane! The network apologized for the incident, and the responsible people were fired, but this definitely goes down as the worst prank in television history!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

KSNT reporter Katya Leick was reporting from a United States Army base in June 2015 when she was quite literally, and unexpectedly, swarmed by a pack of cicadas! She kept her calm at first, but dropped her microphone when one flew near her mouth. We can’t blame her for that!

A Real Minnesota Tackle

Putting a great spin on the Viking spirit, NBC reporter Lee Valsvik went to the rooftop at Union Restaurant to show off some great food and a great time. Little did she know she was going home with a great big bruise after her cameraman decided to sack her on camera. She had a great sense of humor about it though as you can hear her busting up with laughter on the ground.

On Air Inside Joke

News reporters Stewart Moore, Kara Gormley and meteorologist Ben Tanner seem to have an inside joke going and it’s not just off the set. Introducing the weatherman as a “regular guy,” Tanner answers with a “yes, I am a regular guy. Bet you’re excited about this wonderful Tuesday. Are you as regular as I am?” followed by a breakdown of laughter, fueled by anchor Stewart, as he and the crew clearly find it hilarious the way that he said it on air. Trying his best to get through the segment, Ben has to keep stepping off the screen bursting and crying with laughter. This was seriously hilarious.

The Mouse Mishap

During a serious and haunting reporting of a missing girl named Molly Bish, this Channel 3 news reporter got a major surprise. While revealing that a 60-year-old Florida prisoner was suspect to kidnapping the victim, they go to show a picture of the disgusting man but we see instead an adorable picture of a hamster holding a film set marker. “Well, no this is not Rodney Stanger obviously” she explains to the screen and continues on to give her various reports. Who knows? Maybe that really was Rodney Stanger.

Wobbling Legs

In 2007, the Channel 4 news team was taking a look at Paris Fashion Week and showed hilarious footage of one of the models collapsing like a baby fawn just after birth. Barely even trying to hold back, both male co-anchors were screaming in laughter as they replay the model’s fall over and over in slow motion while the female anchor pities the young model for having to wear the heels in the first place.

A New Way To Get Bird Flu

During a Channel 7 Action News segment, this reporter delivers a story on a local bird infestation as he nears under the tree where the Canadian Brown Finches are found. Receiving a shat, or pat, on the shoulder from the birds he laughs and exclaims that he should have seen that coming. But while laughing and looking upwards for the culprit, the birds take a second aim and land one right in his mouth! Disgusted and profusely spitting the horrible taste out of his mouth, he is not able to “stomach” the rest of the segment.

Those Fabulous Food Stamps

In one of the most tasteless Fox news clips of all time, and there are a lot, journalist Andrea Tantaros actually says that she would look “fabulous” on food stamps. On the topic of food stamps providing people with $1,033 a month to purchase food, the conversation starts out on a serious note until Andrea makes her horribly ignorant comment comparing the weight she would lose if she were in the welfare line.

The Evil Mr. Rogers

Fox & Friends has the answer to millennial issues and why the generation is so entitled and spoiled: Mr. Rogers. In 2008, the anchors claimed that Mr. Rogers was directly responsible for ruining the generations’ lives by making them feel special and it’s one of the dumbest things we have ever seen. What makes it even worse is the passion they have when they call him an “evil, evil man.”

A Dancing Unicorn

In the beginning of this segment about wild hogs running rampant in the streets of Venice, you think the joke is that the image is plastered over the female news anchor’s face. But, the real joke turns out to be a girl dressed in a tutu with a unicorn mask over her face harassing the onsite reporter screaming “boogity boogity boo” repeatedly failing her body every which way, trying to distract the reporter. Oh, Venice.

Bug In The Mouth

Such a seemingly polite and professional newscaster at the beginning of the segment turns into a blur of ghetto curse words for this reporter when a bug decides to fly into his mouth. It must have been the last straw for this Channel 4 reporter as goes on and on about being sick of the “country *expletive* town” and other words that are definitely not allowed to be said on air.

