You Can Visit These Movie And TV Show Locations In Real Life!

Many times, set locations for film and television are shot on a studio set. For instance, at Universal Studios Hollywood, they have a street where they shoot many scenes from different films and shows. However, there are some real locations where your favorite scenes come from. If you’ve ever wanted to visit some of the real locations from your favorite shows or movies then here’s your chance to see where they are! Go through this list and see if you spy a spot that you want to visit. The location for Westworld is simply beautiful.

True Blood: Bill’s House


The Roseneath Plantation, in Glostner, Louisiana, was used for exterior shots of Bill’s home. The house is also over 150 years old. Bill served in the Civil War and what’s ironic is that this plantation was a hospital for soldiers during that war.

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith’s Home


In 2005, fans started their relationship with Meredith Grey and the journey has been a long and eventful one. Since the first episode, we see Grey living in a nice house in Seattle that belonged to her mother. That’s the only way an intern would be able to afford this home located at 303 Comstock Street in the real Seattle.

On the show, the address is 613 Harper Lane but that doesn’t exist. It’s located on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill, a neighborhood sitting on one of the highest hills in the city. It’s worth is over $1.3 million.

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Friends: Monica And Rachel’s Apartment

friends - monica and rachel apart.jpg

I’ll be there for you! Friends is one of the most iconic series to ever hit television. The show takes place in New York and the majority of the time, the whole gang is hanging out in someone’s apartment. It’s mainly Monica and Rachel’s place we see the cast at discussing their life woes and success.

If you want to visit this location, it’s located in Greenwich Village just like in the show. The only thing is, the inside shots were shot on a sound stage. The building is located on the corner of Grove and Bedford St. above the Little Owl restaurant.

Once Upon A Time: Granny’s Diner

once upon a time grannys dine.jpg

All you hardcore Disney fans should probably be aware of this one already but for those who aren’t, you’re in luck. The smash ABC hit following the life of Prince Charming and Snow White’s daughter, Emma, is set in a fictional place called Storybrooke (clever name). But if you just so happen to be in Vancouver, you can see where many of the scenes take place.

“Storybrooke is actually the village of Steveston in Richmond, which is in the southern part of the city,” wrote Jennifer Still for Bustle. “The main action takes place on roughly a three or four block radius of Moncton Street, ending down at the waterfront.”

This next one is no fairytale. More like a nightmare.

The Walking Dead: Woodbury

walking dead - woodbury.jpg

The show that has everyone addicted has a real location you can go visit if you dare. We know the show’s premise; be smart and don’t get attacked by a zombie and this town Woodbury was mainly featured in season three. If you were in a town like this, do you think you’d survive?

“The scenes featuring Woodbury were actually filmed on Main St in Senoia, Georgia, though it may look a bit different to fans without the makeshift gates used to keep out zombies—or ‘walkers,’ as they’re called in the show,” wrote Adeline Duff for Travel and Leisure.

How To Get Away With Murder: Annalise’s House

analise house.jpg

How To Get Away With Murder is another hit show that ABC and Shonda Rhimes have given to the world. The show follows law school students who get into a heap of trouble (can’t you tell by the name) and they try and fix their mistakes without getting caught.

The show is supposed to be set in Philadelphia, however, it was mainly shot in Los Angeles either near or on the campus of USC. Annalise’s house is located at 1130 W. 27th Street just north of USC. Go give yourself chills and visit the notorious house.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Spellman House

sabrina house.jpg

Not quite Bewitched but pretty close! Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a show that many 1990s babies enjoyed thoroughly. The house Sabrina called home was a huge one filled with trick doors and a talking cat.

“In reality, this is actually a Victorian style home-turned-office building located at 64 E. Main St in Freehold, New Jersey,” wrote Adeline Duff for Travel and Leisure. The structure houses multiple businesses, so fans can feel free to take a peek inside as long as visits are kept brief and quiet.

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Westworld: Amusement Park


HBO has themselves a great series with Westworld. Another one of their shows will appear later down the list (you won’t want to miss that) but let’s start here. In this park, people live without limits. You can become exactly who you’ve always wanted to be, many things are possible and this location is real.

“If we were to road trip out west, past the dramatic plateaus, cloud-covered canyons and rolling meadows of Castle Valley and Dead Horse Point State Park,” wrote Chelsea Stuart for Business Insider. “The two innately cinematic Utah locations served as much of the amusement park’s setting.”

House: Main Hospital


Ever wondered where House and his team dramatically save lives at the last second every episode? Well, it goes down at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital located in Princeton, New Jersey on Prospect Street. Too bad those are the alternative facts. Princeton University’s First Campus Center is what you see when the show does their aerial shots of the hospital. The fictitious area is supposedly based on a hospital near where the co-creator of the series grew up. So now you know where to go if you’re ever feeling like House.

Hang tight, you’re going to need to for this next show.

American Horror Story: Murder House


A home that launched the Ryan Murphy anthology is none other than the Murder House. It’s a fitting name for a show with this title. Would you be too afraid to go take a look inside this home that looks amazing on the outside? Apparently, it was recently purchased for $2.5 million.

“Known in the show quite literally as the ‘Murder House,’ the home played host to numerous resentful ghosts, who were quick to take their suffering out on any brave buyer who dared to move in,” wrote Adeline Duff for Travel and Leisure. You can stop by to take a look at the property, located at 120 Westchester Place in Los Angeles.”

