These Actors Got The Boot And Were Replaced During Production Of Major Films

In films from X-Men to Lord of the Rings, there are some roles that just belong to certain actors. Imagine if Hugh Jackman didn’t play Wolverine, or even if Michael J. Fox didn’t star in Back to the Future. They would be completely different movies and there’s no way of knowing if it was these important casting changes that made these films as legendary as they are. Still, there was a moment in time where things could have been way different in the films – that is, if these actors hadn’t gotten fired from their roles!

Eric Stoltz: Fired From Back To The Future

Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The team behind Back to the Future originally wanted to cast Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, but he was busy filming Family Ties. Instead, they went with up-and-coming actor Eric Stoltz, whose method acting became an annoyance on set.

Stoltz was a great dramatic actor, but he failed to deliver comically. The producers knew they wanted to recast him right away, but they still made him film most of his scenes. After Stoltz was fired, they brought in Michael J. Fox, who they wanted all along. Stoltz was crushed, but later said it was a "freeing" experience.