Foul Mouthed Weatherman

With what seemed like a totally normal Channel 2 Fox broadcast, inappropriate tongues seem to be coming from weatherman Matt at the end of his segment. Explaining that warm weather was on its way after experiencing some light snow showers, Matt proceeded to spew an almost turret-like grip of words while still on air. We are not exactly sure what brought on this lewd verbal blast, but he either got fired after that or at least got suspended.

“Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth”

On Fox’s Hannity segment, guest and radio host Bill Cunningham and Fox commentator Tamara Holder get into it over Attorney General Eric Holder and it gets awkward. Often these shows bring strong voices and personalities, but these two telling each other to “shut up” is a little more than unprofessional. It gets even more awkward when fingers start flying in the air as they pester and destroy each other on national television.

Megyn Kelly Accuses Ex Of Cheating While On Air

The Fox News star sparked rumors that her first husband, Dr. Dan Kendall, had cheated on her when she told USA Weekend in 2011, during a story about congressman Anthony Weiner cheating, “I have been in the position, not with my current marriage, where I’ve been betrayed. In the beginning, the instinct is very powerful to hang on.” Kendall was upset that he had been indirectly accused of being unfaithful to Kelly during their marriage.

Again, this time on her own show, Kelly brings up her past, and again, was sure to mention that it wasn’t her current husband who was the cheater. Kendall text Kelly to ask her why she did that, and she apologized.

Upskirt Uproar

Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle is a co-host on Fox’s The Five, a panel-style news talk show. Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor, also served as the First Lady of San Francisco when she was married to the city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom.

In 2014, Guilfoyle suffered from a nearly disastrous wardrobe malfunction while on air. Wearing a dress, she made an attempt to throw a football, and in her excitement tried to sit down with her leg still extended. The dress did not cooperate and revealed much more of the beautiful newscaster’s legs than she would have liked. The embarrassing wardrobe malfunction angered many Democrats, who called for stiffer television censorship laws after the incident.

Muy Caliente

Jackie Guerrido is a journalist and weather forecaster from Puerto Rico. She works on Univision’s Primer Impacto, which is a news program aired in both Mexico and the United States. A graduate of the University of Miami, Ms. Guerrido got her television start on Despierta America.

Ms. Guerrido is very well known among her fans for her non-traditional wardrobe choices when she’s on air. This weather forecaster looks good in anything she puts on, and she knows it! From skin-tight dresses to very sheer blouses, fans never know how much skin they’ll be treated to when Jackie’s on the air.

Half-Naked Interview

What better way to grab someone’s attention than to be half-naked? Well rather than it just being one person, it was an entire network that this Albanian woman impressed when she auditioned for a news anchor job. Enki Bracaj did what she had to do stay ahead in the highly competitive TV world.

“It is not easy to enter the world of television,” said Bracaj “So it was obvious that if I wanted to make it I had to be brave and offer something different.” The network was impressed and Bracaj said she even checked with her parents first. As long as she had their blessings, what others think is irrelevant.

Ringing In The New Year

Do you remember your most embarrassing New Year’s Eve ever? CNN’s Don Lemon has you beat. On New Year’s Eve, CNN sent Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin to New Orleans to ring in 2017, and Lemon took the trip as an opportunity to down shots of tequila, with Brooke Baldwin telling her co-anchor “The tequila is, like, emitting from your pores!”

As the night wore on and Lemon got more intoxicated, he proceeded to tell Baldwin about his relationship woes, slurring that he thought he’d be open to a relationship in 2017 but was really a self-centered moment person to date. In other words, he was all of us after a rough year being single. The night culminated in Lemon debating whether he should pierce his nipple or ear. He chose his ear, which he probably thanked himself for in the morning.

A Case Of The Giggles

We’ve all heard of people who inappropriately laugh at funerals, but how about news anchors who laugh as they announce deaths? That’s exactly what happened to Australian news anchor Natasha Exelby, whose co-anchor just wrapped up a segment about a handsome Irish adventurer. Exelby and her co-anchor exchanged some flirty banter and laughed, before she launched into some terrible news.

