These Are The Most Expensive Superhero Costumes

Spider-Man once said that “anyone can wear the mask.” That’s probably the only thing most people can afford when it comes to superhero costumes. They aren’t cheap! Some of your favorite suits that define the most beloved superheroes are worth an arm and a leg. There is one suit in the DC Universe that took more than a million dollars to produce. That might seem like a lot to shell out for a fictional character’s outfit. However, if producers want their movie or show big, their main star has to look sensational.

The Pink Deadpool Suit

pink deadpool

Fans of Deadpool know that the hero usually sports a red-themed outfit, not pink. Well, in 2018 Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Omaze to raffle off a pink, custom-made suit to help with breast cancer awareness. The cost to enter the raffle was only $10.

The kind folks at Omaze revealed that this custom suit ended up raising more than $500,000. That makes it easily one of the most valuable suits ever created. What a great way to bring awareness to an important cause.