Orange Is The New Black: Dmitri’s Deli

oitnb - dmitri's russian deli.jpg

When Orange is the New Black came out on Netflix, everyone was quick to binge watch it and hated the wait for new seasons to come out. The show is great so it deserved all the viewers but we bet you didn’t know where Dmitri’s Russian Deli is in real life.

“Dmitri’s Russian Deli—named after Red’s husband, who co-owned the café before her incarceration—is actually Rosario’s Deli in Astoria, Queens,” Adeline Duff wrote. “While they may have stored corpses in the freezer at Dmitri’s on the show, you won’t find any mafia dealings going on at Rosario’s.”

Seinfeld: Monk’s Diner

seinfeld diner.jpg

The diner in which Jerry and his friends would always be seen eating and talking about their ridiculous lives was called Monk’s Diner. This might be the most familiar image related with Seinfeld outside of the living room of Jerry’s.

“Tom’s Restaurant has been a popular spot in New York since the 40s,” wrote Doug Murray for Slice. “But when it became the exterior location for Monk’s Diner in Seinfeld, the popularity of the eatery near Columbia University skyrocketed. Years after Seinfeld went off the air, tourists still flock to Tom’s.” Its location is at 112th and Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.”

Harry Potter: Hogwarts


What is the name of many people’s favorite wizard who rides a broomstick with a scar on his forehead? Harry Potter, that’s right. Potter and his wizardly friends (and foes) roamed the fictional campus of Hogwarts. The large castle with moving staircases and talking paintings can be visited in real life, minus the magic.

“If Alnwick Castle looks familiar, it should,” Doug Murray reported. “It played the role of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. Scenes were shot both inside and out. The castle has been a popular filming location for decades.”

Breaking Bad: White House

breaking bad - the white house.jpg

This might have been the series that started the next generation of television. Meaning, TV shows really expanded their creativity and plots, with Breaking Bad being in the forefront of the new wave. If you want to take a gander at the “White House” you have the chance to.

“The home where the infamous schoolteacher turned drug lord once lived is an actual residence located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane in Albuquerque, New Mexico,” wrote Adeline Duff. “The home is so popular that the residents had to install round the clock surveillance. The home even boasts its own Yelp page.”

Beverly Hills, 90210: West Beverly Hills High

beverly hills 90210 west beverly high.jpg

One of the shows that was heavily adored a decade ago had a lot of scenes featuring the main cast in high school. “You can drive by and visit the famous West Beverly Hills High School,” MSN reported. “It is actually called Torrance High School which is located in Torrance, California.” Torrance is a bit of a drive from Beverly Hills but it’s worth the drive if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area. You get your chance to walk the campus where the cast once laughed and made us smile.

HBO strikes again with this next show.

Game Of Thrones: Kingsroad

game of thrones - kingsroad.jpg

Three words: Game of Thrones. This show has single-handedly forced people to their couches, chairs and or sofas so that they can binge watch for hours just to catch up with everyone else who is already in the know. And even the people who are day-one fans can’t stop praising it. Here’s how you can visit a location from the show!

“The Kingsroad is actually filmed along the eerily beautiful Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland, which are completely safe—and free— for visitors to stroll along,” wrote Adeline Duff. “Fun fact: the noble Stuart family planted the beech trees along the avenue all the way back in the eighteenth century.”

Scandal: Olivia Pope’s Office

scandal - olivia pope office.jpg

Once again, we have another Shonda Rhimes show from her highly coveted “T.G.I.T.” (Thank God It’s Thursday). Sadly, Olivia Pope’s run is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t go visit her stomping grounds!

“Fans might find it interesting to know that the ‘office’ is actually the top floors of the Palace Theatre, located at 630 S. Broadway in Los Angeles,” Adeline Duff wrote. “If you’re a Scandal superfan looking to get a selfie outside the building, take note that what’s seen on TV is shot from the east side of Broadway, between 6th and 7th streets.”

Star Wars: Hotel Sidi Driss

hotel sidi driss star wars.jpg

That’s right, we have some Star Wars for you too! One of the greatest film series ever to be created ironically takes place in space, so you would think there wouldn’t be any place on Earth beside the studios where you can stomp where the Jedis walked. Luckily for you, there is a spot to visit.

“The Hotel Sidi Driss isn’t in a galaxy far, far away,” wrote Doug Murray. “It’s located in Matmata, Tunisia. The hotel was used as the home of Luke Skywalker and his aunt and uncle in two Star Wars films.”

Mr. Robot: Evil Headquarters

mr. robot evil corp headquarters.jpg

This drama follows a cybersecurity engineer by the name of Elliot Alderson. He was recruited by Mr. Robot to destroy all debt. Sounds like a college student’s dream! The show is action-packed and suspenseful so the fans love it. So here’s how you can see some of the set.

“In the pilot episode of the acclaimed series, Elliot is brought to E Corp—better known as Evil Corp—headquarters, where he’s then offered a job by interim CTO, Tyrell Wellick,” wrote Adeline Duff. “What viewers might not know is that the intimidating structure is actually a real New York City high rise, located at 135. E 57th Street.”

Vampire Diaries: The Mystic Grill

vampire dia.jpg

The Vampire Diaries make another appearance on this great list. This time it is at the Mystic Grill. The best part about this is that its all the same thing, unlike all the other places on this list with a different name.

“Perhaps the craziest part is that ‘the Grill’ is real—same name, same exterior,” Adeline Duff wrote. “The Mystic Grill is located in Covington, Georgia, where the show is filmed, and while you may not get a chance to drink bourbon with Damon Salvatore at the bar, the restaurant is known to serve up some pretty delicious fare, making it well worth a visit for fans and non-fans alike.”