Unfortunately, Exelby hadn’t gotten all the giggles out of her system. “One protester has been killed and,” she announced before breaking into a snicker. “Ten people, including five children, have been killed after a building collapsed…” at which point she broke into a full-blown giggle. Exelby quickly apologized for her case of the giggles before the commercial break.

Unable To Find The Words

Unfortunately, Serene Branson’s “crazy” live TV moment was completely out of her control.The Los Angeles CBS reporter at first seemed impaired or nervous as she was announcing upcoming performers at the 2011 Grammy Awards, but on a second viewing, it becomes clear that she’s scared.

Branson speaks in gibberish for a few seconds before the clip cuts to what’s going on inside. The clip went viral and people speculated she’d had a stroke. She learned from doctors what the condition was caused by a migraine so severe it caused temporary aphasia. Branson isn’t the only news anchor who has experienced a terrifying medical condition on live TV.

A Seizure On Screen

WICS Madison CBS news anchor Sarah Carlson also experienced a serious medical problem in the middle of a broadcast. Carlson was a rising star as a news anchor and reporter, but her career was suddenly sidetracked due to epilepsy and a brain tumor.

She was in the middle of a segment when she had epilepsy-related aphasia and finished her sentence in gibberish. At the time, she was unaware of what was going on. After being diagnosed with epilepsy and a brain tumor, the single mother decided to leave the news business and take a more stable job in public relations.

Groaning About Grapes

In January 2006, a segment that aired on WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia went viral. The footage shows a news reporter Melissa Sander and another woman competing in a grape stomping contest, but when the reporter makes a playful attempt at cheating, she loses her balance and falls face first off of a platform and onto the ground.

It’s definitely a little mean spirited, but her subsequent groans of pain—at one point she gasps, “Oooh, ow, ooh, stop I can’t breathe,”—drew a lot of attention online with people mocking the reporter. We just hope she was actually okay after the cameras stopped rolling.

An Accidentally Inappropriate Drawing

WJRT reporter Siobhan Riley from Flint, Michigan was attempting to map out construction in the city by sketching it on a screen, but ultimately a few circles in the wrong places made her drawing look more like a doodle from Superbad than something that should be on a news report.

Riley either didn’t notice what her drawing looked like, or pretended not to, and finished the segment. Of course, everyone on the Internet had a field day with her Freudian sketch, and the segment was even featured on Ellen. Though it wasn’t intentional, there’s no denying this reporter’s live gaffe was totally hilarious.

The “Terrorist Fist Jab”

When Barack and Michelle Obama shared a sweet fist bump after the final 2008 Democratic primaries, Fox New’s E.D. Hill decided to interpret that like any two-bit conspiracy theorist would. She introduced a segment about the fist bump with, “A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?” and said everyone seemed to interpret the gesture differently.

Of course, most people were probably not thinking, “Yes, that first bump looks like a secret terrorist fist jab.” She later asked a panelist if a “fist thump” was something “a signal that young people get.” Sure, young people. Or anyone not living under a rock. That wasn’t the only time Fox News reported something ridiculous about President Obama.

Arrrgh! Alternative Facts!

Fox & Friends knew how to get their audience riled up about President Obama—even if it meant making up a few “alternative facts.” In 2012 the show reported that Obama chose to sit down with a costumed fake pirate instead of the Israeli prime minister. Maybe the fact that that just sounds fake should’ve tipped them off, but they went ahead with the story.

Of course, the pirate photo was actually taken in 2009, and it was just part of a skit that was used during the comical White House Correspondents dinner. In 2012, the president’s Twitter account tweeted the photo to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Lesson: Lock The Door

Professor Robert Kelly, a BBC World News guest expert, was discussing the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye when his adorable children burst into the shot. Kelly was midway through answering the question when his daughter, dressed in a yellow sweater, opens the door and happy struts up to her dad, who spots her on the screen and gently nudges her back.

Things got so hilarious that even the broadcaster couldn’t help but laugh when a baby in a walker waddled into the open doorway. Their stealthy mom rushes in and grabs the two children before backing out of the room. The clip immediately went viral on Twitter.

