Things Forrest Gump Producers Hid From Fans

Forrest Gump is an award-winning film, and unforgettable in its plots and themes, but there are a lot of details that the producers don’t want you to know. It’s in all those secrets, unknown facts and embellishments, though, that some of the real beauty (and our fascination) with this film are found.

The film helped to launch the careers, and further the importance of many of our favorite actors: Tom Hanks, Sally Field, Haley Joel Osment, Mykelti Williamson, etc. Learn more about the Forrest Gump: the movie, the lives it touched, and the legacy we’ve all come to cherish.

How Much Did Tom Hanks Get Paid?

Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks

In one sense, you could say that Tom Hanks didn’t really get a paycheck, at least not in the traditional sense, for Forrest Gump. In his contract, he signed up for “points,” or a percentage of the studio’s take of box-office revenues. It’s a great deal if the film really takes off, but can be seriously disappointing if the movie tanks.

In this case, the movie made $677 million dollars at the box office, and with the percentage that he earned based on his contract, Hanks brought home $40 million dollars after it was all said and done. Signing on for points (or percentage) also likely makes it worth the actor’s time to promote the heck out of the film. It really could mean millions.