A Runny Nose

Poor Saphia Khambalia was a victim of one of the most serious dangers of live television: total embarrassment. The City TV News Toronto reporter was reporting live from Massey Hall theater when the cold weather made her nose run uncontrollably.

She describes how Charlie Sheen has made an impact on the city as she reports from outside his show. Then, she turns away from the camera to try to suck it in, but her nose drips right onto the microphone before the segment ends. She wasn’t about to let that cold weather get the best of her though. Khambalia went on to become an anchor for The Weather Network.

Here Kitty, Kitty

WJW’s Fox 8 reporter Kathleen Cochrane was reporting on a story about a couple arrested for animal abuse when they threw two cats out of their car. Some brilliant producer had the bright idea that Cochrane should be holding a cat during this segment, but from the moment the screen cuts to her, we know the cat isn’t happy.

Throughout the report, the cat struggles to jump down from Cochrane’s arms and loudly yowls. The cat gets so fed up that he eventually leaps up and scratches her in the face before jumping to the ground. Cochrane holds her head and starts to cry before the camera cuts to cute images of more innocent cats playing. She then laughs it off and says, “Obviously I’m not a cat person.”

“Santa Is White”

When Fox New’s Megyn Kelly brought up a Slate piece by Aisha Harris that talked about black depictions of Santa, she got us in the true Christmas spirit by mirroring the most awkward dinner table conversations we’ve ever had with our relatives. Kelly pronounced that Jesus and Santa were both, in fact, white.

“Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change,” said Kelly. “How do you revise it in the middle of the legacy in the story and change Santa from white to black?” Now, we don’t want to be the ones to ruin the miracle of Christmas for Megyn Kelly, but should someone break the news about the fictional Kris Kringle?

A Bad Idea

Reporter Rob Leth of Global News Toronto was standing on the slopes reporting on an inner tube toboggan race with his “trusty stopwatch,” but unfortunately he didn’t think about the fact that he was standing directly in the way of the tubes coming down the hill.

Leth was hit by a sled, does a flip, and falls into the snow. Like a true professional, he props himself up on his arm, picks up his microphone and reports, “That was a bad idea.” He finishes, “From Riverside Park, this is Rob Leth,” before collapsing again. He then walks it off.

The Cuss Bomb

Sue Simmons certainly wasn’t the first news anchor to swear on TV, and she won’t be the last. It was surprising when she dropped an f-bomb on live television considering she was WNBC’s lead female anchor for years.

Thinking her microphone was off, Simmons is heard shouting “What the [expletive] are you doing?” after introducing an upcoming segment. When the show comes back from the commercial she acknowledges the “unfortunate mistake” she made in the tease. Despite her sincere apology, the moment has become one of the most memorable of her long career. Lesson learned: always double check that your mic is really off.

Nancy Grace vs. 2 Chainz

It’s never been hard to figure out exactly what HLN’s Nancy Grace thinks about something—mostly because she’s happy to shout it at her guests. On one segment, she invites 2 Chainz to her show and shouts at him about marijuana.

She plays a video of a man forcing his two-year-old to smoke weed from a camera he pawned as evidence that the drug is dangerous. 2 Chainz argues that most people who are pawning their items to buy drugs are on harder substances like crack, and that the man recording that video probably had deeper issues. The argument devolves into Grace shouting 2 Chainz’s lyrics at him. It’s not the only time she’s gotten intense about an argument on television.

The Time Nancy Grace Found A Missing Kid

In what was largely regarded as one of the craziest Nancy Grace moments of all time, the HLN anchor brought on the father of a missing 12-year-old boy to tell him his son had been found in his basement. If the father looks shocked, there’s a good reason—it’s the first time he’s heard the news.

The father seems to be having a panic attack on television, and Nancy Grace, eyebrows raised, asks him, “Sir, did you check your basement?” The man says not only did he check the basement, but so did the FBI and trained police. As the father continues to mumble in shock, she scolds him for not searching his basement thoroughly enough.

Nancy Grace vs. Casey Anthony

One of the things that made the Casey Anthony trial so difficult was the massive amounts of media coverage it received. Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murder charges of her daughter Caylee, found herself the target of numerous reports dissecting her personal life, few of which had to do with the details of the trial, and Nancy Grace made it clear that she believed Anthony was guilty.

When Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder, Grace delivered an emotional speech to her viewers with one of the most memorable lines in news anchor history, “Somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight.”

SpongeBob’s Nefarious Agenda

A Fox & Friends segment in July 2011 accused the cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants of pushing a nefarious agenda to children—educating them about climate change (then more popularly referred to as global warming.)

Nickelodeon released The Big Green Help series about climate change featuring the popular character. The hosts of Fox & Friends were angry that the network didn’t present global warming as a “disputed fact.” They then proceed to spend several minutes reporting on a cartoon with the text “SpongeBob’s Bias” across the lower third of the screen and ranting about the nefarious agenda of SpongeBob. In other words, it was just another ordinary morning at Fox & Friends.

Luxury Refrigerators

After a Heritage Study was released that showed people below the poverty line actually owned such luxury items as refrigerators, a Fox News Neil Cavuto segment made the claim that people below the poverty line weren’t actually poor because they could afford a fridge or a microwave.

The study also found poor families often had cable television, cell phones, and computers. Rather than chalking this up to falling prices for consumer goods like computers, Cavuto made the case that poor people weren’t slumming it quite enough since 99 percent had a refrigerator. The guest from the Heritage Foundation agrees that living standards have increased over 30 years.

Shepard Smith’s Freudian Slip

Shepard Smith of Fox News was reporting on Jennifer Lopez’s hit song “Jenny from the Block” in 2002 when he got seriously tongue tied. The anchor said, “folks from that street in New York—the Bronx Section—sound more likely to give her a curve job than a…” well, a different kind of job. How he confused that with “block party” is something only Freud himself could figure out.

He quickly corrects himself, then says, “Sorry for that slip-up there. I have no idea how it happened, but it won’t happen again.” He seems to be barely containing his laughter as he introduces the next segment.

Yes, It’s Hot

This latina weather woman is brightening everyone’s morning, even the weather! While most of us are dragging our tired bodies out of bed, she is bright-eyed and done-up first thing in the morning. Whatever her local news station is, is sure happy to have her on the staff! Don’t miss the daily weather report!

Tomi Lahren Gets Liberal On The View

Tomi Lahren is a 24-year-old Republican political commentator who was internationally recognized as an up-and-coming television host in 2016. While Trump has his “beautiful Twitter account,” Lahren has a Facebook page boasting over 4.2 million fans. She appears to be throwing all of that away as major confusion arises over whether or not she was fired from TheBlaze network in March of 2017 following her pro-choice comments on The View.

Before it was confirmed she was fired, Lahren already had already filed a lawsuit against the network for wrongful termination. All of this was caused by her throwing out liberal opinions during her interview on The View, stating, “I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think that the government should decide what women do with their bodies. Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

After her appearance on the show, Leon Wolf, managing editor of the right-wing network TheBlaze, stated in an email, “Tomi’s show will not be in production this week.”

That’s Quite A Gust!

Deric Hartigan, the weatherman for CNN affiliate TV3 Ireland, received quite a surprise when delivering the forecast one June morning. While carrying a bright yellow umbrella, Hartigan was hit by a freak gust of wind that nearly knocked him off his feet. He took the episode in stride, and his coworkers back in the studio were delighted, with one of them saying “He’s recovering! He’s okay!” as she laughed.

Transparent Dress Reporting Live

This is why there are rules to what you can and cannot wear in front a green screen. She starts to give the presentation of for forecast for a few seconds before she realizes that things are see through! “Oh. I’m going to have to change, she said. “Look at this! That’s a bummer. I thought it was light enough!”

After her co-workers teased her, a male came in to try and save the day by giving her his blazer to put on over the dress. To play off the situation, she starts dancing when she puts the blazer on before she starts to do the forecast again.